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No Cuts or Plenty of Outtakes?

by on Jan.20, 2015, under Spanking

Ideally, I would shoot a long scene with no reason to stop until the scene is completed.  Usually means a nice flow, and WAY easier to edit (just sync the cameras and go through the best angles from each one).  Every time we need to stop for some reason, it means re-synching the shots for the editing processs, etc.

No stopping on EE9 shoot means another scene for another site

No stopping on EE9 shoot means another scene for another site

In EE9, from Girl Spanks Girl, it was one continuous take, with no stopping, which is pretty amazing considering how many models were involved and how long the scene was.  Also had 4 cameras, two operators and a very complicated scene.  But without stopping, that means no outtakes or bloopers.

Well, if you follow the sites, you’ll see PLENTY of outtakes and bloopers.  The number one cause is when a fairly new model is not sure how to continue a scene and just needs to stop and get more direction. Sometimes a model gets a case of the giggles and we must stop for that.

On some occasions, with multiple models, someone  will show up while we’re shooting a scene.  A knock on the door.  Cut.

Hard for Veronica to concentrate when doing a scene with sexy Gigi Allens

Hard for Veronica to concentrate when doing a scene with sexy Gigi Allens

The current scene on Spanking Veronica Works (which is quite spectacular btw with the amazing Veronica Ricci and stunning Gigi Allens) has a pretty nice outtake caused when the spanking didn’t go quite as long as planned – so the models continued with some great dialogue and a few extras swats while bent over, but we cut and reset to over-the-knee.

Not an outtake - that's a real spanking right there. Ouch!

Not an outtake – that’s a real spanking right there. Ouch!

  So that extra part of the scene now appears on the outtakes. You get the idea.  Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes you get an extra part of a scene.

Outtakes/bloopers fun to watch vs. No stopping which makes my job easier. A little of both.

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  • mike

    so i take sometime the spanking being done is not real or as hard as suppose to be while filming the scene

    i would take veroncia doesnt mind if she getting real spanking or some model dont mind it either

  • Tim

    Very interesting yes the girls play and you film it all so well all coming together so well indeed best ,Tim.

  • Tim

    Two very cute girls Veronica and Gigi play spanks together ,very nice indeed ,Star spanks as well ,best Tim.

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