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Computer Crash

by on Jan.14, 2016, under Spanking

Well for me, this new year brought mostly great stuff – EXCEPT for my computer crashing so badly I needed to replace it. I had just done a big backup so I recovered most of my videos and photos, but possibly lost a few sets of photos (hello frame grabs).

However, I lost ALL of my saved blog photos. I had a big “funny face” blog planned, but lost all of those photos of various models making funny faces during shoots. But I can always count on Madison Martin making some funny faces, so here is one from her.

We can always count on Madison Martin making a funny face on a shoot

We can always count on Madison Martin making a funny face on a shoot

The biggest plus from adding or updating all my software is that I can now make an MP4 file that is high quality and plays on PCs, Macs and mobile devices (as far as I can tell based on several tests). So that saves me time that I used to do converting full clips to a mobile device format.

So in the near future you can try playing the newest Mp4 files on your mobile devices, but still click on “FOR MOBILE” files for the last couple of years of updates.  And most older files still won’t play on mobile devices.

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Halloween Spankings

by on Oct.31, 2013, under Spanking

Halloween is a great time for spankings. People dress a little sluttier and are a little more open minded. At least a few whacks on the bum don’t seem out of the realm of possibility as it might be on, say Easter Sunday.

Halloween spankings with Madison Martin & Missy Rhodes

So in honor of this most awesome holiday, we offer up two Halloween spanking scenes.  One, with Missy Rhodes and Madison Martin, just concluded its run on My Spanking Roommate. The other is with Veronica Ricci and Jenna Rose (both Penthouse Pets of the Year).

One spanking usually calls for another

The one with Madison and Missy finds them arguing about a Halloween party and spanking each other. Cute, sexy, not too risky.

We snuck a spanking shoot in at this creepy location

But the shoot we did recently for the Girl Spanks Girl Halloween episode was shot outside, right near a busy rode. It was shot at a few different outdoor locations, actually.

Sneaking spanks at this crowded place was challenging – but we did it!

It starts at a roadside tourist stop, then moves on to an abandoned Halloween haunted house, that has been gutted.

We think this place was actually haunted

It was a little scary shooting there as clearly some transients lived there at various times (makeshift beds), and it was about 100 yards from a place where strange looking body sized crosses were sticking out of the ground (Blair Witch Project anyone?).

Jenna left that towel to sit on at the location after the shoot – on purpose

And there was a creepy looking baby stroller right outside. Ghostly spankings indeed.

Enjoy and have a spooky/spanking Halloween!!

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Aaliyah Love Runs Up Blooper Reel

by on Apr.17, 2013, under spanking soap opera

Aaliyah Love is so professional that not only does she show up a little early to a shoot, she has a suitcase with clothes sectioned in compartments so that a producer can easily choose a specific look.

She is known for being a highly regarded model and she is a real sweetheart to work with.

This makes it all extra funny that she has such a long blooper reel on the current episode of My Spanking Roommate.

Madison should be getting spanked for contributing to the gag reel

In her episode, she is replacing Harmony as Madison’s boss at the office.  But she kept referring to Harmony as other names, such as Melody and Harriet.

Then once she got it wrong a few times, Madison would crack up in the scene even when Aaliyah said Harmony’s name correctly.

In fairness to Aaliyah, this is a spanking soap opera, therefore there were LOTS of names for her to learn quickly.

After a few tries, Aaliyah finally gets all the names straight

This led to lots of cutting, lots of laughing, and a long time in the editing room to produce the scene.  Enjoy the bloopers, guys!!  They are hilarious.

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Missy Rhodes and Madison Martin Delivering Chemistry

by on Nov.28, 2012, under Spanking

 Missy Rhodes has basically taken over for the retired Chloe Elise as the third star of My Spanking Roommate.

Missy Takes the Pain for our Gain

Madison Martin and Kay Richards are the two main stars, of course.  Missy will be shooting a lot of scenes with Madison (they have an episode up right now) and so chemistry was critical.  I don’t read much about chemistry on spanking blogs, but if two scene performers have bad chemistry, that usually reflects in the scene.

They don’t have to love each other, but they need to connect on some level that can translate for the camera.  Madison and Missy have great chemistry I feel and will be doing some great scenes together.

Madison Martin Gets Wood

Madison can take harder spankings (that is her taking wood in the latest episode).  But Missy is willing to take a little more than she is comfortable with, which accounts for her very real reactions.

Trouble Sitting Down?

I hope you guys are Missy fans!  And that you appreciate the chemistry she and Madison have.  They seem like true friends, with many bonds (other than their spankable booties).

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Halloween Spankings

by on Oct.24, 2012, under mother/daughter spanking, Spanking, spanking soap opera, spanking sorority girls

Halloween, with its sexy costumes and playful atmosphere, seems like a great marriage for spanking scenes.  We have Halloween scenes for two of our sites.  The Spanking Sorority Girls Halloween scene started running today.

In this scene, Karina, Riley, Kat and Amaya all begin spanking each other because they get in a fight about who should’ve arranged the party that no one showed up to.


