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SNOW MERCY: Goddess of November

by on Nov.06, 2015, under Spanking

Snow Mercy has appeared often on the sites the past 8 years or so. But she has never dominated (see what I did there?) the sites quite as universally as she has this month. She is such a great top for scenes, and willing to still take a spanking from time to time for the right scene. Which makes her a great match for most projects.

Snow spanks her sister Alexxxis

Snow spanks her sister Alexxxis

On Girl Spanks Girl, the scene in which Alexxxis Allure plays her sister is just finishing up, and was discussed in detail on the previous blog.

Bella gets punished severely by the Top Domme

Bella gets punished severely by the Top Domme

Brand spanking new to the same site you will find Snow giving Mistress Bella Bathory one of the hardest, if not THE hardest, bum punishments in any G/G spanking scene. Snow forcefully teaches the beautiful Bella who is the Top Domme. Bella is also a great top who I hope to use a lot more on the sites. In fact she might just be the top in the upcoming EE10 shoot.

Snow and Bella team up. Doesn't seem fair.

Snow and Bella team up. Doesn’t seem fair.

Mistress Bella also appears with Snow in a scene for Clare Spanks Men in which she plays a wife who hires dominatrix Snow to teach her how to punish her husband, who forgot their 10 year anniversary. These two have great chemistry.

Madison Martin and Snow - great buns for spanking

Madison Martin and Snow – great buns for spanking

In the current My Spanking Roommate scene, Snow is Madison’s roommie who practices piano late at night. She gets spanked by Madison Martin for this offense, but then dishes it right back. A great switch scene.

Snow and Maddy Marks take a painful paddle

Snow and Maddy Marks take a painful paddle

There is another switch scene, involving a small but painful wooden paddle, on Spanked Call Girls. Maddy Marks is the victim to Madam Snow here, but also gets her revenge.

Jenna Satvia and Snow coming soon to Sorority site

Jenna Satvia and Snow coming soon to Sorority site

Coming soon to Spanking Sorority Girls, Snow works with the stunning Jenna Sativa.

Snow, Nikki and Veronica in a highly energized spanking exchange

Snow, Nikki and Veronica in a highly energized spanking exchange

And a classic that appeared earlier this year on Spanking Veronica Works has Snow and her good friend Nikki Rogue fighting over the French Maid Veronica – with all three spanking each other in a long, painful, highly energetic scene.

So enjoy November, the month of Thanksgiving. Thanks to Snow for her awesome contributions to the sites!!

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My First Spanking Interview: With Snow Mercy

by on Jun.19, 2012, under Spanking Interviews

Hey so this is my first ever interview on this blog and it’s a great one with Snow Mercy.  I know it’s long, but Snow is so fascinating I hope you can find the time to give it a read.  And let me know if you want more like this.

CAMERAMAN:  Snow, I remember what a strong impression you made the first time we met, which was at a Shadow Lane convention a few years ago.  Clare Fonda and I shot you for a Spanked Sweeties and I was impressed with your beauty, intelligence and how forthright you were in your interview. 

SNOW:  Thank you!! :blush:

1.  CAMERAMAN: Do you remember your thoughts leading up to shooting with Clare and any thoughts on that first shoot?

SNOW: I was worried with thoughts like “I hope they like me,” “I hope I’m not too tall,” and “I hope they aren’t assholes.”   Both you and Clare were very nice and professional, and I was impressed with how efficient shooting went along.  Cameraman, you delivered quite the hard spanking!  I wasn’t expecting that level of impact….ouch!


2.  CAMERAMAN:  Ha, Snow.  I don’t often get to be the one doing the spanking as I am usually behind the camera.  But while you are tall, I am taller so it made sense for me to play  your dad.  I must say I enjoyed that moment and remember it fondly.   Maybe I will get another opportunity some day…. oh, I am digressing.  So anyway, during your Sweeties interview, you discussed many spankings you received growing up.  Do you believe that being spanked growing up has any correlation to being a spanko later in life? 

SNOW: I sometimes wonder if I equate spanking with affection.  My parents weren’t affectionate, so normally they’d only touch me when spanking me.  I’m sure I’m a spanko at least a little because of them.

