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Counting Concerns

by on Jul.16, 2012, under Spanking


The above photo is taken from the second installment of a series running on Girl Spanks Girl called Naughty Tutor. It is a scene of Alexis Grace spanking Alyssa Branch.

This scene, as most scenes on the sites, was for the most part improvised based on an outline given to the models.  Since Alexis Grace, who plays the tutor, was giving the bad students a regimented punishment based on how late they arrived, she decided to give them a specific number of spanks and have them count each spank.

Now here is where things get interesting.  Some spanking fans love counting.  Some hate it.  I have shot customs in which it was mandatory that the models count, and others where it is mandated that no one counts.  I am in the middle on this.  I like it sometimes, because it can be a form of great embarrassment being made to count and it typically assures a large number of spanks.  It can also be a way to get less verbal models to speak.  On the other hand, it can be distracting to the scene (this is the largest complaint I see).

Counting became a significant plot point in the Naughty Tutor scene, based on the model’s decision.  I have been trying to steer scenes away from the use of counting lately, to make sure it doesn’t pop up too often and upset the “I hate counting” guys, even though it typically is only a small portion of a scene.

Okay readers, please weigh in.  Thumbs up or thumbs down on counting in spanking scenes?


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  • tim

    very nice it is good that some girls count their spanks given by other girls ,Alexis gives this little minx big spanks,best,Tim.

  • tim

    Cameraman just noticed the vids do not syncronise with the vids playing ,best,Tim .

  • admin

    Tim I just checked the vids on GSG site and the Alex and Alyssa vids are both playing – so I am not sure what you mean when you say “the vids do not synchronize with the vids playing…”

    On another note – I am glad you checked in in favor of counting.

  • tim

    its just that the vids are playing a bit slower on Windows player eg .the spanks given by Alexis arrive a bit later than the sound of them at least on my windows media player ,best from, should when downloaded go to 100 but mine goes to 97 or 98 ,ill check again.

  • Mike

    i dont see nothing wrong with the spankee having to count out the spanks sometime it can be done so the spanker know the spankee is focusing on the spanking and learning lesson cause if the spankee mess up the count then the spanker normally tell them to start over at 1 so like you said mean more spanks come down and it become harder

    i read story where some normal people has done this made to count out the spank and it help them and something they enjoy. but i understand not everyone going like seeing the spankee counting out the spanks but it ok what people like and dont like

  • admin

    I agree Mike, that you can’t please everyone when it comes to how we shoot spanking scenes. Ironically, the next spanking scene for Spanked Sweeties – with XLCR Moon, includes counting. We re-enact spanking scenes on that site just how the models tell us they were spanked in real life. And Moon said there was counting involved in her real life spankings. Oh well, I’ll continue to try to mix it up.

  • tim

    yes thats how we like it cameraman,best,Tim.

  • Mike

    i think if female spankee or male spankee are told to count spanks they getting they be scare to miss a count or make a mistake know the spanking start over or spanking going be more hard and last longer

    i say you just shoot scene anyway you want but make it clear it what model wanted to be shoot and something they use to have happen to them in real life or way they do spankings in real life you cant tell me some of these model only dont do spankings on film or during shoot iam sure some of them include spanking in real life with there partnet

  • admin

    Many of our models are indeed spanked in real life. Not all of them, but I would say well over half.

  • Chief

    I don’t mind counting scenes… sometimes it is useful as you said for less interactive models, I have occasionally done that too… but what I don’t like is, say, a “100 counting scene” where the model then says after each number, “please may I have another?” arrrghhh, I remember Kay doing that once and it really distracted from her spanking punishment!

    btw – Looking forward to EE7 🙂

  • admin

    Of course some people love the “thank you, may I have another” counting and request it often. I try to mix it up as much as possible and often try to discourage models from counting (more so recently) because they can easily do it too often – it is probably easier than making up things to say. There is a little bit of counting in EE7 – because that’s what the models did and I shot the big classroom scene without cutting. But it is a very small percentage of the scene. I am editing it like crazy to finish before tomorrow.

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