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Chloe Elise vs. Kailee vs. Snow

by on Sep.16, 2010, under spanked girlfriends

Chloe Elise is back on My Spanking Roommate in a really great scene.  She gets spanked by Kailee.  The shoot was pretty comical actually as Chloe get playing with a tiny stuffed bear she found on the set, having her character taunt Kailee’s character with the little bear. 
Of course that only encouraged Kailee to spank her harder.  Then the scene called for Snow Mercy to arrive (as Chloe’s roommate) and punish Kailee for this disturbance.  First with an over the knee hand spanking, followed by a caning. 
Kailee had a shoot the next day and was worried about marking, but she took a respectable level of caning from Snow for the scene.  All the while being taunted again by Chloe.

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  • Angela Bauer

    The first 2 clips of this MSR set are up this morning. They show Kailee taking Chloe over her lap and starting the spanking. Previously the outstanding still photos were made available. They look wonderful.

    Based on Chloe’s “wardrobe malfunction” will her new nickname be “Nips”?

    Probably a whole bunch of guys will flock to study those clips in slo-mo and on really big monitors. Thank Heavens for HD!

  • Angela Bauer

    For some reason based on seeing Chloe Elise in many other scenarios, I assumes she was of moderate height.

    In many other scenarios with Kailee, I assumed her to a tallish, physically imposing woman.

    Imagine my surprise to see Kailee and Chloe standing next to one another. Sure Chloe is wearing thick sole sneakers and Kailee thin flip-flops. Still, Chloe is significantly taller and also appears more robust.

    Now I can hardly wait to see both of them standing next to Snow.

    In an ideal scenario Snow would appear with Michelle Wie (6’1″) Jane Lynch of Glee (6’+) and Allison Janey of West Wing (6’0″) From the moment Michelle started playing golf on TV I have felt she needs spanking today as much as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton! Snow could square away those brats.

  • Dave

    ooo nice I like the piccie on the left a lot, as I’m a huge fan of pix with the jeans/panties tangled at the ankles–more like that plz.

    Keep up the fine work,
    Dave 🙂

  • admin

    Re Angela’s comments: I think Chloe is about 5 ft 9 inches – very tall – Kailee is actually a couple of inches shorter, and Snow is nearly 6 feet tall.

    Re Dave’s comments: I agree panties around the ankle of beatiful women = ideal!

  • tim

    excellent vid with the girls all litle cuties .

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