3.  You are a very caring and sweet person, so I am glad to report that your parents lack of affection did not seem to have a lasting impact on your life.   Was it at all strange to re-enact childhood spankings – and did they bring back any memories?

SNOW: It was different, but not strange.  Clare doesn’t resemble my mom—my mom isn’t hot like Clare.  Had an actress portray my mom AND look like my mom, then that may have been a bit freaky.


4.  CAMERAMAN: You haven’t been to the Shadow Lane convention since then because it conflicts with Burning Man.  Please share you love for Burning Man and maybe let readers know what it is if you can describe it.

SNOW: I’ve been attending Burning Man since 2003.  BM is an annual festival in the desert that draws about 50,000 for a week.  It’s unique in that no money is exchanged and the community only exists for a week.  It’s a highly complicated system that requires cooperation and radical self-reliance with that many people coexisting in the desert with zero commerce.  People spend the week expressing themselves through art, music, dance, costumes, performance art, whatever.  It culminates with the burning of a gigantic man effigy, hence the name Burning Man.  It was my introduction to “alternative culture” and the concept of “let your freak flag wave.”  It was incredibly liberating to meet like-minded people.

5.  CAMERAMAN: Shooting Spanking scenes typically involves lots of improv.  Do you have any thoughts you can share on your improv process, how your prepare for doing spanking shoots, and any anecdotes about some of the crazier characters you were asked to create for spanking scenes?

SNOW: Improv comes naturally to me.  I pretend I’m a little kid playing and imagine all the possibilities the scene can hold.  I try to throw in unexpected ideas…like the time I wore bunny slippers for a scene, to make light of things.  I think one of my crazier characters got very sloppy drunk.  I tried to pretend I was a freshman sorority girl to tap into that character.



6.  CAMERAMAN:  I loved it when you introduced bunny slippers with your very atypical character for My Spanking Roommate.  That character really taps into your comedic gifts which can  be very different than some of your stern characters, such as moms and teacher roles.  Speaking of teacher’s role, you have been featured as the teacher for the Exclusive Education series on Girl Spanks Girl twice now (EE3 and EE6 – and soon to include EE7).  What are your thoughts about playing that character and spanking up to ten schoolgirls all day long? 

SNOW: I’m a teacher in real life so I know exactly how to interact with students.  Art imitating life—this is what happens when we shoot where I am the teacher.  So I take on that role naturally.  However, I never spank my real life students so this is where acting has to take over.  I look forward to the variety of personalities, bottoms, and challenges 10 schoolgirls offer.    It should be good fun!

7.  CAMERAMAN:  You will be shooting as the teacher again this year for Exclusive Education 7.  Do you do anything physically to prepare for that much continuous spanking? 

SNOW: I keep my spanking arm strong by working out 3-5 times a week.  I also do a lot of spanking at the dungeon to keep my arm muscles fit.  I notice if I fail to work out nor do sessions at the dungeon, I can’t keep up with spanking.

8. CAMERAMAN:  Is it a challenge physically and/or mentally? 

SNOW: No, it all seems like play.



9.  CAMERAMAN:  Are there any ladies you spanked for that series that stand out – or do the butts just begin to run together? 

SNOW: I loved spanking Sophia Locke (EE6).  That was a treat.  I guess I’m biased, though, because she’s my friend.  I was nervous about spanking Mandee Miller (EE6)….I didn’t want Lana to kick my ass if I did it wrong. 


SNOW CONTINUED: Julie Night (EE6) was so stoic, so quiet, her tan line so reminiscent of easier days when we didn’t worry about skin cancer and global warming….I wanted to take her home and keep her as a pet. Ashli Orion (EE3) is so funny that it’s hard to keep a straight face around her.  She’s a riot!


10.  CAMERAMAN:  You are a pro domme at the Dominion.  Has a female ever come in for a session? 

SNOW: I’ve never had a single female come in, but I’ve had a few male-female couples.

11. CAMERAMAN:  How many times have you heard the word “mercy” (and I don’t mean someone using your name) in your line of work? 

SNOW: I don’t hear it often.  I try to gauge things so the safe word doesn’t get used.

12. CAMERAMAN:  When you do hear “mercy” does that mean you are doing a good job or getting a little carried away?

SNOW: I usually hear “mercy” when the person wasn’t truthful about their tolerance or there was miscommunication.  I hear “mercy” more from people I’m just getting to know. I don’t push people so far that they use their safe word…I prefer to keep it at the edge.

