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by on Sep.09, 2010, under spanked call girls

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Models all have different ways of bringing their wardrobe to the set of a Clare Fonda shoot.  But typically, they bring a suitcase filled with clothes and shoes and of course panties, to provide a variety of options.  Sometimes the suitcases are rather large. 
On the most recent Fonda shoot however, a record was set for SMALLEST suitcase, and for MOST suitcases brought by one model and LARGEST suitcase. 
The smallest was brought by Amy Hunter, who had one tiny – I don’t know what to call it – it looked like a purse (see above photo).  Amy has done many spanking shoots of course and had perfect outfits for her 3 scenes, and all the proper panties. 
Riley Evans, however, brought 3 suitcases, one of which was the largest I have ever seen.  She had to climb on top of it to get it shut (see above photo that provides one with an urge to give Riley a friendly swat – at the very least). 
Ironically, Riley had probably 50 pairs of panties, but none that were suited for her scenes.  I think she borrowed a pair from Amy.  After the shoot, I tossed Riley’s suitcases in her trunk for her – and the largest one might’ve weighed close to 100 pounds.   Both girls were good natured about their travel bags, and were fine with me posting these photos of them and their “luggage.” 
They were great to work with (Amy has a fantastic sense of humor and you gotta love her Brittish accent).  Check them out on Spanked Call Girls, where you will see Amy spanking Riley’s bubble butt (but no, it was not for bringing too many suitcases to the shoot).

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  • Dave

    Interesting blog post….100 pounds of panties and clothes and such..yikes! sounds like riley brought her entire wardrobe!

  • admin

    Right – she probably had enough close to live for 3 months without wearing the same outfit twice.

  • Angela Bauer

    Let’s see, three suitcases, one over 100 pounds, and yet Riley still did not have appropriate panties for her scenes? That does prove a gal can never have enough panties.

    Fortunately for one of Riley’s scenes with Clare very special undies were provided to Riley, who fit into them perfectly.

    From that mini-case, smaller than the purse I routinely carry, Amy had such flattering outfits both to spank Riley and then in a scene with Clare.

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