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Issue With Web Sites

by on Oct.19, 2013, under Spanking

As many new members (and some long time members too) noticed, there were a few issues with the web sites on Thursday and Friday. The sites have grown so large so quickly, that I needed to buy an additional server, which is much larger and can hold all of the large full files now being made available in higher quality HD and in two formats (one more PC friendly – wmv, the other more Mac friendly – mp4).

So the hosting company was told by me over and over and over again to only copy my files from one server to the other, and not make the new server active until my web guy had everything operational on the new server. But they did it anyway – and the billing company wasn’t prepared for this.

So some of the sites shut down and no one who joined on those days could get an active membership. Disaster.  So after MANY emails to the host company and the billing company the issue was finally resolved.

Do I expect more problems to arise when we finally transition 5 of the sites to the new server?  Absolutely as the server company can’t seem to make this transition smoothly or follow instructions. Should I change host companies?  Next time – but I bought a large 3TB new hard drive for the server so that I won’t have to change anything for a long time. This is a large monthly expense, but worth it in my mind so that I don’t get in this sort of pickle again – outside of the one time coming up when I make this transition.

I will do all I can to make it smooth and cross my fingers the company does a better job of proving itself this time. I will domme them in my correspondence, so to speak.  Sorry for any inconvenience it cause any members.  I will be adding some extra content as my way of apologizing and thanking those who stuck with the sites the past couple of days.

The best way to reach me with any issue is by email Also for more current info on the sites (the blog is more for longer behind-the-scenes stories), follow me on Twitter.

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  • Tim

    Well done for handling this so promptly ,yes i have computer troubles too ,best,Tim.

  • Tim

    Oh dear i cant get on the sites on windows media player ,best,Tim.

  • Tim

    now i can ,pesky computer ,best,Tim.

  • Ms Ash

    Appreciate all your hard work and persistence getting things up and running again…and figured this is as good a place as any to say that I love the new clip on Hot Girls Spanked!

    Mother/daughter spankings are my favourite (and Snow and Missy really are the best together), and my feelings about witnessed spankings are a matter of record 😉 This one hit on all cylinders for me 😀

  • Rick

    yes you are always working to bring updates and fix problems. I see also that hot girls spanked has been great now at clips4sale. The priest and nun with halfway girls is great. Where can I see more of this? Is there any of this on your member sites also?

  • admin

    Well thanks for the feedback on the priest/delinquent girls scenes on There are two clips on there, but nothing else like it on my sites. They were produced by an awesome custom producer who may yet be asking for a part 3.

  • admin

    I guess the sorority site would be the most likely candidate for a priest/delinquent girl scene, thought it has been all FF spanking to this point.

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