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Exclusive Education Wrapping Up

by on Nov.25, 2013, under Spanked school girls, Spanking

Exclusive Education 8 is nearing it’s run on Girl Spanks Girl with the third and final installment coming to a conclusion soon. The first section of the three part epic was shot in the US, then parts 2 and 3 were shot in France.

This final segment now running was shot in the woods of France. There are a few interesting behind-the-scenes stories about this shoot.

One interesting tidbit is how we chose the position in which Snow would get spanked. No one wanted to do over-the-knee in the woods. Nikki Rogue (the primary spanker) didn’t really want to sit on a log with the very tall Snow over her lap. Some various angles of bending over were discussed until someone suggested Snow bend over one of the girls. Everyone looked to Missy Rhodes to be that girl as she was by far the tiniest model there.  The always super game Missy agreed and the spanking angle was secured.

Did Snow Mercy deserve this spanking in France?

It was entertaining how Snow Mercy would ask every chance she got “are you getting lots of scenery?” whenever I set up the cameras. At first it was helpful, then sort of funny, then it was I’m-glad-Snow-gets-her-butt-beat-in-this-scene.

Yes, in the final chapter, it is the teacher who gets spanked by the students. This is a popular theme in spanking, when the tables are turned. And Snow was at least a tiny bit deserving as she, like the teacher she plays, was a bit naughty on the week-long shoot in France. It was all in good fun, though.

This bath brush stings!

And we had to stop once as some hikers heard what we were doing. Not sure they really knew what was going on, and we played the part of “hikers” till they passed by. Then it was back on with the spankings. Sadly, all good things must end.

Some hikers heard this spanking in the woods

So what should I do to follow this up next year for Exclusive Education 9?  Back to the classroom?  Maybe a schoolgirl slumber party that leads to mischief and discipline? More cheerleaders?  All cheerleaders?  Do I start recruiting new models some time soon?  I can think of lots of strong candidates. Should be fun to cast! I am open to suggestions (and often get some – and already have for EE9).


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  • Funbun

    I would love to see girls experimenting with spanking in a girls only school – dorm environment. Girls are educated in a strict way and end up over their female teachers laps frequently. Mostly for firm hand spankings on their bare bottoms, but the brush and ruler are applied too. In this scenario we could see 4 spankings for example (all in class, given by the teachers).

    Some girls are less naughty than others and have no experience (yet) with being taken across the knee.
    Four of these ‘novices’ want to know what it is to be spanked and start to experiment in their dorm.
    They start with pajama pants up; hesitantly but encouraged by the other novices. At the bedside. Than the pants come down and on a straight backed chair the spankings go on. Positions are changed and all four novices get both a pajama and a bare bottom hand spanking.

    Whilst in the process the ‘experienced’ girls walk in and see what is happening. First they watch the bare bottom spankings that are going on, but soon they decide that the novices need a better treatment. One by one they are taken across the lap of an experienced girl and soundly spanked on the bare bottom with hand brush and ruler!
    The novices have to proof they learned something and ordered to give the experienced girls a good sound spanking on the bare as well. Seated on very red buttocks they spank away! Using hand brush and ruler.

    If this scenario appeals to you, I am perfectly willing to write a detailed scenario. In that case please contact me at:

    Success with the preparations!

    Erik aka Funbun

  • Tim

    Cameraman a nice series ,yes a dormy theme would be good ,with perhaps the girls in their jammies too ,you do the themes so well with the lovely girls on your great sites ,best,Tim.

  • admin

    I am giving strong consideration to the “dorm” theme.

  • Dave

    EE9. Cheerleaders. GO TEAM! Who then have a slumber party, in their pj’s. So you can use two hot themes. 🙂

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