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Fet Con Part 2

by on Aug.28, 2013, under Spanking

As I work on all the sites like the crazy being that I am – to get ahead so I can get away to Vegas for the Shadow Lane convention this weekend, it occurs to me that I owe another blog about Fet Con. This time the focus will be on some of the models I shot with.

Has Veronica been working out or is Dakota Skye that tiny?

I will start with one that nearly got away, Dakota Skye. We had her scheduled, then she was a no-show, but thanks to some sound detective work on the part of Sherlock Ricci, she was tracked down and rescheduled.

Veronica spanks Dakota hard

We wanted to shoot her because she looks, well, young.  Really, really young.  And turns out she can take a pretty good spanking. The first scene you guys will see from all this Fet Con shooting will be Dakota in a scene for Spanked Call Girls in a few weeks.

Isobel Wren is back in action for us, this time with newbee Kitty

I ran into Isobel Wren, who I haven’t shot in a long time, but she was game for another go. I shot her with newbee Kitty, and their scene will appear on My Spanking Roommate in the next month or so.

Been wanting to shoot Nyssa Nevers (here being spanked by Fiona Murphy)

I have been wanting to shoot with Nyssa Nevers for quite some time, and was pleased to find her here and eager to shoot some spanking with another new to me model, Fiona Murphy. They did a scene for Spanked Call Girls.

Briella Jaden’s Sweeties will be a great one!

A model named Gigi plays the mom to Briella Jaden, for an upcoming Spanked Sweeties. It is amazing, in my opinion.

Sarah Gregory spanks lounge singer Veronica

And we were thrilled to shoot our good friend Sarah Gregory in her first scene for Spanking Veronica Works, which should be out in the next month. Sarah was great, as always, and she and Veronica always deliver something spectacular, playing off each other extremely well.

Hope another shoot with Sahrye is in our future

Also shooting for Spanking Veronica Works was the super sexy Sahrye. She seemed quiet before we shot her, but pulled out all the stops when the cameras were rolling.I would love to shoot with her again some time.

Some amazing stuff we shot!  Heck, I didn’t even talk about the convention and all the crazy activities that went on  there.  Maybe a part 3?

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Exclusive Education 8 Coming Soon

by on Aug.26, 2013, under Spanked school girls

I have all sorts of great stuff for my Fet Con Part 2 blog, but it will have to wait for a couple of days. I have been getting a lot of questions recently about Exclusive Education 8 and I want to clear that up on my blog for those members who read this.

It is something a little different this year, but still involves a lot of school girls. Less than last year because of the magnitude of the shoot – which included an actual field trip to Southern France. So the set up goes like this.

Veronica spanks Celeste Star while Ela Darling waits her turn

Part 1 of the epic starts in a dorm room in the states.  Student Veronica Ricci has learned that Celeste Star and Ela Darling were cheating in class.  Veronica won’t tell Teacher Snow, who is heading the field trip, if the girls agree to take a spanking. So Veronica gives them both a sound hand spanking.

Her classmates really marked up poor Veronica’s bum

But she tells anyway, so the two girls team up and spank Veronica super hard, also using a wooden mirror to mark her heavily.

They wouldn’t smile if they knew what was in store

Part 2 was actually shot in France, so it had the feel of an actual field trip, with the models all staying in one place, and Snow Mercy (as teacher Snow) keeping the girls in line.

It’s Veronica’s turn for the hairbrush

So in the classic tradition of the Exclusive Education series, she spanks each naughty schoolgirl one by one with hand on the first round, then with hairbrush on the second round.The schoolgirls are Veronica Ricci, Missy Rhodes, Nikki Rogue, Koko Kitten and Buffy Buffington.

Revenge is sweet

There was a Part 3 shot on a hike, with some of the schoolgirls looking for revenge.

I plan to shoot one more scene to complete the big production back here in the U.S. Perhaps I can round up Principal Miller for this. Anyway, I tried something a little different this year, but plan to shoot more girls and keep it local next year. But I like to experiment with new ideas from time to time always looking for the next big home run!

The first part will start this Wednesday.

