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by on Nov.03, 2013, under Spanking

The majority of the content on my sites is original, made up from my head or the heads of some of the models. Some of the sites are soap operas, like Sorority and Roommates, so they have many episodes charted out well in advance.

It is quite costly to hire models, pay for servers and the billing companies all take huge chunks of my income. There are locations, costumes, food, equipment, etc.  I am not complaining, I LOVE this and I hope it shows in all that I bring to the sites.

Custom with Clare Fonda & Elise Graves with often repeated theme

But I will confess that I shoot quite a few custom videos. Those are scenes that are requested and paid for by members. They tend to be very specific in the direction of the scene, and the Custom producer will select which models he wants for the scenes. I have on occasion passed on a custom as it was not something I could use on my sites.

Cinderella Spankings was a custom request with Veronica & Jennifer

The custom producer covers all costs except for mine, and what I get in return is the use of the content. This is done by most fetish site producers and I think it is a very good thing.  Chances are what the custom guy likes, many of the members will also enjoy.

Back when Clare Fonda was producing most of the content, she got many requests from one particular custom guy. His customs all ended up on the Girl Spanks Girl site and were pretty popular. Unfortunately for me, this guy only likes to deal with women when it comes to ordering customs, so many of my new custom clients have a formula that varies from this one guy’s.

His stories were always maternal, usually with Clare as a mom figure, spanking a very meek young lady. Always very serious. I think I will look to shoot another variation of this scene (non custom) some time soon as it has been a while since I have shot one.

The first Exclusive Education was a custom – but not since (EE8 all original)

The very first Exclusive Education was actually a custom request from this guy. But the others we paid for ourselves as a way to make our sites stand out from other sites.  The most recent Exclusive Education 8 is still a serious, stern schoolgirl spanking scene in the tradition of the previous 7 annual large scale scenes in this series.

Governess Rules was popular with most members (not all)

The more recent customs have tended to be lighter in tone (but just as hard if not harder with the level of the spankings). Many have requested that Veronica Ricci be in the customs.  Good choice as she has a nice bottom and can take a hard spanking. But I am starting to hear a few complaints about the newer direction, and a longing for the older theme.

You must realize that I can’t please everybody and what one person loves, another will loathe and vice versa. If there is a very specific scene that you would LOVE to see shot, with your dream models, by all means email me at to see about ordering a custom.

If you can’t afford to order a custom (might not be as costly as you imagine), I don’t mind if you write me once and tell me what you like to see. Maybe it is something I can work into an upcoming scene and it will fit – so it is worth a shot.

Coming soon a custom with Snow Mercy, Missy Rhodes, Veronica Ricci

Or drop a note in the comments section of this blog. But as you can imagine I get hundred of emails every day, and I don’t want to read multiple times about some model you don’t like or some scenes you don’t like. I will comprehend it the first time your write me, I promise.

Nun & Priest do the spanking in this custom found on Hot Girls Spanked

While most customs appear on the Girl Spanks Girl site, occasionally they will appear on the Clips4sale store Hot Girls Spanked. That was the case with the custom that had a priest in it (no male/female spankings on GSG site).

If I can incorporate your suggestions, I will do it when I can. I want to please all members, it is just a tall task. In the meantime, the bums will just keep getting spanked. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of new models, too – as I approach 300 different models shot for the sites – and 10 new ones just recently and in the next few weeks.

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  • Ken

    Well this is a blog post I can comment on with some authority! I have produced quite a few custom videos over the years with various fetish companies and all have their merits. However, I can say without hesitation, that the customs produced with you have been the best. There are a few reason for this..

    You have a model list of some 300 models that you have worked with. Many are still available and ready to work with you again and they are very professional. You also have a stellar relationship and reputation with the best local agencies and are always bringing in new talent.

    Most important to me, is your preparation for shoots and attention to detail. My customs are fairly elaborate productions that require multiple models and tops, multiple scenes, costumes, learning of lines, props etc..and your preparation and the enthusiasm of all involved in these shoots is evident from viewing the finished product.

