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Do Childhood Spankings Create Interest in Spanking?

by on May.01, 2011, under Spanking Interviews

Veronica Ricci Spanked

This is a question that is often discussed among Spankos – if you were spanked growing up, does that make you more likely to enjoy spanking play as an adult?  Of course it would be difficult to get the government to fund a study like this, though I’d volunteer to document it if they did. 

Some believe that when children are spanked, a spanko is being created.  Some believe there is no correlation.  The interviews on Spanked Sweeties are enlightining and if you watch enough of them, it could appear as if it does – as most of those interviewed were spanked as children and enjoy spanking now.  But of course Clare Fonda doesn’t interview the millions of people who were most likely spanked as children and do not enjoy spanking of any kind as adults. 

Still, it makes for an interesting discussion.  And Veronica Ricci, the current model appearing on Spanked Sweeties says she does enjoy spanking, though she doesn’t get much of it in her daily life.  I’m sure she’d be surprised to find out how many volunteers there would be to spank her.  Her interview was pretty outstanding.  All in the name of science.


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  • Angela Bauer

    Indeed, as always, Cameraman, you bring up a fascinating topic. When I first started following Clare’s Sweeties series,what I found so very interesting was the proportion who admitted being spanked growing up.

    In my own Southern California community I did not consider myself exceptional because my parents never spanked my siblings or me. Not one of my friends at school or relatives my age admitted being spanked. The first time I did meet kids who talked about being spanked was the year we lived in Iowa.

    That was when I reached puberty and at the same time discovered the joy of reading about spanking in romance novels.

    Back home in California I haunted libraries searching for romance novels I had not read and I was very good at skimming to find the spanking scenes.

    Eventually I started participating in adult spanking parties. That was in the late spring of 1980. None of the other gals would admit being spanked as a child. Thinking back, perhaps some just would not admit being spanked as youngsters.

    Not long after getting my very first ever spanking at an adult spanking party, my Mom’s younger sister, who lived across the street with her husband and kids, caught me returning home shortly before dawn.

    It could have been right out of a Clare Fonda “Strict Beautiful Young Aunt” story. Without admitting to her that I was going to spanking parties, I begged her to spank me instead of telling on me. My aunt did discreetly spank me a few times. However, I never admitted any of that to my friends in the adult spanking community for nearly 25 years.

    Is it possible that some of us who denied being spanked while growing up way back when actually had been spanked? The difference between 1980 and post 2005 is that now we feel freer to admit that?

    So, Thank you, Clare Fonda for asking the questions and Thank You, Cameraman, for being there to record the resulting answers!

  • admin

    Thanks for the always welcome comments, Angela. Very interesting about the Aunt spanking.

  • tim

    ageplay is popular among some spankos including me ,interesting subject ,best wishes ,tim .

  • mike

    i was soanked growing up but i be embrassed to admit it to somepeople i do enjoy spanking now even so hated it back then as any kids would

    i mostly got into spanking and like spanking in my teen years and has been searching for a female spanker to give me a spanking but yet to actually find one

    i do mostly wish and wonder if some of the spanking model i seen on these site would give me a spanking mostly the one i seen switch and hand out spankings

    doubt if i would have courage to actually walk up to them and ask them to spank me the model i mostly want spanked by is Kailee, snow mecury, and few other female model clare has that switch but i know i would ask them over the net. actually kailee has told me once when she and real spanking was at shadow lane spanking party if i would had been there and ask her she wouldnt mind spanking make me wish i was there i ask her this on world of spanking fourm

    another thing i feel some of the female may mostly want to be one get spanked instead of acutally being one spanking somebody

  • admin

    Mike – you can visit Snow Mercy at the Domion and schedule a role play session with her (west Los Angeles)-

    Also, Shadowlane will be having a party in Las Vegas in the fall – check out their site. It’s another way to do some spanking play – though the Dominion is more of a sure thing.

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