13.  CAMERAMAN:  You have worked with Clare Fonda more than most.  Can you share any thoughts on what it was like working with her?

SNOW:  I love working with Clare.  She’s so down-to-earth, friendly, funny, beautiful, kind…it’s hardly working.  We’re also friends in real life so working with her is like hanging out.


14.  CAMERAMAN You are taking over for Clare as the main madam on Spanked Call Girls.  What do you think of this role?  Fun?  Crazy?  What do you tap into to create this character?

SNOW: Taking over Clare’s main madam role is a huge honor that I don’t take lightly.  I’m sure her fans will miss her and I won’t attempt to be another Clare Fonda…there’s only one!  Instead I will bring to the table my own interpretation of the madam role.  As a madam I will be composed, strict, and even tempered.  For some reason the old TV show “Facts of Life” comes to mind where I take on the role of Mrs. Garrett (nurturing caretaker) mixed in with Betty Paige and Silvano Mangano elements.


15.  CAMERAMAN:  Finally, I have listened to your music and have seen you perform live.  I am a fan.  But I enjoy your live performances more because you are so interactive with the audience, even moving throughout the crowd and working the audience into your performance.  Can you comment on your performances, who you perform with the most and how and where fans can see you perform live?

SNOW:  I’ve been doing live performance since I was a kid, and I love being on stage.  I don’t get stage fright.  Instead, it energizes me.  I see how the audience responds and I react to them, and they do the same back.  It’s rather fun!

In the past I’ve done mostly skits, BDSM performances, runway modeling.  I just started getting into performing live music as a vocalist.  “I make noise,” is how I describe what I do.

I’ve been performing a lot lately with legendary music producer Kim Fowley.  He has an impressive list of music accomplishments, and he is beyond gifted.  We have a backing band at our performances, a loose structure, and the rest is improv.  We sing about the venue, the city we are in, the audience members, whatever comes to mind.  It’s very low-brow and silly, and we sing about sex, violence, offensive topics.  We just returned from a two-week European tour in April 2012 which was a success.  We have been be seen in Los Angeles at various venues, and we have been invited to tour Europe again this November.  They seemed to have loved us in Europe I would say most of my music fans are in France and Germany. 


You can check my Facebook page or my site at for my performance schedule.  Also you can hear my music as a solo artist at, and with Kim at  Please support my cross-over music of fetish with rock!

CAMERAMAN:  Thank you, Snow, for an outstanding interview.  As always, you are very honest and willing to discuss all aspects of the scene!

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Clare Passes Baton to Snow Mercy

by on Jun.05, 2012, under spanked call girls


Clare Fonda’s last spanking scene is now up on Spanked Call Girls.  In this scene, she tutors Snow in the ways of spanking (well her character that is, of course Snow is already an expert spanker).

dsc_0961.JPGClare demonstrates by spanking Kay Richards (aka Kymberly Jane) and then she has Snow use the hairbrush on Kay.  Kay can take a super hard spanking, but her limits were definitely tested in this scene.  She was practically crying and she got even more speckled then she usually does.  She later confessed that she wanted to cut but her desire to be a trooper won out and she took more than she really planned to.

dsc_0953.JPGThe scene ends, appropriately, with Clare spanking Snow.  The plan now is for Snow (and Lana) to be the madams on this site and often administer discipline to the wayward call girls.  And Clare’s character has “gone off to Europe” so who knows, maybe there will be the occasional cameo call to Clare for advise.  One can only hope Madam Clare will have some long distance minutes available on her cell!


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Snow Mercy Sings

by on May.31, 2012, under spanking in the news


If you know who Snow Mercy is, and most of you reading this probably do, then you will know she is amazing at spanking and getting spanked.

She has appeared in most of our sites (soon to be all) and she will be taking an increased role in the upcoming months.  I will blog more about Snow the spanker tomorrow.

But what you probably don’t know is that Snow is also an accomplished singer.  She recently performed in Europe and she performs regularly in Los Angeles.  Check out her latest music video.  You can check her facebook page if you want to catch one of her performances.

