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Would You Spank Your Friend’s Daughter?

by on Oct.01, 2012, under Spanking Interviews

It looks like I am not going to get much feedback about starting a new site, so I am on to a new post.  I put up a new Spanked Sweeties recently and have been anxious to write about it because it was such an unusual shoot.


Would you spank a good friend’s daughter?  I can think of some situations where I might be able to do that, and others where it would be VERY awkward.  But Lana Miller is as game as they come.  She has spanked her niece Mandee Miller (who she raised like a daughter) for our sites.  And she has spanked her cousin Michele, who played Mandee’s sister.  And Lana has another niece who just turned 18, and Lana helped to raise, who she is now pitching to me for another Sweeties.  Amazing.

So when Lana emailed me to tell me that she has a good friend (female) who has a daughter who wants to do some modeling, and was spanked growing up, I was intrigued.  She sent me pictures and Rihanna was quite beautiful.  What could I say?  Yes, of course.

Upon arriving, Rihanna expressed how nervous and scared she was.  She likes playful spanks in her real life, but she admitted to having a low pain tolerance.  Lana was not going to take it easy on her, so we decided to keep the spankings real, but limit how many Rihanna would take.

The way the Spanked Sweeties site works is, there is a brief interchange (a week or so in advance) with a model to establish if she was spanked growing up, and if mom or dad were the primary spankers (or sometimes they talk about aunts, uncles, babysitters etc).  Typically models provide very little info before we shoot.  All I knew going into this shoot was that Rihanna was spanked by her mom.  And for some reason I had the impression they were all spankings.

The shoot took place at Clare Fonda’s house (Rihanna shot a diaper scene for Clare in exchange for me using Clare’s house for this shoot).  Rihanna shocked me (despite warning her that we would re-enact her childhood spankings) but talking about how her father also spanked her and he used a belt.  And she talked about how her mom not only spanked her with her hand, but also used to chase her around and spank her with a wooden spoon.


Not being prepared for this, I was fortunate that Clare had a belt and a wooden spoon I could borrow for the shoot.

When Lana began spanking Rihanna for the first scene, she didn’t react much.  But then she cut to say how painful this was.  Lana explained that it was all right to react to the pain, she didn’t have to hold it in.  After this it went more smoothly as Rihanna felt free to kick and whine.  Which she admitted was how she always reacted when she got spanked but for some reason thought she should hold it in.

Rihanna had to cut a few more times – notably during the dad belting, which doesn’t look that hard, in my opinion, but was more than Rihanna could take.  We had to negotiate a final number of whacks that she could take with the belt after she cut (don’t worry there is no counting).  I think as sometimes is the case, that it didn’t just hurt physically, but it also might’ve been bringing up some painful old memories and that is why the belt was too much for her. Or this could just be me over-analyzing and maybe the belt just really hurt her ass.

After Lana’s first spanking, then the dad spanking, then the wooden spoon spanking, Rihanna was past her tolerance limit and was walking around in extreme pain.  Despite having dark skin, her butt did get red (and there was hard to see speckling).  She stood up between scenes because she said it was too painful to sit.


We had a little time left for our shoot, and Rihanna was begging to spank Lana.  Graciously, Lana agreed to it, and even tutored Rihanna, who couldn’t spank Lana hard enough with her hand (though some of the whacks looked really, really hard).  Someone off camera (won’t say who) decided to pass the wooden spoon to Rihanna and that certainly got a rise out of Lana.  It left little white spoon marks on Lana’s curvy bottom.

This was definitely a wildly entertaining shoot and it included the added edge of knowing that Lana was spanking her good friend’s daughter – which seemed a little naughty.  In a good way it turned out.


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  • tim

    Yes she stands no nonsense from naughty young girls .I expressed an interest in your proposed new site of Hot Girls as you say it is a waste of great scenes you have shot if only a few buy them ,as i said i would be a member of the site if you go ahead with it as they are lovely girls ,best from ,Tim.

  • admin

    Yes Tim, thanks for commenting on the proposed site. 2 people checked in, and I appreciate that, but that is not overwhelming feedback for or against.

  • Mike

    well i think i would spank a friend daugther if she is naughty or like to be spanked iam sure we would keep it from her parents or anybody else be our little secert be better if the daughter has bad attiude and alway causing trouble but then after spanking her then people notice her attiude and behavior change might have people wondering why sudden change lol

    i wouldnt mind watching the daugther get spanked by her mother and then i wouldnt mind be spanked by a friend daugther either

  • tim

    Cameraman have you considered some of Hot girls Spanked be used on Clares and your sites as they sound great ,just an idea? best,Tim.

