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Hot Buns

by on Oct.18, 2017, under Spanking

On a recent trip, I noticed some quirky items while waiting to have lunch and had to snap a photo of the one that drew my attention the most.

It was an old fashioned stove that had a sign on it that warned people not to sit on it. I have a theory that most spankos would find a hot lady sitting on a hot stove to be at least mildly interesting, as long as the buns got painfully warm, but not damaged. Perhaps warm enough to jump up, rub her bottom and shout out loud, oooohhhooooo.

Emily Parker sits on a working heater while giving Spirit Sanctus a spanking

It made me remember this experiment I did on one of my shoots. A friend of mine long ago donated a heater, informing me that it was a good height to use for otk spankings.

The spanker and spankee are getting warms buns at the same time

I tried it once for a Christmas scene that appears on Girl Spanks Girl with Emily Parker and Spirit Sanctus. In the scene, we turned the heater on and Emily sits on it, puts Spirit over her knee, and gives her a long spanking.

As the scene progressed, Emily’s buns started to get very warm. But the end of the scene, she is rubbing her bottom, too, because it got uncomfortably toasty.

Warm buns. Should we try it again?

This was essentially a one-time test idea.  Since I never got any feedback on it, I never tried it again. But maybe I should revisit it? What do you think?  Is toasty buns a thing worth exploring again?

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Beginning to Look Like Christmas

by on Nov.23, 2015, under Spanking

Thanksgiving isn’t here yet but Christmas is already being prepped everywhere we look. So in that spirit, we are releasing THREE Christmas scenes.

Elf spanks girl while she reads from her naughty list

Elf spanks girl while she reads from her naughty list

The first stars Emily Parker and Spirit Sanctus. Yes she goes by the name “Spirit” so what else could I name her scene on Girl Spanks Girl – you betcha, it’s called “Xmas Spirit.” Emily plays an elf who brings Spirit her naughty list.

And this year Mrs. Clause has instructed all the elves to give naughty girls a hard spanking. High energy and fun scene. And Spirit has a dancer’s butt.

Better than the upcoming Krampus movie?

Better than the upcoming Krampus movie?

On Spanking Veronica Works, Veronica plays Krampus, who pays a visit to the very naughty Kimberly Brix.

Elf on Elf spanking

Elf on Elf spanking

Finally, appearing on Spanked Call Girls next some time next week will be a scene with Christy Cutie and Savana Styles, as Call Girl Elves, spanking each other. Christy even gets the Christmas stocking stuffer paddle used on her bottom.

Merry spanking Christmas to all!

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This Custom Delivers

by on Jul.05, 2015, under mother/daughter spanking, Spanking

I have been discussing several possible customs in the last few weeks, most of them now looking like they won’t go into production. Some are really good ideas, but the producer bails for some reason (possibly finance related – ie he’s broke).  Others are not really something I can use on the sites.

Emily Parker and Jenna Ashley show off arguing skills

Emily Parker and Jenna Ashley show off arguing skills

But one custom now playing on Girl Spanks Girl is quite excellent and was a blast to shoot.  Emily Parker and Jenna Ashley both are quite good at adlibbing and taking off from the sound structure created by the Custom Producer.

Emily gets spanked on her jeans first.

Emily gets spanked on her jeans first.

The two are playing young daughters who come home from college and are acting up in front of their mother (played beautifully by Snow Mercy). Both girls end up getting old fashioned spankings of course.

Wasn't easy to stage this accident

Wasn’t easy to stage this accident

You should definitely check out the Outtakes because there was lots of extra dialogue that needed to be trimmed because these two over-embraced the idea of arguing and name calling (get to the spanking already) and a key moment that requires the girls to get physical and knock a wine glass into mom was challenging to capture.

Tight jeans look lovely over mom's knee

Tight jeans look lovely over mom’s knee

The spankings begin over the jeans in Part One of the saga, which is a sometimes very popular spanking niche.

Jenna Ashley  gets sore for real in her first ever spanking shoot

Jenna Ashley gets sore for real in her first ever spanking shoot

In Part Two, the girls are spanked on their already sore spanked bottoms (which is definitely true in this instance especially with Jenna, who was shooting her first ever spanking scene).  In fact, Jenna kept rubbing her bottom and saying how difficult it was for her to sit throughout the shoot.  So enjoy this shot in which they had to pull their tight jeans up over their curvy, freshly spanked bottoms.  That’s some real pain right there.

Tight jeans pulled up over freshly spanked bums

Tight jeans pulled up over freshly spanked bums

I’ll blog again about this shoot when Part 2 gets released.

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That’s What Friends Are For

by on Aug.05, 2013, under mother/daughter spanking

A number of models I work with will recommend other models for spanking shoots.  This is one of the best ways to meet new and great talent.

Sometimes I book through agencies (Syren De Mer and Anikka Albrite for example), or from meeting models at an event (such as Heather Green, Miss Chris, Jenni Mack, etc at Shadow Lane convention), or via Fet Life (hello Missy Rhodes, Ludella Hahn and others). While all models are great, there is something exciting about shooting with another model’s friend.

Veronica and Emily pal-in’ around before the spanks

This is the case with two of Veronica Ricci’s very best friends – Emily Parker and Phoenix Askani. Neither are true spankos, so while they were happy for the work, I think they were both at least a little surprised by the pain.

Veronica has witnessed Emily’s mom spanking her

These are real spankings. Veronica warned them – and they did get a chance to spank her back in the scenes.

Lorelei Mission brings some maternal discipline

Veronica grew up with Emily and interviews her and even plays her young mom for one of the spanking scenes on the current Spanked Sweeties episode.

Spanking is serious business

And Phoenix recently completed a scene as a mean office boss in Spanking Veronica Works. Phoenix was so into playing the mean boss that it took a while after we cut for her to stop talking evil.  She said she really gets into her characters.

But true friends can smile through the pain

The lesson here?  Recruit your pals for spanking videos. That’s what friends are for!

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