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Please Give Your Opinion On Potential New Site

by on Sep.28, 2012, under Spanking

So I have been contemplating starting a new site.  Not because I have a lot of free time – I assure you running all these sites plus working on my little indie films keeps me time challenged.  But here is where this is coming from, and this is why I am soliciting opinions for readers of this blog.

I have a clips4sale store called Clare Fonda’s Hot Girls Spanked.  You can buy individual clips on that store, priced around a dollar per minute.  Many fans have told me they never buy those clips because it is too costly.  Definitely it is more cost effective to join a site.  Well, I am one of the only clip stores that shoots exclusive scenes just for C4S.  Most of the other scenes from other sites you can also see as a member of their spanking site.

Some of my clips have sold through the roof.  But many have only sold to maybe 6 or 7 people.  In the entire world.  I have a fairly large number of those clips and they are really terrific scenes that are not being viewed (outside of the few who bought them plus some other shady people who support piracy).

So I am thinking of starting a new site that will begin with some of these clips.  I was also thinking of tying it in with Veronica Ricci, who I shoot the most, and she could help me create and shoot various scenes, and star in many of them.  Her name will no doubt appear in the site name.  Veronica and I shoot a lot of trilogies – three scenes with a related theme or character – so maybe that will be a point of emphasis.  I have had some discussions with Veronica so far and she is very interested.

The would not be one of our spanking soap opera sites, but more like Girl Spanks Girl, where a variety of scenes and characters appear in random fashion.

What do you guys think?  Would you support another new site?  One with a variety of styles of spanking?  That featured a nice dose of Veronica, as well as many other new models and many of our regulars.  Initially it would run on its own membership and not be part of a larger site pass.  But it could eventually morph into a 6 site special (up from the present 5 site special).

There would occasionally be some scenes that maybe 6 or 7 people purchased from the Clips Store.

What do you guys think?  Good idea?  Any suggestions or questions?

Here are a couple of photos from scenes that are candidates to appear on the site.


The scene in which Pop diva Veronica spanks her manager Daisy sold to less than 10 people.


This clip of Genesis as Dixie’s mom has picked up steam lately so it may or may not be a candidate for the new site.  You get the idea.


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  • tim

    Yes a great idea , as long as not too expensive in these cash constained times ,best wishes,Tim.

  • Angela Bauer

    My preference would be to purchase a DVD collection of those clips instead of subscribing to another site. Currently I subscribe to Clare’s diaper site and 4 of the others (Girls Spank Girls, Roommates, Spanked Call Girls and Spanked Sweeties)

    I prefer to look at the longer series, such as Exclusive Education on DVD rather than from my computer hard drive.

  • admin

    Thanks for your input,Angela. Much of those scenes have or will go to to DVD. However, some fans only like to get material from streaming or internet. So there is a market for DVD and for a site, I believe. I will blog more about this maybe in the next few weeks when I sift through all of my options. It means a lot to get feedback likes yours!!

  • Mike

    i wouldnt mind new sites from you that has spanking in them i just wish alot of these site were free lol i know you guys have to make money too and need support yourself i just wish sometime some preview of a video was little longer dont have show too much of the spanking between model just enough to make people intrested. then been time i see picture screen of video of spanking i like but when i watch preview i never see what i wanted to see from what i liked

  • admin

    Having an occasional short preview vid. is not a bad idea. It does take a lot of work considering the number of sites, though. Spanking shoots are very expensive. Since I have taken over the sites, I have shot a great deal – and yes, I do have to support this and myself in order to survive – so free sites (or pirated content) would not allow me to continue. Thanks for the feedback, Mike

  • Mike

    ya welcome cameraman i agree free preview would be good idea to do what i mean iam sure understand is how ever long preview video is should show everything on preview video of spanking i know some small preview of clips show same thing over and over before you click watch preview button

    i gone to clips4sale site and watch few preview video they are 10 second long which i hate usally i want watch preview cause seen something i want see but normally that part i want see is not shown not sure if people can i would want see maybe up to 30-50 second preview or maybe 1 minute preview

  • admin

    A one minute preview is starting to give stuff away. Clips4sale has set preview times – and you can decide only to start at beginning, quarter way through of halfway through. I almost always pick quarter through. If I make this new site I am proposing, I think I will over previews on the free area – but definitely keep them maybe 20 secs long – but show more of the highlights so people can get a peek at the good stuff.

  • tim

    Cameraman yes agreed ,best ,Tim.

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