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Valentine’s Day Spanking in Snow’s Dungeon

by on Feb.14, 2017, under Spanking

The always stunning Snow Mercy decorated her dungeon for Valentine’s Day and we used it for an amazing Valentine scene on Girl Spanks Girl that pops in time for the lovely holiday.

New spanking model Amelie eats Snow's chocolates before giving them to her.  Oh-oh!

New spanking model Amelie eats Snow’s chocolates before giving them to her. Oh-oh!

And it is the spanking debut for the amazing new model Amelie, a super cutie who sports a spectacularly round bottom. We used Snow’s actual box of chocolates that Amelie’s character opens and starts eating before giving to her friend Snow.

Amelie is surprised to see that her friend Snow has her own dungeon

Amelie is surprised to see that her friend Snow has her own dungeon

So Snow introduces Amelie to her dungeon and demonstrates what happens to naughty girls who are in her circle of friends.  That is of course plenty of spanking and paddling, including many whacks with a leather paddle that features hearts.

Amelie learns what a spanking horse is. Giddy yup!

Amelie learns what a spanking horse is. Giddy yup!

The two lovely ladies got along great for the shoot, had outstanding chemistry, really enjoyed working with each other and did some hard spanking, too. This scene also features Amelie’s first attempt at spanking. It is playful, but still pretty hard.

Snow discovers the hard way that Amelie is a fast learner when it comes to topping

Snow discovers the hard way that Amelie is a fast learner when it comes to topping

A great scene for Valentine’s Day!!

Amelie gets some cage time for being naughty

Amelie gets some cage time for being naughty

Hope you all find your special person that might even get in a cage for you if that floats your boat!

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Madison Meets Snow (first time)

by on Jun.16, 2015, under spanking soap opera

Here it is – the first time Madison Martin and Snow Mercy worked together.  It was on Exclusive Education #4.

Snow Mercy spanked Madison once before this year.

Snow Mercy spanked Madison once before this year.

Neither remembered when they shot recently and were in fact surprised they had never worked together. But the photo is proof.  In EE4, however, Snow spanked Madison.

This time, in the scene now up on My Spanking Roommate, Madison also gets to spank Snow, and that is the for the first time ever.

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Chloe Elise vs. Kailee vs. Snow

by on Sep.16, 2010, under spanked girlfriends

Chloe Elise is back on My Spanking Roommate in a really great scene.  She gets spanked by Kailee.  The shoot was pretty comical actually as Chloe get playing with a tiny stuffed bear she found on the set, having her character taunt Kailee’s character with the little bear. 
Of course that only encouraged Kailee to spank her harder.  Then the scene called for Snow Mercy to arrive (as Chloe’s roommate) and punish Kailee for this disturbance.  First with an over the knee hand spanking, followed by a caning. 
Kailee had a shoot the next day and was worried about marking, but she took a respectable level of caning from Snow for the scene.  All the while being taunted again by Chloe.
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Meet Unusual Sweetie Alice Goods

by on Jul.16, 2017, under Interviews, mother/daughter spanking

Typically when I recruit a new Spanked Sweeties model, I contact someone and ask if she was spanked growing up and if she feels comfortable talking about it on camera. Surprisingly, considering the times, many of these young ladies were and are still disciplined with spanking. Some that weren’t spanked growing up, such as recent Sweetie Chrissy Marie, still have interesting stories to talk about and we then do a role play.

Alice Goods gets a firm spanking from “mom” Snow Mercy.

Current Sweetie Alice Goods ended up on the site in the most unusual way.  First, she contacted me upon a referral from Clare Fonda, who she reached out to about shooting. When a model I was trying to get for a custom shoot couldn’t make it, I contacted Alice, who agreed to do her first ever spanking shoot – with the full blessing of the custom producer (shout-out to Ms Ash).

Alice explains to her friend Elori Stix that in this house you are never too old to get spanked

The custom was a mother/daughter shoot, and as per the custom, Snow Mercy was requested to play the mother. Alice said she got spanked often growing up, but had never been spanked since she was a teen. So we used the custom on Sweeties, and had Elori Stix, who plays her friend in the custom, interview her.  It is a brief interview, but loaded with juicy spanking memories. I’m entertaining the idea of one day shooting Alice again and having Clare talk to her more and play her mom, so we can re-enact Alice actual spankings.

