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Brit Ban Means What?

by on Dec.05, 2014, under Spanking

I have been hearing slightly conflicting info on the ban England put on spanking producers this past Monday. Here is one video discussing the ban a bit.

It appears that adult producers in England will not be able to include spanking in their scenes (among other restrictions). It seems the “wise” decision makers over there view spanking (as well as face sitting and female ejaculation – but not male ejaculation which is still okay) as life threatening situations that should not be filmed by Brits.

Hope our friend Pandora Blake can still produce in her home country

Hope our friend Pandora Blake can still produce in her home country

Seriously?  Exactly how hard are those Brits spanking over there?  “I’m gonna spank you to death, lassie!”

I’m not sure how the government plans to enforce that decision and how much English tax money they will allocate to “protecting” Brits from watching spanking scenes produced by their countrymen, but if you ask me, even one pound is one too many.

Leia-Ann woods was in pain, but not danger from this spanking by an American

Leia-Ann woods was in pain, but not in danger from this spanking by an American

Maybe all the English spanking producers will flood to the USA to get their spank on?  Maybe they will find ways to continue producing. Or maybe someone will point out how ridiculous this ban is and it will get lifted quickly so they can put time and resources into more useful concerns – like how can they crank out another season of “Doc Martin” and perhaps somehow work a spanking scene in.


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  • Tim

    Cameraman we in UK have a stupid coalition ,some of the companies are moving to U.SA. and elsewhere ,there is a petition been formed fighting but politicians are mostly blankety blank chumps ,best to you from ,Tim.

  • admin

    Thanks for checking in, Tim. I agree that ruling is beyond stupid and irrational.

  • Tim

    They are protesting against this in London today ,Great to have beautiful Gigi with lovely Alexis again spanking together in their natural real loveliness ,very hot girls ,best from ,Tim.

  • Tim

    Pandora was on television being interviewed its online ,best,Tim.

  • admin

    Glad to hear you guys like Bettie and Mia. You will be seeing a lot more of them. Do you have a link to Padonra’s interview, Tim?

  • Tim

    Cameraman I think it is on morning star .com and on her website and other mentions online ill check and get back to you,best Tim.Channel 4 .com.

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