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A Wheely Good Spanking

by on Feb.15, 2016, under spanked call girls, Spanking

Believe it or not, I’ve had a few requests for wheel chair spankings over the years. I have one up now on Spanked Callgirls that stars Christy Cutie and Natalie Rose.

Christy took a little convince to shoot this not so PC scene

Christy took a little convince to shoot this not so PC scene

Christy is a sweet, kind young lady and she was a little reluctant to shoot a scene involving a model in a wheel chair. It took a little prodding but I convinced her that our members have a good sense of humor and we weren’t being malicious, just having some spanking fun centered around a wheel chair.

Natalie Rose gives Christy's character a sound spanking for discrimination

Natalie Rose gives Christy’s character a sound spanking for discrimination

In the scene Christy’s character is reluctant to hire Natalie as a call girl because of her disability. Natalie complains that it is discrimination and she gives Christy a spanking right over the wheel chair, to teach her a lesson and also to demonstrate how physically capable she is.

But Christy gives an even harder one because Natalie was "faking it"

But Christy gives an even harder one because Natalie was “faking it”

But when Chirsty later learns that Natalie was faking this disability to get the job, she spanks Natalie in perhaps an even more deserved spanking. Christy eventually embraced the spirit of the scene (not exactly PC but hopefully not offensive either). A bit risky, but the spanking is hard, fast and furious with lots of energy and hope you guys appreciate it (along with its slight whackiness).

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  • Mike

    Christy cutie seem like very hard spanker if ask me from pics i seen iam disablity myself i see no probem with it either wheelchair spanking or no done bother me iam not in wheel chair myself but i say nothing wrong

    i alway wonder if female be comfortable spanking a person who has disablity like hearing lost like myself or etc i wouldnt mind seeing something like that

  • admin

    Christy can definitely spank hard, Mike! Also I don’t know this for fact, but my best guess is that if both parties consented to a spanking, most models would be okay spanking someone with a disability (again if it was consensual and safe).

  • Mike

    that what i thought about Christy spank hard wish was more pic of her spanking mens then few of her spanking female i heard she switch now and does session to maybe i should contact her for one

    i feel model or any female wouldnt mind spanking people like me with disabilty as long it consents allow both side might thing if you been bad you need spanked same as anybody else

  • Tim

    Cameraman a good one and a bit different ,young Christy had big spanks from the girl she thought was disabled as in a wheel chair ,best Tim .

  • Tim

    Lovely young girls Veronica and Kay are feeling sheepish and spanking capers great video Camreaman ,best , Tim .

  • Tim

    Pretty little Jenna is having big spanked from Clare as her Mummy ,best from Tim .

  • Tim

    Cameraman ,understand about the updates March 3rd will be here soon ,best from Tim .

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