  • admin

    Well, Tim, I have considered taking off some of the clips that haven’t done well on Hot Girls Spanked (say sold to 10 or less people) and putting them on Girl Spanks Girl site, where they would be a natural fit, as an update. I may still start up a new site next year that offers a sort of unique angle to spanking – so that it is different from the other sites.

  • Chris

    This new girl is hot and it’s great to see Lana get spanked again.

  • admin

    I agree on both counts, Chris.

  • tim

    Cameraman ,yes ,best from ,Tim.

  • Angela Bauer

    My own parents did not believe in punishment, especially spanking. When I was born Mom’s younger sister (Aunt Betsy) lived with us, serving as babysitter when Mom was at work. Then when I was 12 Betsy and her husband bought the house across the street. The thing is her daughter told me that Aunt Betsy spanked her and her brothers.

    One night, about 3 AM, when I was 15 Betsy caught me coming home from a party. She offered me the choice of confessing to my parents or taking a spanking from her. I took the spanking. For the next 18 months, until I graduated from high school Betsy spanked me with a hairbrush whenever I misbehaved.

    It turned out it actually was my father who was so anti-spanking. Mom sometimes sent me to Aunt Betsy when she was annoyed with me.

    A few years ago my youngest sister Missy and her husband bought a house less than a mile from mine. Their daughter Karen was 14, Missy did not spank her often and her father never did. Missy travels on business so several times Karen stayed with me. The deal was that if Karen misbehaved I was supposed to spank her. I only had to do so a few times. Once the 11 year-old daughter of a neighbor stayed with me. Her parents said they spanked her and I had permission, but I was reluctant and fortunately the girl behaved well while with me.

    So of course the series such as “Call Me First” really connect emotionally with me. So did the series when Snow sent her daughter Missy to be spanked by Clare. My Mom is built more like Clare and Betsy like Snow.

    Speaking about Snow Mercy, while enjoying her getting spanked by Lana in EE7, I looked back at EE4, when Snow as a teacher was defiant about being spanked. This time she seemed to respect being spanked more appropriately.

  • william

    Actually this is about Rihanna in Spanked Sweeties. She is really hot looking, great personality and she works perfectly with Lana Miller. Especially hot is when she spanks Lana and Lana is begging her to spank harder, now that’s realistic, authentic spanking action. Most of the spanking I’ve been involved in, or witnessed the spankee asked the spnker to hit them harder. In fact I would spank softly at the start so the spankee would ask me to hit them harder, and that way when the spanking really gets hot they cannot complain because they aked for it!
    A spanking doesn’t have to be vicious to really work; it can have an element of fun and eroticism which i far more arousing than somebody smacking away at some bored model’s ass who clearly is not into spanking.
    Lana and Rihanna are great, I’d like to see more of them together as well as spanking other people, and being spanked. Lana sounded like she enjoyed that spanking

  • admin

    William, Lana did enjoy that spanking. If you like Lana, you should love many of our sites – she appears often on and as well as Rhianna was a friend of Lana’s – she didn’t like to get spanked (it was a great deal of pain for her) so we’ll see if she is up for another shoot sometime or not. She loved spanking Lana, that much I do know.

  • william

    I just watched Michelle Miller and Mandee Miller (who looked like she really enjoyed the spankings) on Spanked Sweeties and their scenes were very hot, especially when Lana spanked them together — Wow!
    Michele said something of interest which is that her parent’s spankings had started her interest in erotic spanking and I believe her, for it was that way with me, and many others in the scene.
    Now I’m off to watch to watch Exclusive Education and see Mandee spanked by Lana, again. I just got the Clare Fonda Pass, as a Christmas present to myself and I am addicted.
    I especially enjoy the Executive Education series since I was punished in school as well (a bent over bare bottom belting by a male teacher, and I received one memorable bare bottom spanking from a female teacher, although that was at her house; she was tutoring me) so I am really turned on by those scenes.

  • admin

    William – if you like schoolgirl spankings – also includes many. And Lana also spanks Mandee and Michele on the site.

  • Ken

    I love this scene with Rihanna and Lana. But you mention a Dad w belt spanking which I have never seen. Was that scene omitted from the SS site?

  • Elijah Lear

    Where is the link to this video specifically

  • admin

    To view this scene and others like it, you would need to join this site

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