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Becoming Android Friendly

by on Jun.30, 2014, under Spanking

Recently a member emailed me about not being able to view videos on his Android phone. After doing some research on this issue, I discovered that Android users would need to download some software to play clips, and some clips were too long for viewing on the Android phone.

So I found some software that coverts my larger files to a more compressed, Android friendly file format that needs no added software to view. Well, converting all of my old files to this new format, on all of the sites, is an overwhelming task.

EE7 was the first scene to get converted to Android format

EE7 was the first scene to get converted to Android format

I decided to begin with Girl Spanks Girl, updating old files one scene at a time, hopefully with one conversion offered as a BONUS update each day on the site.  Once I have completed doing this for GSG, I will start on another site.

And all new scenes will include a new update for the full version of each scene once all the clips for that scene are fully updated.

Technology changes so rapidly.  I remember 14 years ago when Clare and I started all this, low end RM (real media) files were the industry standard. Yuck they don’t look so hot now.

Making mp4 files so that scenes could be Mac friendly was the next big change. And now this, viewing spankings scene on a phone.

Who knows what’s next?  Maybe some day there will be a format the goes onto a brain chip and you can dream about all of our lovely ladies spanking each other.  If you don’t already.

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Mystery Photos

by on Jun.18, 2014, under Spanking, spanking sorority girls

Having shot thousands of scenes over the years, I rarely have taken a photo that turned out to be a mystery. The basic format goes like this – we typically do a few scenes per shoot.

After each scene, we take a set of photos that come as close to what we filmed for the scene as possible. But every once in a while, when there are multiple models, and things are getting rather harried, we might not exactly remember what we filmed during the scene.

But again, it is almost always  spot on or very close. But upon editing the photos for the current scene up on Spanking Sorority Girls, with Ashley Rose, Aaliyah Love and Veronica Ricci, I found some mysterious photos.

Veronica spanks Ashley in photos, but not in video

Veronica spanks Ashley in photos, but not in video

Now with three girls all supposed to spank each other, some lifted others, some kissed others, a very complicated back story was included, well, somehow when shooting the scene, Veronica doesn’t spank Ashley.

Too bad we didn't film something like this

Too bad we didn’t film something like this

But we didn’t realize that when we took the photos.  Hence, there are photos of Veronica spanking Ashley, and even Veronica kissing Aaliyah while she spanked Ashley. They look great.

And upon seeing them, I checked all the video footage from that day just to be certain we didn’t film that gold.  We didn’t. Still a great scene, including a few mystery photos!

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Amazing Pandora Blake

by on Jun.05, 2014, under spanked call girls, Spanking

Hey I have been busy with a combo of site stuff and some vanilla activities and haven’t had a chance to blog in a while. So now I am here to cover the first thing on my mind since I last blogged  – and that is the lovely Pandora Blake.

I had heard about her starting up her site Dreams of Spanking in England and she was getting some favorable buzz for that impressive work.

Courtney paddles Pandora for Undercharging

Courtney paddles Pandora for Undercharging

So when she emailed me about shooting with her in her recent visit to the US, I was very excited. I ended up squeezing in two shoots. The first thing she shot is up now on Spanked Call Girls.

She is pared with Courtney Shea for that one and it is an extremely high energy scene. I found Pandora to be charming, funny and a lady with a very strong work ethic.

Courtney learns that Brits know a LOT about spanking

Courtney learns that Brits know a LOT about spanking

She could easily adapt to the tone of our wildly differing scenes, and she is great at both giving and receiving spankings. I also got the chance to hang out a little with Pandora and Alex Reynolds and it was a fun time for all!  High marks for Pandora!!

Look for her in the next few months on My Spanking Roommate and Spanking Veronica Works.

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