Elori learns first hand just how hard “mom” Snow Mercy can spank a naughty girl

But as it stands, Alice’s Sweeties contribution is significant. It was a very real spanking she received from Snow. Her bottom got red, speckled and was VERY sore afterwards, but she wanted to take it as hard as she was able to – and then some. This tall Australian beauty also agreed to try her best American accent – which was respectable. She was a runway model there and we’re pleased as punch to have this gorgeous lady on our site.

She is game to shoot again, so perhaps I’ll shoot her more for Sweeties, and definitely for the next Exclusive Education!

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Spanking Sorority Girls

by on Apr.22, 2017, under Spanked school girls, spanking sorority girls

There has been some nice feedback on the current scene running on Spanking Sorority Girls and starring Snow Mercy as the teacher, and Amelie as the naughty school girl who gets spanked in her teacher’s office.

Teacher Snow Mercy spanks naughty schoolgirl Amelie right in her office

There tends to be as much favorable feedback on the Sorority site as any of the others, but the membership is the lowest of our 7 sites. My theory for this is that many people join the mulit-site passes, and the 5 site special includes the Sorority site. But there are quite a few members of the 3 and 4 site special, which doesn’t include the Sorority site.

You don’t want to miss the wide variety of spanking implements, including this hard wooden ruler that are used to spank such a variety of beautiful curvy bottoms like this one!

If you are reading this and you are a member of a multi-site pass, you might want to consider instead signing up for the 5 site deal (which is hardly much more).

Mother Julie Simone spanks her daughter Ami Mercury in the kitchen with a wooden spoon

The Sorority site includes a decent amount of mother/daughter punishment, and even the occasional young lady spanking a mother or teacher.

Super cute Misty Lovelace gives her roommate’s mom (Clare Fonda) a spanking in the bedroom in the soon to be released episode 129

There are many schoolgirl spankings. There is the occasional girl/girl action.

Star Nine makes out with current Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Sativa

There are some fun spankings, and some very heavy punishments. And sometimes there are scenes with multiple girls like the Exclusive Education series.

The large (real) wooden sorority paddle is used in a scene with multiple schoolgirls

This site really has it all and presently has 127 scenes available. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

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Top 20 Spanking Scenes of 2017

by on Jan.03, 2017, under Spanking

It’s that time again for my list of the top spanking scenes of the past year. This time I am choosing 20, but will include some M/F spanking scenes (that were too popular to keep off the list of 2016 best scenes).  Counting down toward the best (which was actually difficult to narrow down to 20), we have–

Mom Julie Simone Spanks Elori Stix

Mom Julie Simone Spanks Elori Stix

20.  Episode 112 from Spanking Sorority Girls, Julie Simone plays Elori Stix’s mom, who gives her a nice otk spanking in her bedroom, with hand and hairbrush.

Nun Ginger Sparx punishes naughty schoolgirl Veronica Ricci

Nun Ginger Sparx punishes naughty schoolgirl Veronica Ricci

19.  Also from Spanking Sorority Girls (episode 111, Ginger Sparx does a nice job of playing a nun who disciplines Veronica Ricci, with hand, yardstick and even a large wooden paddle. But Veronica was accused incorrectly and gets a chance at revenge.

John Osborne Spanks Bratty callgirl Sarah Gregory

John Osborne Spanks Bratty callgirl Sarah Gregory

18.  John Osborne and Sarah Gregory have great chemistry on and off camera and in this scene for Spanked Call Girls John gives a very bratty Sarah the spanking she deserves.

Mom (Lana Miller) paddles her daughter (Sunny X)

Mom (Lana Miller) paddles her daughter (Sunny X)

17.  The always strict and powerful Lana Miller played a mom for a few Spanked Sweeties scenes, but this one with Sunny X especially stands out for its realism and dominance.

Bella Bathory and Snow Mercy are great together

Bella Bathory and Snow Mercy are great together

16.  Snow Mercy got marked up nicely by Bella Bethory in this scene of battling madams on Spanked Call Girls.

The incomparable Clare Fonda gives Harley Havik the hair brush

The incomparable Clare Fonda gives Harley Havik the hair brush

15.  Clare Fonda is our most popular sexy mom on Spanked Sweeties, and this hairbrush spanking she gave Harley Havik is one of her best ever!

