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Best Picture Tonight – Why Not Paris Is Burning?

by on Feb.28, 2011, under Spanking


Just finished watching the Oscars – not any surprises.  And while at least one film I  know of got nominated included a spanking scene (TRUE GRIT), none of Clare Fonda’s films got nominated. 

Too bad PARIS IS BURNING was actually shot some time ago, but is now available on Girl Spanks Girl, since maybe it would’ve won some award.  It was one of the first scenes we ever shot with Paris – I believe she was only 18 at the time.  This is how I remember that scene coming to pass.  We did our first shoot with Paris at Clare’s place (an apartment back then). 

 And Paris was talking about all of the circus tricks she could do – eat glass, take a bath in broken glass, light parts of her body on fire, put a screw driver in her nose, etc.  So me being me, I suggested we incorporate some of those “tricks” into some of our scenes. 

So we shot at these 2 goth girls super cool creepy house and we actually lit Paris’s ass on fire (again my suggestion) while one of the Goth girls spanked out the flames.  Then of course continued spanking her. 

Check it out and tell me it is not worthy of some sort of Oscar.  Come on, ask yourself this – how many other scenes have you seen in which a girl has her butt lit on fire (FOR REAL NO TRICKS) and it gets spanked out?  Maybe I’ll start working on a very short acceptance speech.

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Not Always the Perfect Job

by on Feb.23, 2011, under spanked call girls

Spanked Call Girls

Sometimes I get comments on the blog saying how I have the perfect job.  It’s close – working with hotties, surrounded by spanking fun, making money from all this.  But there are the odd jobs that aren’t so great.  Nena is a new model who went up recently on Spanked Call Girls

My job was simple.  Pick her up on the way to the shoot.  So I arrive outside her apartment and call her to let her know I’m there.  Only she doesn’t answer.  I try texting “I’m here to pick you up.”  Still no answer.  So I call Clare to make sure I have the correct phone and address.  I do. 

Finally, I get a text from Nena that says “b right down.”  So another 5 minutes go by and no Nena.  So I call her again – get the voice mail.  So I leave a message, if she is down, I don’t see her.  I explain what I look like.  More time goes by and now I leave a message that there is another model at the shoot and I need to be there so I must leave.  Seconds later I get a call – she is on her way out.  Soooo 3 or 4 minutes later, she actually walks up to my car.  With some dude.  Her boyfriend.  Maybe she said fiance.  He is coming along. 

At this point I don’t want to go into our “no escort on set” policy, at risk of starting the shoot late.  So they hop in the car and I drive away.  So I call Clare and mention the guy is coming, so she says “great, then she got her own ride.”  I explain, no, he is coming along for the ride.  What kind of escort/driver doesn’t have a car???  So during the shoot, there are a couple of times this guy can be heard talking loudly on his cell phone, causing us to cut. 

So at least I think he was the last straw and we will definitely no longer allow “escorts” (especially ones without cars) to hang out on our sets.  Well at least Nena was a fantastic model who had never been spanked and gave shock and awe reactions as her bottom turned BRIGHT red during her scenes.  See the photos above. 

The other model was Nikk Rogue and as you can see by the playfull behind the scenes photos, Clare LOVES working with Nikki.  Follow the arrow to see my arm reflected in the shot in the bathroom.  My arm is famous.

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Don’t You Wish Alexis Grace Could Be Your Babysitter?

by on Feb.14, 2011, under babysitter spanking

Alexis Grace

Seeing  how it is Valentine’s Day, maybe some of our wishes can come true and Alexis Grace could babysit one (or all) of us.  In this video, shot just a couple of days ago, Alexis Grace plays the babysitter to Ash Hollywood, who looks VERY young, but with a nice bubble butt. 

Well Ash is good at being bratty and so Alexis had no problem giving Ash a pretty solid spanking, first bending her over, then putting her over her knee.  Alexis is about 6ft tall, and Ash is very tiny.  But Ash struggled and resisted, even pulling Alexis’s hair (for real).  It was a fun shoot. 

