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Episode 25 on Sorority Site is Spectacular

by on Mar.09, 2013, under Spanked school girls

Not sure if I am tooting my own horn here, but the latest episode on Spanking Sorority Girls is pretty f’in’ spectacular!  It has Veronica Ricci showing up late for class a third time, and getting spanked hard for it.

It has much of the cast from EE7, in which Veronica made a cameo, but did not get spanked.  Well she makes up for it here.  Snow Mercy plays the teacher who delivers the spanking over the knee, while the class laughed at the humiliated school girl.

I have been informed by many of the sites fans that when girls laugh at other girls while they are getting spanked, that this is a good thing.  Well the laughing was very genuine here.  Veronica was in so much pain that she started making sounds like an opera singer.

Veronica gets a real punishment for being late

Her close friend Phoenix Askani, who was sitting in the front row of class, had an especially great time laughing at her friend’s misfortune.  Teacher Snow ends Veronica’s spanking by having her bend over the desk and take ten hard ones with a large wooden yardstick. This left huge mark on Veronica’s poor bottom.

Paris Kennedy also got spanked by Snow Mercy

But Snow decided Veronica needed more humiliation and sent Veronica into the corner while Snow spanked a naughty Paris Kennedy. Just using her hand, Snow made Paris’s bottom red and heavily speckled.

This is a spectacularly real spanking scene in which the models were given a basic premise and ran with it – offering real punishment and humiliation. I wonder if Veronica thinks about this at all the next time she is late somewhere?

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  • william

    I cannot wait to watch this video. These multiple spanking/classroom scenes are just so hot. Kudos, keep making them, and especially the EE series. Snow Mercy is great and I love all of the girls, and a special thanks to Vernoica Ricci who is so hot and obviously such a trooper. I really appreciate all of her energy and enthusiasm.

  • william

    My bad, Veronica, sorry for the typo on your name. I guess I deserve a spanking. Ah well, a guy can dream!

  • admin

    I believe you won’t be disappointed, William. First two clips are up now. I will be blogging more about EE8 soon – which will be shot in France (tease tease)

  • Ms Ash

    Amazing photos! I’m definitely in the “other girls laughing” camp…really heightens the aspect of embarrassment 😉

  • Tim

    Cameraman this looks great yes Snow does spank the other girls quite soundly ,best ,Tim.

  • admin

    I need to blog on who the hardest female spanker is. I don’t really know the answer, though – but Snow Mercy would be a strong candidate.

  • admin

    Ms. Ash – we thought of you a bit when shooting the girls laughing at the spanking – as we know you like this – as do others. Hope you enjoy! Veronica was actually genuinely embarrassed.

  • Ms Ash

    Haha, my legacy lives on!

  • Tim

    Yes the other little minxes are laughing while Veronica and Paris ae spanked soundly by Miss Snow who is a hard spanker of other young girls ,excellent scenes ,i believe young Christieshould be spanked too ,perhaps another class ,best,Tim.

  • admin

    Tim, Christie almost always deserves a spanking – but not this time.

  • Tim

    Perhaps anothertime ,best,Tim.

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