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PJ Spankings and a Sweeties Record

by on Dec.27, 2011, under Spanking Interviews


Although pajama spankings seem to be very popular, I’ve never been a big fan.  I prefer to see legs and rears rather than leg-covering PJs.  But recently a brand new model shot with us, Dylan Rose, and she brought a onesy (for those who don’t know what that is – look at the above photos – it is basically PJs that cover top, bottom, and even feet).  After one scene in which Clare (as Dylan’s mom) spanked Dylan in this onesy, I am more open to this niche. 

I met Dylan on a beach shoot – she was a bikini girl – and she mentioned that she would be interested in shooting fetish, so I hooked her up with Clare Fonda.  Dylan has a spectacular Sweeties (currently running). 

She talks about how she was spanked in a onesy a few times growing up.  So she brought one with her.  Comically, she forgot her ID in her car, so she went outside wearing the onesy.  I wonder what Clare’s neighbors think about the comings and goings. 

Also in the above photo, there are a couple of photos of Dylan’s extremely well spanked bottom.  She was sore and marked for over a week, she told us.  In the photo, she is applying cream after the shoot. 

I have filmed every Sweeties interview for these past 10 years or so, and of all of the models, none have talked about being spanked as much as Dylan was growing up.  She said she was spanked about once a week.  So hundreds of spankings for this poor girl.  Which I think must be some kind of record for most spankings.

Dylan hadn’t been spanked at all since turning 18, though.  Until this shoot.  We’ll see if she’ll shoot any more spanking shoots next year.  I think maybe so.  At least I hope so.  She can add to her record for being spanked.

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Is Veronica Ricci Becoming A Spanking Star?

by on Dec.17, 2011, under Spanking

veronica ricci spanked

Upon meeting Veronica Ricci on the set of a horror film (she played Bloody Mary in 3D no less), and knowing of her adult work as a Penthouse Pet, I never imagined that she would be open to work in the spanking biz. 

But she did a Sweeties shoot for us last year, and enjoyed it (though her bottom got extremely marked up and sore).  After that, she shot some more, then more, then more. 

Right from the start she could take a suprisingly hard spanking.  And she has improved as a spanker as well.  I imagine working a great deal with Veronica in 2012, and won’t be surprised to see her as a featured star on at least one of the Clare Fonda sites. 

She already is a featured star on Spanked Call Girls. 

Take a look at the above photos and see some of her contributions to the sites. 

In the top left photo, she plays Clare’s daughter in the new epic running on Girl Spanks Girl, called Strict Tutor. 

Some exclusive back story spanking scenes for Strict Tutor will be appearing on Hot Girls Spanked, which will include Veronica as well.  She has appeared in several exclusive scenes for that Clips For Sale site. 

On the top right photo, Veronica is doing some girl-girl action with Alexis Grace on the just released erotic spanking scene also appearing on Girl Spanks Girl.  Veronica gets a good spanking from Alexis in this scene. 

Second down, left photo shows Veronica being spanked by her  babysitter (guest spanker is Ten Amorette) for Spanked Sweeties, a re-enactment of an actual spanking that Veronica received by her babysitter when she was a little girl. 

The photo to the right of that one shows Veronica waiting while Kat St. James is getting spanked for her Sweeties scene.  Veronica would then step up and get spanked along with Kat (they played sisters) by Clare (as their mom).  In this photo, it sort of looks like Veronica is enjoying the Kat spanking.

Third down to the left shows Veronica getting spanked by Leia-Ann Woods for a popular scene running on Hot Girls Spanked

To the right of that, Veronica is watching, glass of wine in hand, as Clare instructs a model named Phoenix for a diaper scene.  No, Veronica has never appeared in a diaper scene, but she drove Phoenix to the set (hey why is the driver drinking???). 

Below that, a photo of Veronica being spanked by Missy Rhodes, then of course turning the tables and spanking Missy.  These are photos from New Year’s episode that will be appearing on My Spanking Roomate on January 1 (when else?).  It will be the debut on the site for both Missy and Veronica and they were amazing together as new roommates. 

The bottom two photos show Veronica being spanked by Jenni Mack, then Miss Chris running now running on Spanked Call Girls.  Veronica called “cut” (the only time she has down this) while Jenni was spanking her.  That means Jenni is a very hard spanker. 

It is really fantastic working with Veronica.  And if she isn’t a spanking star already, I predict that as she continues to work on all the sites in 2012, that she will reach spanking super-star status soon. 

And as a side note, I had heard that Veronica reads my blog and she in fact made a comment on my last post.  So Veronica, if you are reading this post, please feel free to comment. 

Maybe other readers of the blog can use the comment area of this post to encourage Veronica to consider starting her own spanking blog in 2012.

