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Nunsense on Sorority Site

by on Jul.11, 2012, under spanking sorority girls


Sarah Gregory and Christy Cutie just had their introductory episode finish running on Spanking Sorority Girls.  It was great to have them both on the site and I will be shooting with them a lot more very soon. Christy plays a pledge and Sarah plays one of the senior girls who will be administering lots of punishments.  Sorority girls are apparently very naughty.  At least in this sorority.  Just kicking off now is an episode with the senior nun, Sister Mary Olivia.

dsc_0573.JPGShe is played by Lady Olivia Outre, who has appeared in over 300 fetish videos and told me she hadn’t done one in a while.  I was honored that she decided to join our site to play the senior nun.  She is super cool and a fantastic performer.  She is also on a brand new mother-in-law daughter spanking clip on Hot Girls Spanked, in which she gives Ludella Hahn’s round bottom a nice thrashing.


In the sorority scene, Sister Mary Olivia is teaching fellow nun Sister Mary Ginger how to spank the unruly students.  And cane them.  There has bee lots of buzz on Danielle Hunt, who has made the rounds shooting with virtually every spanking site I have ever heard of (and then some).  Well she makes her debut on our sites in this episode, and was very game to get her nice bum caned.

Gotta love how bratty she plays and what a nice caning she takes.  And love her Brittish accent.  In real life Dani is as sweet as can be.  Before the shoot, as she was making her way from Northern California, she texted me that “I just got finish doing a run in San Francisco totally nude.”  Gotta love that, too.


Later this month, Katie Jordin makes her debut on the sorority site as Sister Mary Kate.  She spanks Veronica Ricci (wearing a wig and carrying a bottle of Vodka) and then of course Veronica gets a little naughty with the young, hot nun, trying to convert her to the darker side -which of course has more fun.  It doesn’t quite work and Veronica ends up getting some whacks with the giant pledge paddle.  Bring on the nuns!!

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Veronica Ricci Gets Her Spank On With Sharon Lee

by on Jun.15, 2012, under spanked call girls


Veronica Ricci has a new scene out on Spanked Call Girls.  In the scene she visits a masseuse (played by Sharon Lee) who speaks only French.  It is a very sexy scene and the communication gap was a little frustrating to work with, but mostly it was wildly entertaining.  This is because Sharon really doesn’t understand English.

Veronica had to turn to her smart phone to translate so that Sharon could even realize that she was at a spanking shoot.  Sharon kept showing her test results and asking to see (in broken English) Veronica’s test results.  This is common for models who do sex scenes.  They show their sex test results to show they are okay to work with and want to see the other models, too.  We were trying to explain, no sex, just spanking.  But needed the translator to get the message across.  Apparently, “fessee” means spanking in French.

While there is no sex, the scene is incredibly sexy.  Veronica was definitely attracted to Sharon, and her character gropes Sharon’s and tries to get sex from her – for a generous tip of course.  Sharon ends up spanking Veronica instead of calling the police.


Veronica then overpowers the smaller girl, spanks her and rubs lotion onto Sharon’s bottom (which was a financially supported request from a fan) while Veronica mocks Sharon for having a shiny hiney and oily tushy.  Which of course she then spanks some more.

I strongly encourage anyone who reads this blog to check out Veronica’s fairly new blog called Spanking Veronica.  And please comment on a few of her posts.  I know when you start blogging it seems like no one is reading and she is definitely not getting many comments, which makes it hard to carry on.

She has some fresh ideas about spanking, she is enthusiastic about it and embraces her roles in her scenes.  She’s hot, has turned into a very good spanker – often marking other models – and she can take a heavy spanking on that sweet curvy ass.  Show her some love on her blog.  She is on the road for a while feature dancing, but she will get to replying to comments as soon as she can.

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Couple of Interviews

by on May.29, 2012, under Spanking

I have an interview up on Cherry Red for those of you who would like to read some longer chatting from me.

And Veronica Ricci has an interview up on her blog, which originated on the excellent blog The Spanking Place. Check it out if you’re interested in reading more about her thoughts on spanking.


