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Happy Spankgiving from Star and Newbee Riley Anne

by on Nov.17, 2017, under Interviews, mother/daughter spanking, Spanking Interviews

We recently shot with new model Riley Anne, who did her first ever spanking shoot and we have released her Spanked Sweeties scene and just in time for Halloween her Thanksgiving scene on Girl Spanks Girl.

Newbee Riley Anne plays Star’s sister for a Thanksgiving treat

In the holiday special, Star Nine, dressed as a Native American, plays Riley’s sister. Riley is dressed as a sexy pilgrim. The two ladies are preparing the Thanksgiving dinner when Riley says some ignorant and offensive comments about the relationship between the original native Americans and pilgrims.

Star gives Riley a Rump Roast instead of a turkey this Thanksgiving

Her older sister decides to teach her a lesson by putting her over her knee right there in the kitchen for a sound spanking. Riley said she enjoys being spanked, but we really tested her limits, which aren’t that of the typical submissive spanking star. It was a very real and painful spanking, which she asked for, and got her bottom quite red and sore for reel.

Star also plays Riley’s young mom on Spanked Sweeties

She asked for ice for her bottom between scenes, so we worked that into one of her Spanked Sweeties re-enactment scenes. Riley was very shy, but Star coaxes a very thoughtful interview out of her all about her spanking experiences.

So enjoy Star and our newest model Riley Anne as the take you through a very happy, red-bottomed Spanksgiving!

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Elori Stix With Spanking

by on Nov.06, 2017, under mother/daughter spanking, Spanking, spanking soap opera

Elori Stix (see the pun in the headline) is a super cute young spanking model who just happens to be popping up on all of our sites, many  in current scenes out right now.  Elori may be tiny (under 5 feet tall) but she is a pretty solid spanker and of course she can take a good spanking on her curvy bottom. She has some acting training, which comes out in her very energetic characters across the sites.

This was Elori’s first spanking scene for us.

She first appeared in Spanking Veronica Works about a year ago, getting spanked by her mom (played by Julie Simone) and also by Veronica, who was playing a therapist. After that scene, it was clear she needed to get booked for many more shoots so all members could have a chance to see that combination of beauty and energy and ability to take a spanking.

Elori is spanked by Kay as she learns her new roommates rules

She appears in the newest My Spanking Roommate scene, as Kay’s new roommate, where she learns the rules the hard way – by getting over Kay’s knee for a spanking while Kay recites the rules for her.

Elori chose her own costume for this scene

Elori also gets spanked on Girl Spanks Girl by Steve Rose in a Halloween scene. Stevie is upset Elori convinced them to dress slutty and lose a costume competition. Elori picked out her outfit for this scene, which was indeed very sexy.

Elori gets a chance to show her spanking skills on the Sorority site

Elori gets to give a spanking on Spanking Sorority Girls and this one goes to Stevie. It’s worth noting that this is a very solid spanking and Elori really loved dishing it out.

A few months ago, Elori called me and mentioned that she had a friend who loved getting spanked and also was a professional clown and wondered if I could marry those two facts. I knew that Snow Mercy also enjoyed playing a clown, and Elori shared that she does too.

Note the size difference between Snow and Elori

So the idea for the clown spanking shoot was hatched. The clown spanking scene for Spanked Call Girls, that is currently up on the site, is probably the hardest of the clown spanking scenes. In this one Elori gets spanked and caned by Snow. Notice in the photo the size difference between a very tall Snow, and tiny Elori, who must stand on a sofa so that Snow can properly cane her (that was Snow’s idea).

I guarantee that if you ever see Elori in person, your first impulse will be to hug her like a cute teddy bear. Then perhaps, if you’re lucky, give or receive a sound spanking from her.

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Sharing Some Rarely Seen Alexis Grace Scenes

by on Jul.27, 2017, under mother/daughter spanking

About 7 years ago, we shot some scenes with Ash Hollywood and Alexis Grace. Both were very young (Alexis had just turned 19) at the time. We released a Sweeties scene from each girl from the shoot that day. But we also shot a few scenes with them that appeared exclusively on our clips store. Since not that many people purchased those clips, and there is very little overlap with people who are members and people who buy clips store scenes, I am releasing a few of those scenes on the member’s sites.

Alexis Grace spanked hard over Clare’s freshly damaged car

Two out now feature Alexis Grace on Girl Spanks Girl, as an insurance agent who is so bad that a frustrated Clare bends her over her car and spanks her.

The neighbors wondered what the heck was going on in Clare’s yard

Some nice background for this scene – Clare actually crashed her car, had a young, attractive female insurance agent who did a terrible job for her, and then Clare may or may not have given the young lady a swat on the butt in frustration. Now we take this well beyond one swat.

