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My Twitter Account Suspended

by on Nov.23, 2014, under Spanking

Well I have joined the ranks of some very famous models as my twitter account was suspended. Twitter sends you a list of reasons why it might be suspended, but of course they don’t give the precise reason. So I am disputing it.

I think other than bare butts I don’t have any explicit nudity on there. Maybe I slipped up and didn’t realize it?  Can’t check now since I can’t look at it. I didn’t violate any copyright issues that I know of, but I may have included some photo of someone that wasn’t off my site as I don’t recall this either. But I don’t think so.

The two strongest possibilities are 1. I was hacked or 2 someone reported something that was a bit of a stretch. Hacked seems like the strongest possibility. Recently my business account was hacked and several charges of $125 were run up at a gas station chain before I realized it, reported it and got a new card.

Twitter suspension is a real pain in the butt!

Twitter suspension is a real pain in the butt!

And just last week someone hacked my phone account and got 3 new iPhone upgrades off my info. Twitter lists being hacked as one of the reasons for suspending an account.

It could also be some vengeful a-hole who tried (successfully) to shut me down. I’ve never tried to get someone shut down, and never would, but someone with a bug up his bug might have. This would most likely be a member who got shutdown from the sites for password sharing.

Too bad hackers can't get spanked like our new sweeties girl

Too bad hackers can’t get spanked like our new sweeties girl

One bugger in particular has written some pretty hateful and name-calling emails to me and swears it is my problem he got suspended from the sites, not his.  And that he has the right to login to the sites using 2 or 3 different computers.  Well I showed him that “he” was logging in using 24 different computers, often many at the same time. He had no answer for this. But an angry individual just might decide to exact some sort of revenge. And since many of my members follow me on twitter and get the latest info on the sites, well he is the number one suspect.

Till I’m back up on twitter, perhaps I’ll blog a bit more.

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Happy New Year Deal

by on Dec.31, 2013, under Spanking

Happy New Year – no strings attached – I wish all the best for my blog readers and site members!! However, I would like to offer bonus clips on each site if I can reach 6,000 followers on my Twitter account.

Why do I care about getting more followers?

Well I would love it if members would follow because I can post instant notes about the sites, whether it is photos and notes from shoots, content being updated or even the occasional trouble shooting taking place. It’s the best instant way for me to drop a quick note to members. If I see the follower numbers going up, I will know that I am reaching members and I want the best content available in the spanking world as well as good lines of communication.

Don’t worry about privacy on Twitter, if you need to create an account to follow me as it is well protected and completely anonymous. I rarely send emails to members, but I am in the process of dropping all members a quick email to explain this pledge (so check your spam folder if you don’t see the email). I figure about 3 emails from me per year isn’t too intrusive (some sites send one every month at least). Click here to see my Twitter.

New Years spanking with Missy Rhodes on Roommate site last year

Happy New Year from CF Worldwide (whether you follow me on Twitter or not).

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