And I am very excited to report that after only one day of being up on Clare Fonda’s Hot Girls Spanked – Clare’s exclusive Clips4Sale studio, that this scene already the number one clip on the entire Spanking FF category.  So grab a box of chocolates and check it out.

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Spanking Great Amber “Pixie” Wells Vs. Tons of Spankees

by on Feb.13, 2011, under spanked girlfriends

Amber “Pixie” Wells

The headline to this blog makes me imagine Amber “Pixie” Wells (who of course is one of the all time great spanking models) fighting off tons of other spanking models in some big spankfest to see who comes out on top.  But that is not exactly what happens on the current My Spanking Roommate episode.  But it comes close. 

The episode begins with Ashley (played by Ariel X) showing up to a school girl party where all the girls spank her because it’s her birthday.  In what is a pretty unusual spanking, all the girls sit on chairs in a line and pass Ariel from lap to lap getting in several whacks (way more than one for each year).  For purposes of the story, Amber set this up. 

So Ariel pays Amber a visit and gives her a long, hard spanking to make things (more than) even. 

I always love shooting with Pixie.  She is so kind and sweet and genuine.  And of course she is known for her enthusiasm, great acting skills and how hard she can take a spanking.  And she plays a recurring character on the Roommates site that is a lot of fun to watch.  Her character is VERY naughty, which Pixie seems to relish playing. 

So if you’re a fan of lots of girls spanking one assembly line fashion and/or a fan of Pixie check it out.

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Bloody Nun-sense

by on Feb.10, 2011, under Spanking

Clare Fonda Paddled

One of the scenes presently running on Girl Spanks Girl is a retro scene shot quite some time ago, when Paris Kennedy was still in her teens and Clare Fonda had very short hair. 

It’s a classic as Clare plays a nun who is jumped while reading in her bed by two school girls she recently punished.  They get revenge on her by yanking off her garmets and spanking her with several different paddles. 

The interesting thing about this shoot, and something I still remember with a grin, is that Clare picked out all of the paddles to be used on her bum and one of the paddles had little needles sticking out of it (see arrow on above photo).  It caused Clare’s rear to bleed. 

When the girls cut and suggested we stop shooting, Clare said something along the lines of “fuck it, let’s finish this.”  What a trooper.  See the other arrow in the above photo that points to Clare’s bloody bottom.

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Hot Girls Spanked – Exclusive Scenes

by on Feb.05, 2011, under Spanking

Hot Girls Spanked

I am shooting for a brand spanking new site, called Clare Fonda’s Hot Girls Spanked.  It is actually exclusive scenes shot only for a studio on Clips4sale.  So far we have shot some fantastic new scenes, using our superstars Kay Richards, Madison Martin, Mary Jane and Alicia Panetierre, along with Ten, who is a star in her own right but new to us. 

As far as I can tell, virtually EVERY other spanking site puts up scenes that have already played on their pay sites.  Clare has a Clips4sale studio that does this, too, but she then decided to offer fresh, new spankings with our top girls that you will not find anywhere else. 

Please check it out this LINK and let us know what you think.  Good idea?

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Another Spanking, Another Bathroom

by on Feb.02, 2011, under Spanking

Alexis GraceBrooke Lee Adams

February must be “shoot a spanking scene in a bathroom month.”  If you read my last blog, I talked about shooting the Officer Chris spanking Clare Fonda in a bathroom scene now wrapping up on My Spanking Roommate

Well yet another scene shot in a bathroom is presently running on Girl Spanks Girl.  This one features Brooke Lee Adams dragging Mia Lelani out of the shower and putting her over her knee on the edge of the tub while giving her a spanking.  Then she makes Mia stand in the tub and Brooke spanks her while Mia uses a vibrator on herself.  Lots of action. At least this bathroom was slightly bigger than your average bathroom. 

And if you are a fan of Spanked Sweeties, and Alexis Grace (I am a HUGE fan of Alexis!!!), she has a bathroom scene now running on that site, which was shot in perhaps the smallest bathroom EVER. 

Alexis gets spanked bending over the bathroom sink, while her mouth is soaped, and then somehow gets her nearly 6 ft’ long body over Clare’s knee on the toilet.  Basically, we beat the laws of physics to deliver you this spanking.

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