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To Spank or be Spanked

by on Jun.18, 2011, under Spanking Interviews


Many models who sign on for spanking shoots have very specific limitations as to what they will or will not do.  Clare Fonda has a diaper site called naughty diaper girl and not surprisingly, some spanking models won’t shoot for that site. 

Many models will not be spanked by a male (typically because they have a boyfriend).  Some models will spank other females, but not a male.  The great Amber Pixie Wells used to never want to spank anyone, as she was very submissive.  But she has turned into an excellent top. 

Sophia Locke recently turned in her first ever spanking shoot with Clare Fonda.  Currently, she can be seen on Spanked Sweeties.  Sophia did not want to be spanked by a male or spank anyone.  She explained that she is a true submissive and it was not in her nature to spank someone.  But boy can she ever take a spanking.  Snow Mercy plays her mother and spanks Sophia long and hard.  Not many model can match Sophia’s level of taking a spanking. 

So check her out if you enjoy hard otk hand spankings.  And you never know, like Pixie, maybe some day Sophia turns others over her knee and dishes out some hard spankings of her own.


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  • tim

    great seris with lovely Snow and loely little Sophia who has big spanks from snow as her strict mummie ,best,tim.series

  • Alexis S.

    Pixie is a PHENOMENAL switch! Her style evolved effortlessly. Based on her equal preference of giving as hard as she takes spankings, the same thing could occur for Sophie in time.

  • KJ

    Your sites feature a lot of excellent switches like Alicia Panettiere and Clare herself. Keep up the good work. Snow is another great example of a switch who takes it hard in videos for you and Shadowlane. Pleased to know your organization will be at the Shadowlane party this year.

  • admin

    Thanks. Clare and Snow are two of my favorite switches that can both give and receive. Glad you like. We’ll be at Shadowlane this year, but unfortunately Snow Mercy will be at Burning Man instead, otherwise she says she’d love to return to SL convention!

  • Mike

    we might be happy snow not going to shadow lane casue then we wont have to worry about the spanking Snow suppose to be dishing out to some of us naughty boys . if we play smart card we would go to the burning man event to get the spanking from her over with lol even so i do agree there are some female spanker who are harder spanker the other one and has done hardest spank.

    to tell truth i alway wonder and think about what a spanking from people like snow or one who switches would be like and what a spanking from them would feel like and how we be feeling at the end of the spanking. heck i may make a shirt saying i got spanked by snow meurcy or who ever the female spank me was

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