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Spanking in Ads

by on Aug.03, 2019, under Spanking

I was driving with Clare Fonda a month or two ago when we saw a billboard that showed a man spanking a woman. It was subtle but that is what was happening on that billboard.  We both are well aware of what spanking looks like.  The first time I saw the billboard I didn’t know what it was advertising.  Only that it was spanking.  But passing it later, I discovered that it was advertising some dress.  Hmmm, I’d buy that dress for someone if that was the end game. Regretfully I can’t find a pic online anywhere of that ad.  And the billboard has been replaced.

Shirts, gloves and Gucci can all have their part in spanking a loved one

It got me wondering how much spanking has played a role in advertising over the years.  After some research I found out that it has played a small role in marketing various items.  The clothing field seemed to have a few opportunities for showing off various items. As you can see in the photo above an old ad for gloves featured a classy lady spanking her admiring child, perhaps a lover looking good spanking his equally stylish lover and a man having the proper shirt for kissing and for spanking.

You better buy the correct item and get the best deal or you might get spanked

Shopping for flour or soap also could result in a spanking if someone doesn’t do a proper job of getting the correct item or best price. That seems like a good reason for a spanking scene actually. Maybe I’ll include that in an upcoming scene.  The Krogers flour ad appeared in 1938.

Will drinking coffee lead to giving or receiving a spanking? The power of Caffeine!

Two different coffee companies included spanking in their ads.  Chase & Sanborn believed a spanking should be given to someone who chooses another brand. It’s less clear why Sanka Coffee has spanking in their old ad, but hey, it’s probably a good reason.

Can a Power and Light company using spanking in a ad? You can in Missouri circa 1972

This is my favorite one.  Some marketing genius decided in Missouri in 1972 that showing a guy spanking a lady was the best way to get people drawn to their Power and Light company. I know a few people who might sign up if this was a result of choosing their company.

Feel free to drop a comment if you know of more spanking in advertising examples.

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