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by on Jun.12, 2017, under spanked call girls

Since mother/daughter spankings seem to be so popular, I’ve been dropping one in from time to time on the Spanked Call Girls site.  Originally, Clare Fonda had the idea for a Call Girl spanking site to take advantage of shooting in hotels as well as perhaps offering some more edgy material.

When “mom” Lorelei Mission catches her daughters plotting to become call girls, she uses spanking as a tool to stop them.

But there is always room for a little mother/daughter spanking and there’s a great one up now on the site. It stars Lorelei Mission (making her debut on this site along with the other 2 models in the scene) overhearing her daughters (played beautifully by Cora Ora in her first ever spanking scene and Chrissy Marie) talking about becoming call girls.

Cora Ora makes her debut getting spanked by “mom” Lorelei Mission for wanting to become a call girl. Her sister laughs at her — until it’s her turn

She decides that they aren’t too old for a spanking and she puts each girl over her knee for a sound one to convince them the errors of their plan. Since it was Chrissy’s idea, she also gets the hairbrush. Also, I have heard from many members that it is fun to have someone laughing at the spankee – since it adds to the humiliation factor. And gives the spanker more motivation to punish the one who is laughing – when it’s her turn over the knee. So Chrissy laughs at her sister, and then gets an extra hard spanking when it’s her turn.

Chrissy Marie is an upcoming spanking star, here getting the hairbrush from her “mom”

Chrissy is excellent in this scene and I expect to see a lot more of her in upcoming spanking scenes, not just on our sites, but many other spanking sites as well. She is great verbally, is very cute, and can take a sound spanking.

Julie Simone is a “mom” who believes in spanking naughty daughters – especially when they try to become call girls.

Last year another “mom” popped up on the site, with Julie Simone playing the mom. It seemed to go over very well, so this will be an occasional occurrence as moms do their best to punish their daughters who get naughty intentions.

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  • Mike

    To me person or model laughing while one model spankee getting spanked or spanking make more intresting as you mention but also when they laughing mean they dont know they soon be getting spanking as well then seeing how one laugh react when she find out she getting spankings as well make more intrested as well

    i am sure one who got spanked is just as happy other one getting spanking too but too sore to laugh at them maybe also has one who got spanked being able take one who laugh over there knee so one who laugh get double spankings

  • admin

    Yup, Mike – Cora was too sore (and afraid) to laugh when Chrissy got spanked.

  • Mike

    What i want know what wrong with job with Call Girls dont know why getting spanked it job making money supoorting themself

    i think be funny if mom end up being spanked by daughter when she find out wasnt type of cALL GIRL she thought

    have you ever done a shoot where the mom end up going over daugther lap for spanking when mom find out she was wrong daugther tell mom she desver spanking only fair

  • Tim

    Beautiful new spankee girls have been arriving recently on your great sites to be spanked ,best from Tim .

  • admin

    Yes, Mike there is a scene running now on Girl Spanks Girl that has that idea of Mom getting spanked for wrongly spanking her daughter – with Uma Jolie and Miss Cassie as the mom.

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