Veronica went home to have a secret party and her mom catches her.  I really believe that Crystal (who plays Veronica’s mom) and Veronica make the most realistic and amazing mother/daughter team I have ever filmed for spanking.


The sorority Halloween scene will end with Sarah Gregory spanking Christy Cutie in some excellent costumes that the models brought to the shoot themselves.  Veronica brought hers (she has tons) and the rest were provided by the house where I often shoot (they are loaded with sexy costumes that come with the rental of the house).


The girls had a blast shooting this Halloween scene.


On Friday, My Spanking Roommate will begin a Halloween scene with Madison Martin and Chloe Elise.  This is noteworthy in that as far as I can tell, this will be the last ever new spanking scene released with Chloe Elise in it – as she retired from spanking at the end of last year.  Chloe was a fantastic spanking model and will be missed – but with her own authentic cheerleader costume and her desire to make a great scene – this is an excellent way to go out!


She and Madison went at each other hard on this scene.

Happy Halloween!!





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Two Girls and a Paddle in Classroom

by on Sep.12, 2012, under Spanked school girls, Spanking


Recently I had a member of one of the spanking sites comment on how he didn’t like the big school girl shoot because he thought guys were conditioned to only focus on two girls at a time.  I don’t really agree with that as multiple girl spanking scenes have always been the most popular of what I shoot.  However, it is an interesting concept.  Two girls, one classroom.  The spanking is focused on only these two.


There is just such a scene running now on My Spanking Roommate.  It includes Madison Martin and the Teacher Assistant Tawnee (played by Madison Young).  They spank each other and paddle each other.  And I will admit this was a much easier shoot to manage with just two girls.  I am really crazy about the scene.  But I will admit it is not the same as having 8 schoolgirls spanked by two teachers.  Still, variety is nice.  And sometimes more cost-efficient for producers.

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Some Interesting Niches on My Spanking Roommate

by on Jun.03, 2012, under spanking soap opera

The last couple of episodes on My Spanking Roommate included a few niches.  Some have come via viewers suggestions, some come from what the models just happen to wear or improv about during a scene.


Episode 107 included one girl (the new Miss Claw) going over the laps of two others (a popular request).  In this case, it is Madison Martin and Missy Rhodes.  In the scene, they are both getting revenge on Miss Claw for either spanking her (in Missy’s case) or being responsible for Madison getting a spanked.  Both girls had to sit on their sore bottoms (another popular request) to spank Miss Claw otk (which has consistently been the favorite fan spanking position).

Miss Claw wore a tight, short leather skirt (her winning choice) and Madison and Missy were both wearing short skirts so that we could see their legs as well.  They used the word “spanking” often during the scene (a wildly popular choice).  Lots of long hair, hard spanking, good reactions.  Hope to use Miss Claw a lot more.  She is young (only 19) but is very experienced (she works at Sanctuary LAX) and mature for her age.  They spanking Miss Claw with their hands and with the always classic hair brush.


Another popular scenario is for a drunken girl to get overpowered by a smaller girl, only to have her drag her over her knee for a spanking.  In the current Episode 108, Mary Jane plays the drunken girl (so convincingly you would think she must have some experience at this).

Mary Jane even risked her ass by literally falling off Lilia’s lap and landing so hard on her curvy bottom that the second camera (which was on a tripod) shook.   Mary Jane wore a skin tight short dress that she almost needed help getting into (her excellent choice).


And a last popular niche was having Mary Jane forced to sign a lease while she is getting spanked.  Hey we listen to fans when possible for suggestions we can incorporate into scenes.  These two episodes included some fan input.  Scenes being shot presently (that will appear in the future on various CF sites) will  also include the occasional fan suggestion.

I hear you guy who likes to have a girl embarrassed while a friend watches her get spanked….

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Madison Martin – Co-Star My Spanking Roommate

by on Jul.29, 2010, under Spanking

Madison MartinMadison Martin

This will be my last blog for about 5 days – won’t be around a computer for that long believe it or not – so I decided to post about Madison Martin, one of the co-stars of My Spanking Roommate.  You all may have your opinion about what constitutes a spankable bottom, but it would be hard to argue that there existed in this world a more spankable bottom than the one Madison sits on. 
Madison can take a very hard spanking.  She enjoys a moderate spanking a great deal, but she has pushed her limits many times for her art – sometimes even being spanked to the point of tears (more about that in future blogs).  Madison was a top in the latest episode of My Spanking Roommate, giving (along with Chloe Elise) a sound spanking to Ashli Orion.  In the top photo, Madison is seen spanking Ashli, the bottom photos are all shots of Madison’s spankable bottom.
Fun facts about Madison (besides that she enjoys being spanked) include – she is an AMAZING dancer (no one can shake a booty like Madison), she can belch (loudly) on demand and she has a spectacular singing voice (R & B style). Please check back in next Tuesday night as I begin to plow through the remaining cast for the rapidly approaching school girl shoot – Exclusive Education 5 for the Girl Spanks Girl site.
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