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by on Jan.09, 2020, under Spanking, Top Spanking Sites

A number of years ago, a member wrote to complain about how ladies would switch in scenes. He wanted to only see one dominant lady punishing another.  I explained that we have a number of scenes where only one person tops the other, but some members enjoy watching the models spank each other, which he didn’t really believe.

Alice Good gets gang spanked in the newest release EE14 on Girl Spanks Girl

And also, I told him, there are full scenes during the switching process that are split by say Full1 = Clare spanking Bella and  Full2 =Bella spanking Clare. So he could watch just one and not witness the switch, but he said that still won’t work for him. Just knowing that there would be a switch taking place was a turn-off.

Here Alice Goods gets to spank Ashley Lane with a hairbrush also in EE14

Recently someone wrote to express disappointment that Volleyball Coach Snow Mercy would not be getting spanked by students in EE14, which came out on Girl Spanks Girl January 1 this year. He can only watch scenes in which switching takes place. Technically there is switching in EE14 as Alice Goods gets spanked by the other ladies and then she spanks them each with a hairbrush under the guidance of Snow.

Pro Switch Kaylee gets paddled by (Top only) Pro Domme Mistress Gloria on New Years

It is an interesting dynamic to note, though as over the years I have had a lot of feedback from fans of spanking that are firm on one side or the other – they can only watch scenes with a dominant top (such as another recent scene on Girl Spanks Girl in which pro domme Mistress Gloria spanks Kaylee), or they can only watch scenes in which the ladies spank each other.

I fall in the “I can watch and enjoy either” camp, which I suspect the majority of spankos do. But we are dedicated to offering both options and they are equally terrific to film and to offer!


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  • Ash

    It’s no big secret that I love mommy/(grown) daughter scenarios most of all, which don’t really lend themselves to plausible switching. So it isn’t so much my thing.

    With that said, there are plenty of options out there, and I certainly don’t complain about switchier scenes if other people prefer them! Chacun a son gout 🙂

    Keep up the great work, there will always be people who prefer one or the other, or both.

  • admin

    Thanks, Ash. Member complaints never upset me, though, I just look at it as aggressive feedback. And feedback is very helpful in shaping future content.

  • Ash

    I had no idea “aggressive feedback” was a thing! Good to know.


    (I’m Canadian. That’s about as aggressive as we get.)

  • Tim

    Well I enjoy it too , girls spank each other.

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