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Spanking Soap Opera Hits the Classroom

by on Jul.27, 2011, under Spanked school girls


Last year, while shooting Exclusive Education 5, we also shot a scene for My Spanking Roommate.  The idea was to work it into the spanking soap opera and release it shorty before shooting the next big school girl scene for Girl Spanks Girl. 

It is currently running on My Spanking Roommate, which gives fans of big schoolgirl scenes a chance to revisit some old spanking friends like Sarah Gregory, Kat St. James, Lindsay and so on.  

Looking back on it, I’m not sure how we managed to squeeze this scene in amid all the madness of 13 ladies running around spanking each other, but the hope is to do something similar when we shoot the next big school girl epic next month.  Wish us luck.


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  • Angela Bauer

    What we have seen so far of the girls being naughty, then Miss Alicia orders them to spank each other.

    Sarah was one of the bullies and yet she got to spank. That did not seem very fair. Lindsay was not even around during the misbehavior, yet Natasha spanked her OTK.

    Of course for me any excuse will do to motivate spanking. My minor quibble is that we did not see more of Lindsay’s reaction to being spanked by Natasha. From the little reaction shown it seems Lindsay was far less stoic while being spanked my Natasha than by Alicia and the Principal during EE5.

    This is a marvelous installment of Spanking Roommates.

    Now it gets fascinating when Alicia confronts Clare about being fired from EE for spanking those naughty girls. Dare we hope she gets even by spanking Clare?

  • admin

    When Clare does something naughty, it is proabably reasonable to expect that she could possibly get spankied. Glad you enjoyed this, Angela!

  • Mike

    is that kat james the red head doing the spanking in the back of the top photos i know the girl in front is Kisa. but red head one look like kat james.

    not sure if it been done i would love to see the stundent give the teacher and the princpal a spanking when found out that student catches the teacher or princpal breaking the rules

    meaning like if the teacher or principal dish out the spanking if girls caught smoking or late to class. then if teacher or princpal show up late or caught smoking then the teacher and princpal should get spanked. casue be only fair thing iam sure any of the student girls wil jump on that

    bottom line the teacher and princapl get spanked for same reason the girls got spanked for breaking same rules.

  • admin

    Last year in Exclusive Education 5, the principal (Lana) and the teahers (Alicia and Clare) all got spanked by the students at the end of the long scene. It is still available on

  • admin

    Oh and yes that is Kat St. James in the photo. She plays a big role in that episode which is on

  • tim

    very nice spankfest ,nice to see little Kat giving big spanks to the others ,best ,tim .

  • KJ

    I am very excited to see your cast this year, as much as I enjoyed last year- particularly Lindsay.

  • admin

    I think Clare will probably announce this years schoolgirl cast pretty soon – the shoot is happening in less than a week. It is mostly finalized, but there always seems to be last minute tweaks to the cast.

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