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Medical spanking
The cameraman can make spanking videos more interesting by mixing up the camera angles during a shoot.  Some viewers favor some angles over others, so offering a wide variety of angles is always the best bet. 
Looking at some different angles from the current episode on My Spanking Roommate, with Kay Richards, Susan and Layla, you will see a shot from above, one from below, another from the eye level of the characters in the scene and then one slightly looking down (because it is from my eye level and I’m taller than these ladies even though Susan was nearly 6 ft). 
The views here don’t stray too much from eye level, so it is a pretty standard shoot.  In the future I will blog about shoots with radical angles — which can be great if it’s your thing. 
To me, variety is the spice of life, so some shoots are closer to eye level, such as this one, and some are a wild ride (with angles from ground level to the camera 8ft high).  If you really love spanking, though, it’s hard to find an angle that won’t work.  It’s mostly about the ladies spanking and getting spanked.

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  • Angela Bauer

    It must be frustrating for talented professional camera operators to be without a Techno Crane or at least a jib arm with hot head on productions such as EE5.

    Still there was an appropriate variety of angles and points of view, such as from the desks looking at the hairbrush spankings. I bet a Techno Crane above the back row of students would have made coverage so much easier.

    Your examples from the new MSR set with Kay, Susan and Layla are so instructive.

    Often that low angle is the only way to show reaction in OTK spankings, when long hair precludes the spankee eye-level coverage. That height often shows the disciplinarian’s expression better than a higher level.

    In times past there were producers who wanted to prove they had a platform for a higher angle, usually from the front instead of inline with the spankee’s legs to better show the effects on the bottom. That producers never came close to matching the white balance on his cameras and never got the exposure correct on the over-head angle. Just a trace of over-exposure hides coloration of the bottom.

    You do an outstanding job of matching the white balance and using appropriate exposure.

  • admin

    I have used jibs and small cranes on movie shoots, but never on a spanking shoot. I will should blog about this – thanks for the idea!

  • Hermione

    This is a very interesting blog. I’m enjoying your explanations of how to do things right and how they can go wrong.


  • Dave

    The camera angle certainly adds a whole other dimension to a hot spanky photo. One of my faves is the “voyeur” angle, shot from, say, outside of a room looking in…….

    Keep up the amazing work,
    Love the new MaryJane sweetie,

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