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Spanking Sorority Girls Site Building Steam

by on May.24, 2012, under spanking sorority girls


The Spanking Sorority Girls site is finally running properly.  It took a while to get all the bugs out, which is not uncommon for a new site that relies on several different people – producers, talent, web guys etc and some different companies – billing, server etc to get it launched.

The billing was a little screwy initially and some people had trouble with the 5 site membership.  Thanks to all those who braved the challenges and supported the new site.  It is running smoothly now, and building some steam.


The present episode finds Kat (Katherine St. James) and Karina spanking Riley and Amaya Meda.  Riley did her first ever spanking shoot with us recently, which is running on Spanked Sweeties.  We loved her bubble butt and willingness to take spanking pain despite having a low tolerance for it, and a butt that gets red and speckled.  Her reactions are 100% real.

We were Amaya’s first spanking shoot as well.  She is very edgy and can give a super hard hand spanking, which will be proven in future episodes.

The next episode will include most of the pledges and Roxy.  There have been some requests to have Roxy spank site star Veronica Ricci again, so there is a good bet that will happen.  Hey please check out Veronica’s blog, called Spanking Veronica, and drop her a comment or two.  If you like the site, definitely let her know as she is a driving force behind it!

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Lilia Spinoza and Veronica Ricci Are Now Spanking Bloggers

by on Apr.18, 2012, under Spanking


Lilia Spinoza has been blogging for a few weeks now, but this is my first chance to give a formal shout out.  Check out her blog Spanking Lilia.  She likes to write about her spanking shoot and various other fetish related goodies.

Lilia’s latest scene on My Spanking Roommate just wrapped up today.  As one of the main stars of the site, you will never have to wait too long to see her in another episode.


Veronica Ricci has also started a new spanking blog, called Spanking Veronica.   She has a terrific sense of humor and although she is new to spanking blogs, she has been blogging about other modeling work for quite some time.  So I look forward to lots of entertaining posts on spanking.

In the photos above, Veronica is spanking Katie Jordin for a scene from Girl Spanks Girl.  It was an erotic scene and the two made out, but the spanking was very hard.  Katie was said to have some bruising for a few days after the shoot.  Sorry about that, Katie.

Yes that looks like a blonde wig Veronica is sporting as she plays a Brittney Spears type pop diva character.  And everyone knows Britney probably gives a good spanking and certainly needs one.

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Spanking Sorority Girls To Launch Soon!!!!

by on Apr.12, 2012, under spanking sorority girls


We have been rather quiet about this, but we have a new spanking site that opened  today called Spanking Sorority Girls.  It is an all female spanking site that stars Veronica Ricci as a young girl who lives at home with her mother (played by the powerful and stern Mistress Crystal).

IMPORTANT NOTE (MODIFIED FOR THIS POST): The site is available today, but not through Visa for a couple of weeks.  I will updated it in case anyone joins through non-Visa means.  But for you Visa guys (which I am myself), check back on the site in a couple of weeks.

When Veronica steals a car (she swears it is all a big misunderstanding) her mother resorts to something she has never tried before.  She gives Veronica a hard spanking.  This is spectacular and perhaps the best mother/daughter spanking scene I have ever filmed.  Very real and very hard.  So Mom will be sending Veronica off the a private school for wayward girls.

It is here in future episodes where Veronica will join the sorority.  In the meantime, episode two is also up in its entirety staring Katherine St. James and Karina.  And another episode with Veronica and her mother has just started updating.

Lots of round bottomed girls get hard spankings on this brand new site.  And Veronica Ricci is up to her usual girl-girl sexual exploration.  The site also stars Amaya Meda, Riley, Christy Cutie, Sarah Gregory and the tiny but powerful Roxy Jezel.  With more to come.

Please be one of the first to check it out and let me know what you think.  You can JOIN by visiting the site’s join page.  There is also a highlight video you an check out from the main page by clicking on “view highlight video.”

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Best Phone Call Ever

by on Mar.24, 2012, under spanking soap opera


Here is an interesting behind-the-scenes tidbit.  If you check out the latest episode (103) now up on My Spanking Roommate, you will see Veronica Ricci getting spanked by Alexis Grace.  Which is cool.