Alex Reynolds is one of the best Sweeties ever!

Alex Reynolds is one of the best Sweeties ever!

14.  Alex Reynolds gave an excellent Spanked Sweeties interview about her first experience being spanked by a friend, played perfectly by Tai Crimson.

No list would be complete without Gigi Allens

No list would be complete without Gigi Allens

13.  No list would be complete without a scene from the amazing Gigi Allens, who spanked Lily hard with her hand and a painful wooden bath brush for the Spanking Sorority Girls site (episode 104).

Alaina Fox took a hard caning from Mr. Ford

Alaina Fox took a hard caning from Mr. Ford

12. Turns out Alaina Fox can take a very severe punishment, which she proves in Episode 225 of My Spanking Roommate, getting spanked and caned long and hard.

Everyone loves to see lotion rubbed over a red, sore bottom

Everyone loves to see lotion rubbed over a red, sore bottom

11.   In Episode 65 of Spanking Veronica Works, Veronica and Raine give each other very hard spankings and paddlings and even rub in some lotion to soothe the pain.

Lots of girls, lots of spanked butts.

Lots of girls, lots of spanked butts.

10.  Episode 100 of Spanking Sorority Girls includes 5 hotties hiking in the woods and finding reasons to spank each other. Veronica gets it the worse from teach Snow Mercy, and the other girls join in, too.

Christine Carter turns Angela Sommers beautiful bum bright red

Christine Carter turns Angela Sommers beautiful bum bright red

9.  Angela Sommers has made some great spanking scenes, and this one with Christine Carter is near the top – as Christine spanks Angela’s beautiful bottom in Episode 115 of Spanking Sorority Girls.

Nurse Veronica administers a shot where it belongs

Nurse Veronica administers a shot where it belongs

8.  In Episode 67 of Spanking Veronica Works, Veronica plays a very realistic angry nurse who gives Phoenix Askani a shot in the butt, followed up by a painful spanking.  Super high energy scene!

Principal Miller does her thing

Principal Miller does her thing

7.  In Exclusive Education Part 2 on Girl Spanks Girl, Principal Miller dishes out and supervises the spanking of Yasmine de Leon, Channel Hart and Ashley Luvbug.

Super charged outdoor scene on Spanking Veronica Works

Super charged outdoor scene on Spanking Veronica Works

6.  Who does love a 3 hottie spanking spectacular out in the woods that includes a switch – is what you get in Episode 79 of Spanking Veronica Works when Veronica picks up Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark hitchhiking and takes them out to the woods to punish them.  An electric scene!

Mandy Muse makes her spanking debut

Mandy Muse makes her spanking debut

5. One of my personal favorite scenes ever to appear on My Spanking Roommate (episode 232), Madison Martin punishes Jenna Sativa and in her first spanking scene, curvy bottomed Mandy Muse.

Superstar Dani Daniels gives Kay a hard spanking

Superstar Dani Daniels gives Kay a hard spanking

4.  Dani Daniels is one of the superstars of porn and you can see why in Episode 212 of My Spanking Roommate when she plays a pilot who spanks naughty Kay Richards.

Clare Fonda paddles Violet October

Clare Fonda paddles Violet October

3.  Clare Fonda plays stepmom to Violet October in a series on Girl Spanks Girl that is spectacular and includes all sorts of delicious punishment from a spanking legend and a growing Star in Violet!

Linny is pain from the wooden bath brush

Linny is pain from the wooden bath brush

2. This scene on Spanking Veronica Works (episode 84) saw Private Investigator Veronica Ricci draw blood from Linny Lace with a very extreme wooden bath brush spanking. But it’s not the blood that makes the scene so amazing – it was the chemistry that Linny displays as the crying submissive to Veronica’s powerful justice-seeking dominant woman! Must see for serious spankos.

EE10 is a classic!

EE10 is a classic!

1. Hard to top the Girl Spanks Girl Exclusive Education series and the 10th in the series was a great one, with teacher Bella Bathroy punishing naughty students Angela Sommers, Stevie Rose, Maddy Marks, Tori Avano, Elori Stix and Marie.

Hope you all enjoyed many or all of these scenes the past year and I look forward to presenting some new and amazing scenes this year too!!

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