    Lastly, you clearly use top quality equipment for your shoots and have skilled camera operators (Yourself & Veronica). My customs were shot in high quality HD and were expertly shot from multiple angles. And the final edit is done in a polished and smooth manner.

    Anyone that has the inclination and means to produce their own custom video should inquire with CF World Wide. I’m actually going to contact you shortly about working on our 3rd and best production yet..

  • Mike

    what if the model suggested for custom doesnt want to do the custom spanking shoot?

    has a model ever refuse or turn down an custom shoots

    i would do some suggestion but seem like alot of it was done already make it hard to to suggest something

    has there ever been a former female student who ran into an old teacher that was her teacher in school and student got back at teacher by spanking her for either being mean to the student or has back then spanked the student

    another suggestion i have is a female model find a note left behind from a model telling her how she love being spanked and wanted the model who found note to spank her

    these 2 sugestion i just thought of dont know if can work or not

  • admin

    Thanks for the kind words, Ken. I do love working on the sites – and your customs are outstanding and great fun to work on! Keep up the good work – look forward to the next time… and btw – your second custom was the first shoot I ever did that used models from all THREE agencies that I use.

  • admin

    Mike – yes, sometimes a model has turned down a custom shoot, for various reasons, then we move on to the next one on the producer’s list. Number 1 reason is that many models live out of town and can’t work with our schedule. Years ago, with Clare, we shot a custom “fart/spanking” video and we had maybe 10 to 15 models turn it down before we lined up Staci Thorn for the shoot. I believe Staci is out of the biz no (hopefully no correlation).

  • Ms Ash

    Just want to add my praise…I too requested a custom video and was very, very impressed with the experience. You were very helpful and cordial and understanding and professional, and of course the final product was outstanding 😀

  • admin

    Thanks Ms Ash – you too were great to work with and had an excellent custom request!

  • Tim

    Cameraman ,best from ,Tim i have had compuer trouble ,have a new laptop soon ,computer.

  • admin

    Tim, as I often state, please email me at if you are experiencing any technical issues and I can help you directly. Please be specific as to what the problems are – for example – are you having trouble downloading files, or having trouble playing the files once they are downloaded. You are a great member and I want to make sure you can see all the exciting new content!

  • Alex Reynolds

    I think that the first shoot that I did with you and Clare was a custom, right? That set sort of falls under the heading that you were discussing before: more serious, sterner, maternal scenes. They were good ones, too!

    In general, I think that doing customs through a production company is a great way for consumers to get *exactly* what they want, since I see so many comments on blogs and galleries saying criticisms: “I would have liked this better if…” type statements. I’ve actually produced custom videos on my own before and it’s overwhelmingly difficult. For a while, I simply wouldn’t do any more of them because it was such a harrowing experience, but now that I have dabbled in production a bit more I’m open to the idea of it. I do think it’s a better idea to contact an established production company, though, for the reasons that Ken stated in his comment. You guys know what you’re doing!

    Hope you’re doing well, Cameraman!

  • admin

    Yes, Alex, you are correct that the shoot Clare and I did with you was indeed a custom request. Always great to hear from you – excellent contribution to this blog thread. I often encourage members who complain because scenes don’t exactly play to their very specific needs or interests to request customs, but it doesn’t always work out. I have come to realize that it is impossible to please everyone’s particular tastes. I know that customs can be a bit daunting from time to time, but I love the challenge of organizing these shoots and completing them and take great pleasure when outstanding custom producers such as Ken and Ms. Ash (and others as well) are pleased with the results.

  • Gustofur

    I am a lurker who reads your blog almost every day. Keep up the excellent work.

  • Tim

    Cameraman yes I have a new laptop and the vids are playing very well ,they are great ,the 2 new gils Vicki and the other girl im sorry forget her name at the moment ,best from ,Tim.

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