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EE10: Too Soon?

by on Aug.19, 2014, under Spanking

EE9 is just getting rolling on Girl Spanks Girl. And the cheerleader theme has been wildly popular based on feedback I have been receiving.

But EE10, which won’t happen till a year from now, looms large as the whole number “10” has a powerful association attached to it. So how do I pull out all the stops?

Cheerleaders worthy of another EE episode?

Cheerleaders worthy of another EE episode?

Re-visit cheerleaders?  Naw, probably need something new.  Slumber party – with a combo of classic nighties, sexy nighties and drop-seat PJs?  Perhaps a strong candidate.

I could go back to the classroom for another schoolgirl classic.  Or even try something a little crazy like a stripper convention or a female prisoner epic.  “Red is the New Black & Blue” anyone?  Has a nice ring to it.

The models tend to fall in line as I get closer to the shoot.  Some of the models I considered for EE9 before running out of space included some sensational options that hopefully will still be around when casting.  And also some who weren’t available for various reasons.

Missy Rhodes. Maddy Marks. Veronica Ricci. Alesha Fox. Minnie Scarlet. Paris Kennedy. Emily Parker. Ivy Sherwood. Christie Stevens. Ashley Rose. Plus a few ladies I haven’t worked with but been wanting to.  Lots of fantastic possibilities.

Yeah, it is too soon to plan it out. But that won’t stop me from taking suggestions.


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  • Tim

    Cameraman EE9 is going well with plenty of blushing cute botties otks being spanked by Miss Snow and little miss Christy we are promised .best from ,Tim.

  • Mike

    have you ever done a shoot to where all school girl or cheerleader getting spanked same time meaning u might need get 8 differnt female top to spanked 8 cheerleader/schoolgirl

    i know there some where 2 of them spanked same time by one top double spanking where each top had girl over lap while other were watching

  • admin

    We have had two spanking two many, many times. We have had one spanking a line of bottoms a few times. And many spanking one a few times. But never 8 spanking 8. The cost of hiring 16 models for one shoot would be something to consider. But 4 spanking 4, or even 5 on 5, now that is something worth considering.

  • Tim

    It certainly is ,best,Tim.

  • Dave

    maybe ee10 takes place on another planet and the spankees are space travellers spanked by alien beings…

  • Dave

    or astronauts or something. 🙂

  • Tim

    Girls spanking each other in their space outfits then take them down ,best,Tim.

  • admin

    Wow, just like Friday 13th – Part 10 took place in outer space. Interesting idea.

  • Mike

    i agree with all cost to hire 8 models or 16 model for shoot was just using 8 as example your choicde 4-5 model be ok school girls could be the teachers doing spanking to the girls one could be principal

    but also could be differnt teacher for differnt class spanking their own student for same crime the student committed together like one teacher spanked her own student then another and so on and so on

  • Dave

    I can see it now:
    EE10: Spanked in Space: The Next Frontier

    Boldly going where no spankos have gone before….

    “Because in space, no one can hear your ass get tanned.”

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