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Alicia and Alanah Realistic Relatives

by on Nov.11, 2010, under Spanked To Tears

Girl Spanks Girl
Alicia Paniettere and Alanah Rae are playing relatives on the latest series running on Girl Spanks Girl.  They could be sisters, really.  Both are blonde and have similar builds (outside of Alanah’s boob job).  They are spanked by Snow Mercy in a hard and realistic long scene with lots of over the knee hand and hairbrush spanking. 
It helps that they look similar enough to be related as I have shot more than once scenes in which sisters are, well, very different.  One of my favorites was when Darling (VERY white) played sister to a model we shot only once called Monica Breeze (who was Hispanic).  Monica was cute, had a nice bootie, but didn’t look like Darling in any way by any stretch of the imagination (although they both made wildly entertaining reactions when spanked). 
To my best recollection, the  video was a custom and the client wanted those two models.  Maybe he thought they looked alike.  It also appears on Girl Spanks Girl and is called The Governess.  They are both worth checking out altough if you like your spanking scenes more realistic, then definitely check out the new Alicia scene.

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  • TIM

    very enjoyable series with young Alanna who gets big spanks from lovely strict Snow with Alicia waiting for her spanks ,best wishes ,tim .

  • admin

    Yeah this is a good one – I’m a big fan of all these ladies!

  • Angela Bauer

    A spanking during the day means a spanking at night!

    So, Alanah is in her juvenile print pajamas, dejectedly sitting on her bed, when Snow walks in, carrying a straight-back wooden chair and a black M-P hairbrush. Alanah pleas; Snow will have none of that. Soon Alanah is over Snow’s lap.

    During the warm-up Alicia is skulking in the next room. Only after Snow has used the hairbrush several times does she notice Alicia peeking through the door.

    Leaving the partly spanked Alanah across her lap, Snow scolds Alicia that although she was suppose to watch the spanking in the living room, this spanking of Alanah in her bedroom is private between mom and daughter. Alicia will be next!

    The camera work is even better than your usual high standards. You captured the emotion on Alanah’s face, as well as the firm resolve from Snow.

  • admin

    Thanks for the kind words – I enjoyed working on this shoot a great deal!

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