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Fet Con Part 1

by on Aug.23, 2013, under Spanking

So much went on at Fet Con that I can’t possibly cover it all in one blog post.  So I will break it up in sections.  Part 1 is dedicated to the models I wasn’t able to shoot on this trip for various reasons.

There were plans to shoot with Ludella Hahn, but we never were able to meet up. Superstar Alexis Grace said she was available, briefly, but only after I was booked solid.

Ember Skye, Alexis Grace, Missy Rhodes will shoot next time!

Alexis is a big deal at Fet Con and hard to squeeze in.  The same for Missy Rhodes, who along with Ashley Fires are spokes-models for Clips4sale.  I did get to visit with both Alexis and Missy, but alas no shooting with them for sites this time.

I ran into Sinn Saige when all shooting was over, and she said she would love to shoot for the sites again.  Her booty was looking more amazing than ever.  So that will happen in the next couple of months.  Amelia Jane Rutherford was one of the guest models, as was Candle Boxxx, both of whom have shot with me in the past. Both were pretty much overbooked this trip.  I even tried booking Amelia in advance.

“P” is for “party” and “Paris Kennedy” – one in the same

I saw the lovely Paris Kennedy there, who was pretty much shooting for her own sites. And partying. Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) was there in the beginning to give great instructions to a first time visitor to this crazy convention.

I ran into Cheyenne Jewel at a restaurant – when it appeared we were both already booked solid. For the most part, my goal was to shoot as many new models as I could. And that will be what my next blog is all about.

It was great seeing some of the stars of our sites there, though, along with some models I haven’t seen for a few years.

And then there was the one that got away – a young, stunning, super tall blonde model that I saw the first night there and never again the entire trip. I missed a chance to ask her to shoot and I don’t even know her name.

Maybe next year.

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Off to do Some Mega Shooting at Fet Con

by on Aug.14, 2013, under Spanking

This will be my first time going to Fetish Con in Florida.  I leave tomorrow.

Many models I have shot with before will be there, including Paris Kennedy, Sarah Gregory, Veronica Ricci, Kymberly Jane, Alexis Grace, Addie Junniper, Anastasia Pierce, Sinn Sage, Stevie Rose, Briella Jaeden and many others I think, too.

Will be shooting Briella soon at Fet Con.

I will try to shoot with as many new models possible.  I already have some shoots scheduled with newbies and I’m very excited about this trip and meeting all these wonderful models.  Gotta love my job this week, right?!

Working with Sarah Gregory is Always Great Fun!

I have set all the sites to update remotely, except for Girl Spanks Girl, which is the only site I update manually anymore. So I put all the updates for the next 6  days up today for that site.  The other sites will update on their usual days.

I will blog about my experiences there when I get back and promise lots of photos and exciting new models for the sites!

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That’s What Friends Are For

by on Aug.05, 2013, under mother/daughter spanking

A number of models I work with will recommend other models for spanking shoots.  This is one of the best ways to meet new and great talent.

Sometimes I book through agencies (Syren De Mer and Anikka Albrite for example), or from meeting models at an event (such as Heather Green, Miss Chris, Jenni Mack, etc at Shadow Lane convention), or via Fet Life (hello Missy Rhodes, Ludella Hahn and others). While all models are great, there is something exciting about shooting with another model’s friend.

Veronica and Emily pal-in’ around before the spanks

This is the case with two of Veronica Ricci’s very best friends – Emily Parker and Phoenix Askani. Neither are true spankos, so while they were happy for the work, I think they were both at least a little surprised by the pain.

Veronica has witnessed Emily’s mom spanking her

These are real spankings. Veronica warned them – and they did get a chance to spank her back in the scenes.

Lorelei Mission brings some maternal discipline

Veronica grew up with Emily and interviews her and even plays her young mom for one of the spanking scenes on the current Spanked Sweeties episode.

Spanking is serious business

And Phoenix recently completed a scene as a mean office boss in Spanking Veronica Works. Phoenix was so into playing the mean boss that it took a while after we cut for her to stop talking evil.  She said she really gets into her characters.

But true friends can smile through the pain

The lesson here?  Recruit your pals for spanking videos. That’s what friends are for!

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