And shooting outside with a truly frustrated Clare going to town on Alexis’s bottom resulted in a few neighbors questioning what was going on. If you ever have seen an Alexis spanking scene, you will know that she is beyond loud with her reactions. The scene ends up inside Clare’s house. It’s really good, so I wanted to make sure our members got a chance to see this scene.

Young Ash Hollywood and Alexis Grace in a rarely seen scene

Alexis also played Ash Hollywood’s friend, who watches as Ash gets spanked by her mom (played by Clare). This scene is available now on Spanked Sweeties.

The friend gets spanked for stealing and being a bad influence

Mom then spanks Alexis, too.  Another great scene, this one being shared now on Spanked Sweeties. Hope you like the throwback, rarely seen scenes!

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Meet Unusual Sweetie Alice Goods

by on Jul.16, 2017, under Interviews, mother/daughter spanking

Typically when I recruit a new Spanked Sweeties model, I contact someone and ask if she was spanked growing up and if she feels comfortable talking about it on camera. Surprisingly, considering the times, many of these young ladies were and are still disciplined with spanking. Some that weren’t spanked growing up, such as recent Sweetie Chrissy Marie, still have interesting stories to talk about and we then do a role play.

Alice Goods gets a firm spanking from “mom” Snow Mercy.

Current Sweetie Alice Goods ended up on the site in the most unusual way.  First, she contacted me upon a referral from Clare Fonda, who she reached out to about shooting. When a model I was trying to get for a custom shoot couldn’t make it, I contacted Alice, who agreed to do her first ever spanking shoot – with the full blessing of the custom producer (shout-out to Ms Ash).

Alice explains to her friend Elori Stix that in this house you are never too old to get spanked

The custom was a mother/daughter shoot, and as per the custom, Snow Mercy was requested to play the mother. Alice said she got spanked often growing up, but had never been spanked since she was a teen. So we used the custom on Sweeties, and had Elori Stix, who plays her friend in the custom, interview her.  It is a brief interview, but loaded with juicy spanking memories. I’m entertaining the idea of one day shooting Alice again and having Clare talk to her more and play her mom, so we can re-enact Alice actual spankings.

Elori learns first hand just how hard “mom” Snow Mercy can spank a naughty girl

But as it stands, Alice’s Sweeties contribution is significant. It was a very real spanking she received from Snow. Her bottom got red, speckled and was VERY sore afterwards, but she wanted to take it as hard as she was able to – and then some. This tall Australian beauty also agreed to try her best American accent – which was respectable. She was a runway model there and we’re pleased as punch to have this gorgeous lady on our site.

She is game to shoot again, so perhaps I’ll shoot her more for Sweeties, and definitely for the next Exclusive Education!

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All in the Spanking Family

by on Jun.01, 2017, under Interviews, mother/daughter spanking, Spanking

Kira is the most recent lady on Spanked Sweeties.  She gives a great interview to Clare Fonda (who also plays her mom), and talks about how she grew up in a family with 11 kids, all very disciplined from the many spankings they received. This is the first spanking scene Kira has ever done and she says that she’s not really a model as much as someone who was interested in talking about her spanking experiences and re-enacting one.

Clare Fonda gets a great interview from Kira

She estimates that she was spanked well over 50 times as a naughty young girl, so you can only imagine that with 11 kids, there was some spanking being dished out nearly all the time in their household.

Kira says her mom gave her spankings with her hand, but sometimes grabbed the dreaded hairbrush

I have long wondered if spanking might be something that is dying out in our society as a form of discipline (while still going strong as foreplay), but there seems to be an endless stream of young ladies still being spanked when they act up.

This is what Kira used the cold bottle of water she asked for after Clare spanked her

Without judging whether it is an effective tool to correct bad behavior, I can say that it is good for business when it comes to this site, which is the favorite of many of our members. Hope you all enjoy and appreciate Kira’s very candid interview and excellent “mom” spanking she receives from Clare.  One cute behind the scenes note from the shoot:  Kira asked me for a cold bottle of water after shooting the scene. But she didn’t drink it – she used it to cool her bottom. Hence the above photo.  This was a very real spanking to her!

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Diversity of Moms

by on Mar.02, 2017, under Interviews, mother/daughter spanking, Spanking

Lately on Spanked Sweeties we have been featuring a wide range of moms.

Miss Cassie spanks Uma Jolle

Miss Cassie spanks Uma Jolle

Miss Cassie was mom to ultra hot Uma Joelle. I did get a few complaints that Miss Cassie didn’t spank Uma hard enough, but as you can see from this photo, Uma got very speckled. All models have a different tolerance level and Miss Cassie appreciates this.

