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A Very Madison Martin Christmas

by on Dec.26, 2010, under spanked call girls

Yesterday was Christmas and hopefully you all got what you deserved – whether you were naughty or nice.  A couple of recent shoots geared toward Christmas both included Madison Martin, who is presently sporting blonde, curly hair. 
What better way to gear up for Christmas than shooting Madison and her curvey bottom getting spanked?  The scenes are still running on My Spanking Roommate and Spanked Call Girls,  Interestingly enough, Madison let Clare know that she was a little short on year-end funds and is desperate for another shoot. 
Combine that with Clare thinking about a new studio for Clips4sale that features exlcusive scenes not on her other sites, and I see a shoot with Madison in the cards for this week.  She says she changes her hair style often lately (proof in the pictures = her hair looked brown in the Roomies shoot, but was blonde for the Call Girls shoot), so I’ll keep you posted if it’s still blonde and curly or back to brown and straight.  Or something new??
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Of Isobel Wren and My Two Cents

by on Dec.22, 2010, under Spanking

In most cases, Clare Fonda comes up with all of the spanking scenarios for her sites.  Sometimes it involves suggestions from fans or someone paying for a custom video.  But when it comes to one of the episodes running now on Girl Spanks Girl, I would like to take at least some credit. 
When Clare informed me that we will be shooting an erotic spanking scene for that site with her and Isbobel, who was in town recently, I knew straight away that it wouldn’t be a typically graphic erotic scene, as Clare doesn’t participate in them (well she did – but it was more spanking than erotic). 
I remembered thinking the last time we shot Isobel that she was so sweet and beaming with wholesomeness (is that even a word??) – that it would be fun to see her play a choir girl who is corrupted by the letcherous choir leader (a part Clare was born to play).  So when Clare catches her fellow choir member smoking, she brings her back to her place and forces her to say naughty things, touch herself and of course, get a very solid spanking from Clare.  Much of that scenario came from my twisted mind. 
I guess there is something inside me that has always wanted to see the goody-goody girl get hers.  And if you share this interest, you should check it out.
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Models Prep for Shoots

by on Dec.18, 2010, under Spanking

Mary Jane and Kay Richards on set

Some models arrive to shoots camera ready – meaning they did their own hair and makeup before arriving.  Most of them, however, wait until they arrive to at least touch up the makeup and then do something with their hair.  As you can see in the bottom right photo above, Mary Jane is one of those who does touch ups upon arrival. 

And if we ask for her hair down, then the prep time can take quite a while.  Oddly enough, Clare Fonda also pretty much waits until the shoot call time to do her touch ups, even when we shoot at her house. 

I guess it is all about being fresh.  The best thing to come from Clare doing her prep work after the models have arrived? 

It can lead to down time opportunities for the models – times we get to see flashes of their personalities.  Check out the other two photos above to see how playful Mary Jane and Kay Richards are on this recent Spanked Sweeties shoot. 

I’m not going to say what that oddly shaped glass device is for, but Mary Jane thinks it is for sucking and Kay thinks it is for smoking.  Hmmmm.  No wonder these girls both got spanked that day.

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What to Show in a Spanking Video

by on Dec.14, 2010, under Spanking Interviews

Spanking bottoms
It is important to show as much as possible in an interesting fashion when filming a spanking scene.  But the 2 most important body parts to show are the BOTTOM and the FACE.  Fans love to see the curved bottom getting what it derves and then seeing the facial reactions. 
In the photo above, at the top we see the entire view (necessary to establish the geography of the scene).  This is Lindsay getting spanked on Spanked Sweeties.  What we learned about Lindsay on this shoot is that due to an old back injury, she can’t lift her head up entirely when over the knee, which makes it challenging to caputre her facial reactions.  In future shoots with Lindsay, expect to see more bent over spankings as opposed to over the knee. 
On the shots below that photo, we see a close up of the lovely Madison Martin – her bottom and her face, which appears on the latest Spanked Call Girls.  Edit these different shots together and we are delivering the goods.  Oddly enough, some sites don’t shoot all 3 of these views – but intead just two different shots that are not even edited together – but editing is another blog for another day.
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Bootie Heaven

by on Dec.09, 2010, under spanked call girls

Mary Jane and Madison Martin
Ever since we first shot Mary Jane, I imagined a shoot that included both Mary Jane and Madison Martin, two models with heavenly bottoms.  Well Clare Fonda made that happen recently in a shoot for Spanked Call Girls
If you like beautiful women with shapely backsides, then you should definitely check this out.  It has been too long since we shot Madison, and we were surprised to find that her hair was blonde and curled – though she explained that she was just testing out this look.  Mary Jane and Madison seemed to bond and had good chemisty together. 
Just about all combinations were included in this scene – Clare spanked Madison with hand and hairbrush, then did the same to Mary Jane.  Then there was a short scene in which Mary Jane and Madison spanked each other.  It may take a while before these two are paired together again, but I know it will happen some day and when it does, the girls promise they are really going to bring hard spankings on each other.  Something to look forward to.
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What’s Up With Bad Tushy???

by on Dec.07, 2010, under Spanking

Bad Tushy used to be a good site, but now it seems to stay on the same episode for months while claiming to do new updates every day.  Seriously, this photo has been the “update” episode for over four months now.  I like to check out all sites, and I don’t make any money by recomending one over another.  So I’m just telling it like it is, Bad Tushy is in a Bad Rut of false updating. 
So if someone has the inside info, I’d love to hear it.  Some of the models I shoot have also worked with Bad Tushy, and they have said things like “they’re not into spanking” and “they make more money from the pentration sites they have.”  Don’t know if that is part of what is going on or not – so if you are reading this and are in the know, please share. 
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