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Subconscious Spanking Revelation

by on Oct.09, 2014, under Spanking

I tried hypno-therapy yesterday just to see what it would be like.  I worked on 3 issues, none of them related to spanking. But my excellent hypno-threapist worked on me to resolve issues using my subconscious mind.  I was skeptical, but one issue was resolved by my subconscious mind, one got some temporary relief and the third never had a chance.

But that night, my subconscious mind shared a revelation with me that relates to spanking. I have often debated with others about what makes someone interested in spanking. Most people I know are convinced that it is something that happened to us when we were growing up.  Someone who, say gets spanked by his mother then becomes a spanko as an adult.

 Well, I have never really bought into this theory because I have met so many people who were NEVER spanked growing up yet are full fledged spankos (one reason Christy Cutie has never appeared on Spanked Sweeties for example).

Also I  have met millions (well maybe not millions, but definitely tons) of people who WERE spanked growing up, but are not into spanking at all (or HATE it).

Yet it is so tempting to assume there must be some correlation.  Well, this is what my subconscious mind revealed to me last night. That people who are genetically drawn to spanking as a form of sexual foreplay have their specific interests in spanking shaped by their childhood.

Christy's first scene with us was traditional otk with hand on wooden chair

Christy’s first scene with us was traditional otk with hand on wooden chair

As a child, I had witnessed and participated in a number of birthday spankings, and now that is something that is very stimulating to me. Probably my favorite type of spanking.

Many, many of my fans are most interested in over-the-knee spankings, usually on a wooden chair. Some like hand only. Others crave a specific implement. My subconscious mind told me last night that this is because that is the type of spanking he/she was exposed to in the developmental years.

Maybe this isn’t some world changing revelation.

But if you think about it, it makes sense. And gives me optimism about doing another hypno-therapy session.


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  • mike

    i never heard of this type therapy but i do feel subconscious you mention could be habit it lot of people too mostly if their days and mind is fill or full when fantasty about spanking.

    some people who may have problem or feel like in reality might have hard time confessing their spankings thought might need or go thru you went to into subconscious state might reveal more and lot on the subject with out reazlie then again i have no idea what all this mean i might try it out

    i often wonder how often a person seek help or tell therpaist about spankings need or desire make me wonder how the therpaist would feel or react if client told them all the kinky fetish stuff they intrested in

  • admin

    Mike, I would imagine that most therapists are open minded and would accept that spanking, or any fetish, is acceptable. Unfortunately, some therapists and many people judge those who have fetishes and define those individuals as “weirdos” or “freaks” and can’t take us seriously. If you ever do seek therapy for anything, choose carefully and be skeptical.

  • Tim

    Cameraman young Christy could appear on never been spanked on Spanked Sweeties as many girls have ,best,Tim.

  • admin

    Yes, Tim, I do plan to get Christy Cutie on Sweeties some time, but she won’t be getting spanked for the first time or talking about childhood spankings. But like some that have appeared on the site, she will talk about her love for spanking and when she got into it as an adult. It will happen – but probably not until next year as I have quite a few new models lined up for this site.

  • Tim

    Excellent ,you have very pretty girls on your great sites ,all the very best from ,Tim.

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