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Girl Spanks Girl Remastering Project

by on Dec.13, 2011, under Spanking


Back in the day, server size was limited and costly.  Hence, the Clare Fonda clips from years back were small in file size (meaning lower resolution) and were in the “real media” file format.  Of course today it is more reasonable to buy server space (where the files go for all to access), so files can be larger, meaning better resolution.  And presently (and this has been so for a few years now), “windows media files” seem to be the most popular and flexible. 

Of course this can change quickly, unfortunately.  But I finally find the size and resolution to be fair to producers and fair to veiwers, so hopefully it will stay this way for a while.  It this theory that has driven me to re-master some of the classic scenes from Girl Spanks Girl

So far, I have mastered BACK IN THE DAY (did you notice how I started the blog with that expression – clever huh?) and ASSOCIATIONS (both outstanding videos that can now be viewered in better resolution) and also THE SPANKED PEST, which had been removed from the site after a short run.  I am not making 2 min. shorter clips, just longer 8 minute files. 

This way customers won’t be getting too much older content – and it is mixed in with new scenes.  It takes a long time to do this process, but I feel it is worth it to make many of these classic scenes available in vastly superior quality, in a uniform file format (all WMV files).  It will take quite a while to work in many of these re-mastered classics, but I believe it is a valuable service.  I’m hoping customers agree. 

Many other sites rotate older scenes in and out – never allowing customers access to their entire library at once.  We have never done that.  So I don’t see any other way to go about this. 

The montage above includes photos from BACK IN THE DAY, with Clare Fonda, Veronica Daniels, Rosario Stone, Addie Juniper and Kay Richards; ASSOCIATIONS, with Lana Miller, Harmony Rose and Sydney Capria; and THE SPANKED PEST, with Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfieffer.

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DVDs For Sale

by on Dec.10, 2011, under Spanking


The above photo is part of a scene currently running on Spanked Call Girls.  It was one of the hardest spankings Veronica Ricci ever received, she said, and she had to cut when Jenni Mack was spanking her.  It is also included in a DVD called Spanked Call Girls, Vol. 1: Audrey Tate.

The plan is to create a website to sell Clare Fonda DVDs.  But until that happens, there is a way to get the following DVDs (all of which are at least 60 minutes long). 

Simply send a check or money order to:

CF Worldwide, Inc

4821 Lankershim Blvd, Suite F289

North Hollywood, 91601

$25 per DVD or three for $70. Please include $5 for domestic shipping and $10 for international shipping

1.  Exclusive Education 6 – Stars Lana, Snow Mercy, Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza – 63 minutes (available on

2.  Strict Cousin- Stars Alicia Panettiere, Mary Jane, Ten Amorette and Clare Fonda – 92 minutes (available on

 3.  Family Spanking Scandal – Stars Snow Mercy, Sophia Locke and Ashli Orion 67 minutes (available on www.spankedcallgirls and )

4. Missy Spanked to Tears- stars Missy Rhodes, Veronica Ricci, Snow Mercy and Clare Fonda 1 hour and 53 minutes (available on

5. Women Spanking Men Vol. 1  – stars Miss Chris, Audrey Knight, Mary Jane, Kade, Tom Byron, Ace and Bart 62 minutes (available on )

6. Mom Spanking Journal – stars Ash Hollywood, Alexis Grace, Shay Golden and Clare Fonda. (Available on and )

7. Lesbian Sugar Momma – Stars Kay Richards, Madison Martin. Clare Fonda and Veronica Ricci (Available on and )

8. Men Spank Clare – Clare Fonda, Steve Fuller, Kyle Johnson, Kade and Ace  – 62 minutes (available on www.hotgirlspanked and ) 

 9. Spanked Superheroines – Snow Mercy, Alexis Grace, Mary Jane, Sophia Locke, Clare Fonda -63 minutes Snow Mercy looks the part as Wonder Woman. Lots of hot catfighting, special effects and good spankings (also available on )

10. Spanked Callgirls Vol. 1: Audrey Tate – stars Veronica Ricci, Kay Richards, Jenni Mack, Miss Chris and Clare Fonda  – 63 minutes (available on

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EE6 Wraps Up With Blooper

by on Dec.03, 2011, under Spanking


Exclusive Education 6 (on Girl Spanks Girl) saw its last clip posted today.  It was a blooper, thanks largely to Lana. 

I have touched over this from time to time – that bloopers are fairly rare in the spanking videos I shoot, though you would think there would be more of them.  I do have this habit of shutting off my camera when something goes wrong, so that doesn’t help.  But I am always ready when Lana is in a scene because I can always expect her to say something at least a little crazy.  And the EE6 blooper is an instant classic. 

Lana is pictured in the above photo with Clare Fonda and Snow Mercy, who were the other spankers in this epic.  It would be difficult to find a more impressive trio of female tops, even if only one of them is a blooper machine. 

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