Clare Fonda is the top mom

Clare Fonda is the top mom and she uses the belt on Violet October

Clare Fonda has always been the most popular “mom” on the sites and her giving Violet October a hard punishment definitely received some nice feedback! Of course you can look forward to a lot more Clare to come on the site.  Mother may I.

Painful to be Lana Miller's daughter - if you are naughty

Painful to be Lana Miller’s daughter – if you are naughty

Lana Miller is also widely popular and really delivered as the mom to Sunny X.  I will work on Lana shooting with a couple of non-models she knows who are super cute, have big booties, and deserve a mommy spanking according to Lana.

Julie Simone fetish superstar, meet Ami Mercury, your new daughter

Julie Simone fetish superstar, meet Ami Mercury, your new daughter

Julie Simone is a fetish superstar and can be seen delivering some great spankings to Ami Mercury. Of course many of our moms are pretty young, but Julie understands that true mom/daughter spanking fans can appreciate moms of all ages.

Is An Li really old enough to be Lola Chan's mom? Maybe not, but she's old enough to play her and give her daughter a sound spanking

Is An Li really old enough to be Lola Chan’s mom? Maybe not, but she’s old enough to play her and give her daughter a sound spanking

Which leads us to our latest Sweetie, Lola Chan, who makes her film debut on our site. Lola is interviewed and spanked by “mom” An Li, a successful LA dominatrix, who also makes her debut in this release. They are very close in age, but there is an age play factor that works to perfection in their scenes, as An Li embraces the mature mom role, and Lola acts very young (and looks very young as well).

Hope you are all enjoying the wide range of “moms.”

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Clare Fonda Back With A Vengeance

by on Oct.07, 2016, under mother/daughter spanking

In case you haven’t noticed, Clare Fonda is back on our sites in a big way. Clare left spanking modeling as a full-time gig about 4 years ago but was often seen spanking a bad girl (or guy) here and there, but now she is interviewing the models and playing mom on spanked sweeties and back spanking errant escorts on spanked call girls, not to mention taking some good ones herself.  I am always happy to have Clare’s energy back on set not to mention she looks great, even seems to be spanking harder due to yoga… sorry models!

Clare spanks Harley Havik for Spanked Sweeties

Clare spanks Harley Havik for Spanked Sweeties

Clare has been super busy as a professional comedian and has her own online live streaming talk show Saturday at midnight where she has sex with a guy she meets on the internet so yes, she is still as wild as ever and also has her own site, Jamie Foster Strips, where she gets to explore her submissive side with more hardcore activities.

See Clare on Jamie Foster Strips site!

See Clare on Jamie Foster Strips site!

I get requests for Clare to be spanked — so many like to see her sub and jamiefosterstrips has plenty of that.  More than anything it is a genre called ENF, embarrassed naked female, but Clare is getting up to all kinds of naughty MILF/cougar activities and sometimes she is actually embarrassed to let me see the site because we have been friends for so long!

She gets spanked by Nikki Knightly on Spanked Call Girls

She gets spanked by Nikki Knightly on Spanked Call Girls

I hope she stays around in the spanking world and you can check her out now on Clare Spanks Men where she is doing just want the title says. Enjoy this glamour shot of our girl and check out her sexy site.

Jamie Foster Strips is very sexy! Rrrreerrr

Jamie Foster Strips is very sexy! Rrrreerrr


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It Hurts to Laugh

by on Aug.15, 2016, under mother/daughter spanking

The current scene on Spanked Sweeties is an interview with Nikki Knightly by her fellow friend and comic Clare Fonda. Nikki was spanked often by her mom, and those were very serious spankings, but with two comics working together there were plenty of laughs behind the scenes on this shoot.

Nikki Knightly spanks Clare Fonda to fulfill her mom-spanking fantasy

Nikki Knightly spanks Clare Fonda to fulfill her mom-spanking fantasy

But the 2 spankings that Nikki gets are VERY real spankings and while they might not look extreme, Nikki will be the first to share that they were harder than she could take.

Plenty of behind-the-scenes cracking up with two comics in scene

Plenty of behind-the-scenes cracking up with two comics in scene

She had to cut a few times during the shoot and in fact at one point she jumps off Clare’s lap and runs around the room clutching her bottom and howling. Fortunately that was captured on camera and is part of the (don’t miss!) outtakes.

Clare's idea to wear a swimsuit. Try and work that into a scene.

Clare’s idea to wear a swimsuit. Try and work that into a scene.

So be sure to check those out. And follow Nikki’s twitter to keep an eye out for her next comedy show as well. She’s sure to share her pain and humor on stage. At the very least check her out on Sweeties!

