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To Switch or Not

by on Nov.03, 2014, under Spanking

There are basically three ways to lay out a scene when it comes to who spanks who. One, and the most common on the sites, is to have the models switch. That means they spank each other in a scene.

Melissa Jacobs spanks Alyssa Reece

Melissa Jacobs spanks Alyssa Reece

A good example of this is up now on Spanking Sorority Girls in a scene where Melissa Jacobs first spanks Alyssa Reece, who then spanks her right back. Sometimes the reason for the model to switch the scene and spank the other is great, makes perfect sense and makes for a fantastic scene.

Alyssa gets her chance for payback

Alyssa gets her chance for payback

Sometimes, admittedly, it is a bit of a reach. But I have found most fans like to see both models get spanked. And when I have two models with great butts in a scene, and one doesn’t get spanked, I usually hear about it. What I mostly do for those who don’t enjoy watching switching is split up the full files so that one is with one model topping, and the other file is with the other model topping. So you can watch one, then ignore the switch. Not always the perfect solution, but not a bad option in my opinion.

The reason I do that is because, yes, I also have received complaints when models do switch. I was surprised the first time I received one, but it makes sense on a certain level, especially when the switch scenes are a not too plausible. And also, there is something fascinating about seeing one woman totally dominate another. Which leads us to the second type of spanking – Model A spanks model B. No switching.

Fiona teaches her naughty daughter a lesson

Fiona teaches her naughty daughter a lesson

Just about every Spanked Sweeties scene is this format. Ditto for many of the discipline section scenes on Girl Spanks Girl. The scene up now with Fiona playing Elektra’s mom, and spanking her for dressing slutty on Halloween is one such example.

Sometimes this decision is based on the story – most daughters don’t typically get to spank their moms – but also sometimes it is because one model refuses to spank anyone (happens more than you can imagine) or worse, she is terrible at spanking. Also, there are a few models who only top and won’t get spanked, at least not on camera. I tend not to work with those models who don’t switch, but have on occasion.

Back and forth spanking with Koko and Ludella

Back and forth spanking with Koko and Ludella

The final format is when two models spank each other back and forth. Impossible to split up, it can only be embraced by true switch lovers. This is more of a battle, and typically has a high energy to the scene, such as the one now running on My Spanking Roommate with Ludella Hahn and Koko Kitten. They wrestle and spank each other until one gives up.

Hold still will ya?

Hold still will ya?

Personally, I think there is room for all three styles. Do you guys agree?  Or is there only one format that works for you?

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  • Ms Ash

    Great topic!

    I personally prefer one woman dominating another (or several 😉 )…”Mommy”/daughter is my favourite so I tend not to enjoy or get into switch scenes as much.

    But there’s definitely room for all scenarios! Thank goodness for variety of tastes 🙂

  • Tim the tum

    Well, I like all three formats, but I do have a weakness for films where the tables are turned and there is a (fairly) genuine reason for the original spanker to be punished.

    I agree that Mommy/daughter switch scenes are awkward though.

    All the best


  • admin

    I agree with you both – can’t go wrong, enough to go around for all tastes. Good scenes are good scenes and can usually stand on their own, despite some variations.

  • Tim

    Ilove it when thegirls spank other as sisters or friends or friendly rivals which is portrayed on your grand sites ,best,Tim,

  • mike

    i love when model switches and the model each spank each back like sweet renvege can you post name of model who love switch doesn mind spankings someone

    iwill admit get the one who only top and dont want spank someone or do that some time shock when there are female model or female top who get spanked themself

  • admin

    Mike, nearly every model I have ever used likes to switch. Not all of course. And most of those who have switched are good at both (but usually a little better at one over the other). Then there are those who are perfect at both. Hmmm, those are, of course, the top models.

  • mike

    nothing wrong with model or few models walking around with red well spanked butt around set or when go home i understand some or not all model swtich or enjoy it i still say some who feel cant spank or spank hard enough need more practice but if dont wantbe spanker that ok just not their thing dont know if personality suppose help decide who spanker or spankee

  • admin

    Yes, Mike, personality comes into play. Very hardcore subs typically will not spank someone else. Some of them learn to overcome this for professional reasons, such as shoots or work at dungeons. Others will NEVER spank someone else.

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