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by on Oct.02, 2010, under Spanking

Alicia Panettier
There are many ways to find talent for spanking shoots.  On the Clare Fonda sites, it seems like maybe just under half are word of mouth recomendations (including girls who find Clare and ask for shoots), and just under half are pulled from agencies.  
Just before the big Exclusive Education shoot, Alicia Panettiere (who is presently up on Spanked Sweeties)  joined me to recruit talent at The Dominion, a fetish dungeon in West Los Angeles. 
We visited Lindsay, who was so impressive that we asked her to be in the big school girl video that is on Girl Spanks Girl.  As a way of testing her, Alicia spanked her hard in our “session,” and Lindsay displayed an excellent tolerance.  I even got in some hard swats to her cute behind. 
If you look at the above photos, you can tell that Lindsay is very, very cute, very tiny, but has a nice bubble butt.  Clare is presently recruiting Lindsay for a Spanked Call Girls shoot this month. 
Alicia is presently on Spanked Sweeties, getting one of her typically brutal spankings.  Alicia has an amazing ability to take hard spankings.  She is one of the best in the biz. at it. 
Alicia is also super cool and I love pal-ing around with her when she is in L.A.  She’s one of those people you can talk about anything with – and she’s really okay with me checking out girl’s behinds and will play along with me when I rate them.  Check out Alicia’s blog and site if you haven’t already. 

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  • Angela Bauer

    You are so correct, Sir!

    Before EE5 subscribers to Clare’s sites had become familiar with Alicia Panettiere taking very hard spankings in several scenarios. Perhaps some of my favorites are on Spanked Sweeties where Clare plays Alicia’m Mom as they re-enact incidents from Alicia’s past.

    Now in EE5, Alicia is the new teacher who proves to Principal Miller and Mrs Fonda that she is a talented disciplinarian, spanking as hard and effectively as Lana.

    Recruiting talent at The Dominion is one of those chores that must be done to ensure high quality productions. How marvelous that petite Lindsay took that audition spanking so well.

    In EE5, Lindsay is absolutely fascinating. In the master shots, showing most of the naughty girls seated at their desks, my own eye keeps focusing on Lindsay. Without moving around to deliberately draw attention to herself, she manages to clearly be paying attention to what is going on.

    After she had been soundly spanked by Alicia and Lana, after Lindsay had done her time-out against the blackboard, she returned to her desk. Her left hand cupped and supported her face as she observed the subsequent spankings. Lindsay did not wriggle, as did some of the others. It was her choice to be still that I find so charming and also the mark of a very talented actress.

    I am looking forward to Lindsay on Spanked Call Girls. Personally I will be thrilled to see her on Spanked Sweeties, especially for the interview. I will be most interesting to learn about her background growing up.

    EE5 presents a selection of the top models/actresses in the adult spanking world. Lindsay and Natasha have proven themselves to be ready for starring roles.

  • admin

    Lindsay doesn’t have childhood spanking stories, so she most likely won’t appear on Sweeties. But then you never know – because she certainly does have spanking stores – just not as a child. She is very much a spanking enthusiast – glad you appreciate her!

  • tim

    Lindsay is a nice spankee ,look forward to her vids .

  • admin

    We will indeed be shooting Lindsay on October 19th, so look for her on Spanked Call Girls some time in November.

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