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Cassie Ramone Takes Spanking By a Storm

by on Mar.03, 2013, under Spanking

Cassie Ramone is a cam. model who shot her first spanking scenes for our sites.  There is an interesting story about this shoot.  A fetish producer I know recommends models from time to time and had mentioned that he liked working with Cassie.

Cassie Spanks Veronica for Call Girls site

I scoped her out on her twitter and she seemed perfect for spanking shoots.  So I direct messaged her and planned a shoot with her and Madison Martin.

Madison has had some driving issues recently (will save that for another blog) so at the last minute Madison bailed as she couldn’t get to the shoot (her ride fell through and she lives VERY  far away).

So who do I call?  Veronica Ricci of course. Dah. Veronica bailed me out at the last minute and agreed to do the shoot.  But there was something strange going on at the set.

Apparently Veronica and Cassie already knew each other. They said that they would tell me how they knew each other some time and that is was kind of a funny story.  But they never did tell me.  So it is a bit of a mystery.

Veronica’s character wants to give up vices.

But they seemed very friendly (so I figured they knew each other in a good way). On the other hand, they did spank each other really, really hard, but they both seem like gamers who give their all in scenes, so I didn’t read anything into that.

Cassie Spanks Veronica to try to get her to stop smoking

In any case, you GOTTA  check out their scenes from that chance meeting.  Cassie spanks “old whore” Veronica for smoking for the scene now running on SPANKED CALL GIRLS.  Then Veronica turns the tables and spanks Cassie even harder.

Veronica takes and Veronica gives – hard!

For Veronica’s new site, SPANKING VERONICA WORKS, Veronica spanks Cassie as a hired SWAT agent, who spanks cheating girls. Veronica spanked and paddled Cassie so hard she was marked for days, Cassie later reported (sorry, Cassie). And Veronica also used a strap-on on her.  Veronica also said she was marked for days from this shoot.

Veronica knows what to do with the SWAT paddle

The girls were electric together.  I have plans to use them together again if they are game. Maybe they will even tell me how they knew each other before shooting for the first time.

This is one way to deal with “penis envy”

Veronica blogged about the Works scene. with lots of photos, so check that out.

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7 Comments for this entry

  • Tim

    Cameraman ,yes Cassie does give huge spanks to young Veronica ,her botty really blushes ,she will get her revenge of course ,great you are back blogging again ,its fun ,best from ,Tim.

  • Mike

    cassie seem like another cool strict young lady cant wait see more spankings shoots of her getting spanked and dishing out the spanks to naughty girl i love hear more about how her and veroncia knew each other bet spankings was involed when first met

  • Tim

    Yes Mike the girls receive big spanks ,their botties are blushing ouchies ,best from ,Tim cameraman best regards Tim.

  • Dave

    What Tim said. 🙂

  • admin

    Glad you guys like Cassie. Definitely have plans to shoot her again! She has tons of energy – like the Energizer Spanking Bunny

  • william

    Cameraman are you ever worried that the models will get carried away and spank each other too hard and they’ll get angry and quit? I cannot imagine Veronica doing that, or Cassie, both of whom seem to into the spirit of the scene. But it looked and sounded pretty intense, and I’m just wondering how you feel when boundaries are pushed?

  • admin

    It does happen, William, where boundaries are pushed. Usually it results in a model “cutting.” But I remember a shoot with Veronica and Roxy Jezel and Roxy used the big pledge paddle on Veronica, who had been spanked A LOT that day. I think Veronica came very close to quitting, but lucky for us she kept plugging away. So yeah, it is something I need to keep my eye on a bit.

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