And she is calling her roommate Missy Rhodes while getting spanked.  Which is even more cool.

And after the call, Missy gets spanked by a new character named Miss Claw, who is playing her acting coach.  All this is, as I say, cool.

But what is crazy interesting in my opinion, is that Veronica actually called a friend while she is getting full on spanked hard with a hair brush by Alexis.  Veronica was yelping and moaning and trying to explain (in character) how she has to kick Missy out of the apartment so that Alexis can move in.  And she explains how she is getting spanked hard.

This phone conversation goes on and on, and her friend that she really called had no idea what was going on and was worried something crazy was happening in real life to Veronica.  I think it took Veronica a long time the next few days to explain what that call was all about.

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Cross Over For Horror and Spanking Fans?

by on Mar.05, 2012, under Spanking


Is there a natural cross over between horror film and spanking fans?  I think there might be.  At least to a larger extent than you would expect. Clare Fonda is pictured preparing to spank two new models, XCLR Moon and Celia, in a scene currently running on Spanked Call Girls.

But couldn’t she also be preparing to murder them?  Clare has appeared in a few horror films.  Celia has also.  They seem to enjoy both.  And


Veronica Ricci is both a rising B horror film star and rising spanking superstar.  She seems to have love for both as well.  Above she is pictured in her lead role of Bloody Mary, which can be found on Video on Demand.

She is presently shooting another horror film called SNAKE CLUB.  I don’t know, what do you guys think?  Any bond between the two genres?  Spanking and horror movies?

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The Strict Tutor Experiment

by on Jan.20, 2012, under Spanked school girls


Strict Tutor is a long spanking scene that is presently running on Girl Spanks Girl.  It stars Clare Fonda as mother to Lilia Spinoza and Veronica Ricci (hey maybe they had different daddy’s). 

Miss Morgan makes her debut as the strict tutor and Mary Jane appears as another pupil who Miss Morgan also tutors. It has a very retro look to it and includes many traditional spanking scenes. 

What is experimental about it, is that there are spanking scenes that are talked about (basically backstory) and those scenes are all acted out in all their spanking glory and available on Hot Girls Spanked (a clips store).  So if someone is a fan of the series and likes some spanking that is talked about, he/she can find that scene at the clips store. 

Not sure if this is a brilliant idea or not, but I guess we’ll find out.

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2011 Spanking Awards

by on Jan.18, 2012, under spanked call girls, Spanking


Hey so I was lucky enough to work on some spanking scenes in 2011 that got mentioned on many blogs and sites as being some of the top work of 2011.  I’d like to thank a long list of people, but aside from a handful of shoots, I was often the only crew member. 

But shout-out to JM for helping out on Exclusive Eduation 6, which was picked by many as the “Best Full Length Spanking Movie of the Year.”  Thanks to the Spanking Spot for holding this poll.  And thanks to Clare Fonda, who helps with crew duties when she is not in the scene and is fantastic to work with. The huge schoolgirl epic can be found on Girl Spanks Girl

So far Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci has only shot spanking scenes for the Clare Fonda sites.  If you read this blog, you know I am a huge fan of Veronica and I believe she is a rising spanking star.  I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling this way, as Veronica won the “2011 New Spankee of the Year Award.” 

Appropriately, Veronica was one of the stars of Exclusive Education 6, also.  Clare and I have been discussing a new site with Veronica as the star.  It looks promising and if everything falls into place, it could debut as early as April 1 (no Aprils fools joke here). 

Until then, Veronica appears on all of the Fonda spanking sites. 

And finally, Spanked Sweeties won “Most Improved Spanking Site of 2011.”  I would agree that it is improved as the resolution of the clips is higher, it was all shot in high definition last year, and we introduced many new spanking models, including Veronica (who I met on the shoot of a horror film – she played Bloody Mary).  

My new year’s resolution is to work hard in 2012 and do everything I can to make the productions as great and creative as possible while continuing to introduce new talent to the scene.

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