Be assured Nikki too what were for her extreme spankings

Be assured Nikki took what were for her extreme spankings

She even gets to act out her long time fantasy of spanking her mom (with Clare filling in for mom here as well).

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Mother-Daughter Spanking

by on Jan.25, 2016, under mother/daughter spanking

One of the most popular dynamics in spanking dynamics is the mother-daughter spanking. I typically get a lot of favorable feedback whenever I post a really good mom/daughter spanking scene.

All time great "mom" Clare reenacts spanking with new porn star Kimberly Brix

All time great “mom” Clare reenacts spanking with new porn star Kimberly Brix

Spanked Sweeties is of course mostly parent driven spankings as that site includes an interview about a lady’s spanking experiences (which are then re-enacted).

Much to her dismay, Kimberly admitted getting spanked with a wooden spoon

Much to her dismay, Kimberly admitted getting spanked with a wooden spoon

I turn over every stone to find a good Sweeties candidate, including spanking models (Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie etc), life-stylers (Cupcake, Edanya etc.) porn stars (Kimberly Brix, Gigi Allens and so many more) and even random ladies who never considered a spanking shoot before being asked (Riley, Dylan etc). Some of those newbees even go on to do more spanking shoots for other sites.

Ashley Luvbug gets spanked by Lana for Sweeties but will also appear in EE10 part 2

Ashley Luvbug gets spanked by Lana for Sweeties but will also appear in EE10 part 2

Since mother/daughter is so popular, I’ve crossed it over on occasion to other sites, such as introducing Kay Richards’ mom (Fiona) on My Spanking Roommate, and other moms (such as Cassie and Crystal and Snow) on Spanking Sorority Girls and Spanked Call Girls and Girl Spanks Girl.

Our most successful mom/daughter spanking on Hot Girls Spanked

Our most successful mom/daughter spanking on Hot Girls Spanked

Snow Mercy plays Missy Rhodes in the most popular and successful mom/daughter spanking scene I ever released – it ran exclusively on Hot Girls Spanked and was the top selling clip ever in spanking.

Gigi spanks Goldie as big sister on Sweeties.

Gigi spanks Goldie as big sister on Sweeties.

Every site gets at least a taste of the stern mother. Sometimes Sweeties goes in slightly different directions because others have spanked naughty girls, too – such as older sisters (Gigi Allens plays Goldie Rush’s big sister up now on Sweeties), school teachers (ie Veronica Ricci plays Whitney Morgan’s First Grade teacher who really spanked her) and more.

It’s harder to find young ladies who were spanked by teachers these days, but there are still plenty of mothers who believe in a firm hand.

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This Custom Delivers

by on Jul.05, 2015, under mother/daughter spanking, Spanking

I have been discussing several possible customs in the last few weeks, most of them now looking like they won’t go into production. Some are really good ideas, but the producer bails for some reason (possibly finance related – ie he’s broke).  Others are not really something I can use on the sites.

Emily Parker and Jenna Ashley show off arguing skills

Emily Parker and Jenna Ashley show off arguing skills

But one custom now playing on Girl Spanks Girl is quite excellent and was a blast to shoot.  Emily Parker and Jenna Ashley both are quite good at adlibbing and taking off from the sound structure created by the Custom Producer.

Emily gets spanked on her jeans first.

Emily gets spanked on her jeans first.

The two are playing young daughters who come home from college and are acting up in front of their mother (played beautifully by Snow Mercy). Both girls end up getting old fashioned spankings of course.

Wasn't easy to stage this accident

Wasn’t easy to stage this accident

You should definitely check out the Outtakes because there was lots of extra dialogue that needed to be trimmed because these two over-embraced the idea of arguing and name calling (get to the spanking already) and a key moment that requires the girls to get physical and knock a wine glass into mom was challenging to capture.

Tight jeans look lovely over mom's knee

Tight jeans look lovely over mom’s knee

The spankings begin over the jeans in Part One of the saga, which is a sometimes very popular spanking niche.

Jenna Ashley  gets sore for real in her first ever spanking shoot

Jenna Ashley gets sore for real in her first ever spanking shoot

In Part Two, the girls are spanked on their already sore spanked bottoms (which is definitely true in this instance especially with Jenna, who was shooting her first ever spanking scene).  In fact, Jenna kept rubbing her bottom and saying how difficult it was for her to sit throughout the shoot.  So enjoy this shot in which they had to pull their tight jeans up over their curvy, freshly spanked bottoms.  That’s some real pain right there.

Tight jeans pulled up over freshly spanked bums

Tight jeans pulled up over freshly spanked bums

I’ll blog again about this shoot when Part 2 gets released.

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