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Veronica Ricci Gets Her Spank On With Sharon Lee

by on Jun.15, 2012, under spanked call girls


Veronica Ricci has a new scene out on Spanked Call Girls.  In the scene she visits a masseuse (played by Sharon Lee) who speaks only French.  It is a very sexy scene and the communication gap was a little frustrating to work with, but mostly it was wildly entertaining.  This is because Sharon really doesn’t understand English.

Veronica had to turn to her smart phone to translate so that Sharon could even realize that she was at a spanking shoot.  Sharon kept showing her test results and asking to see (in broken English) Veronica’s test results.  This is common for models who do sex scenes.  They show their sex test results to show they are okay to work with and want to see the other models, too.  We were trying to explain, no sex, just spanking.  But needed the translator to get the message across.  Apparently, “fessee” means spanking in French.

While there is no sex, the scene is incredibly sexy.  Veronica was definitely attracted to Sharon, and her character gropes Sharon’s and tries to get sex from her – for a generous tip of course.  Sharon ends up spanking Veronica instead of calling the police.


Veronica then overpowers the smaller girl, spanks her and rubs lotion onto Sharon’s bottom (which was a financially supported request from a fan) while Veronica mocks Sharon for having a shiny hiney and oily tushy.  Which of course she then spanks some more.

I strongly encourage anyone who reads this blog to check out Veronica’s fairly new blog called Spanking Veronica.  And please comment on a few of her posts.  I know when you start blogging it seems like no one is reading and she is definitely not getting many comments, which makes it hard to carry on.

She has some fresh ideas about spanking, she is enthusiastic about it and embraces her roles in her scenes.  She’s hot, has turned into a very good spanker – often marking other models – and she can take a heavy spanking on that sweet curvy ass.  Show her some love on her blog.  She is on the road for a while feature dancing, but she will get to replying to comments as soon as she can.

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Clare’s Last Spanking Shoot Up On Call Girls Site

by on May.17, 2012, under spanked call girls


Clare’s last spanking shoot is now running on Spanked Call Girls.  This is the last scene Clare filmed for any site.  But there will be more scenes, filmed before this one, that will pop up on our sites over the next few months.  In fact, one more scene with Clare will appear on Spanked Call Girls, and it includes two of our biggest stars giving Clare’s character a nod and a wink send-off.

But this scene, Clare last recorded spanking, definitely was a good one to go out on and it included long time friend and fantastic spanko Sarah Gregory, who has been a big part of all of our sites.  And it also included new to us, rising spanking star Christy Cutie.  She is so sweet and so bratty at the same time.  She has that delightful bubble butt, is very pretty and can take a hard spanking.  What’s not to love about Christy?!

Christy has a blog too.  As does Sarah of course.


Before we started shooting, Sarah was clowning around with Christy a little, trying to teach the youngster a little about the birds and the bees.  So things got off to an entertaining start, which I happened to catch with a sneak still.

This shoot was a little different because Christy and Sarah knew that is was going to be Clare’s last spanking shoot.  So there was a slight charge while we were shooting it, knowing that something was different.  A great run would be coming to an end.  Wonder if this will be the feeling when Meryl Streep announces that her next film will be her last?


Clare often tries to make the models laugh when I’m taking the stills.  So as a tribute, Sarah made Clare laugh.  Not with an off color comment (which is Clare’s MO), but by a sneak tickle attack – which I happened to capture with this photo.


Clare paddled Christy and Sarah.  Clare didn’t shoot many paddle scenes, but she wanted to include one in her last shoot.  She also included her standards – over the knee hand spanking and over the knee hair brush  spankings.  She excelled at those.

The scene ends with Clare spanking Sarah with a last flurry. Clare and Sarah were about to cry, as they realized the significance of the moment.  It may seem overly dramatic to say this, but two friends who were in the moment, one who has been a leader in her field for a dozen years, another a new star, and it was coming to an end for Clare.


Anyway, here is the last image taken of Clare spanking someone.  I’m glad it was Sarah.

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Missing the One and Done Models

by on Nov.16, 2011, under spanked call girls


Clare Fonda shot Tegan Summers one day for a scene that appeared in Missy Rhodes Spanked Sweeties (my last blog was about this) and she also shot one scene for Naughty Diaper Girls and one scene for Spanked Call Girls all in that one shoot.  That was it for us with Tegan, unfortunately, just that one shoot. 

Now while it is true that after one shoot with the occasional model, we might never want to shoot her again for various reasons, that is not the case with Tegan.  In fact, Clare attempted to contact her just a few weeks after that one shoot to book her again, but Tegan’s email address no longer worked.  Her contact info has apparently changed.  And the model agency I believe she was on no longer lists her among their models.  She is appears to be, as they say, out of the biz.

This mystery seems to occur about once or twice each year, when a model seems to vanish.  When it happens to someone as young as Tegan, it often invloves a jealous boyfriend.  In some cases, it involves a new life philosophy for a model that no longer includes work in the “adult” biz. 

I have no idea what happened to Tegan, but I thought she was fantastic for the sites and if she has indeed retired from this biz at the young age of 20, she will be missed!  So much potential.  That cute face.  Ability to play spoiled and bratty.  Nice bubble butt that gets red so quickly.  Sincere yelps when she gets spanked.  She is the entire package. 

So in the meantime, please check out the only two spanking scenes that Tegan Summers ever shot – the one on Spanked Sweeties, and the other now currently running on Spanked Call Girls

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Hardest FF Hand Spanking?

by on Jun.25, 2011, under spanked call girls


Often I have been asked who the hardest female spanker I have ever filmed is. 

I haven’t really been able to answer that question.  But I can say this for sure, I have never filmed a harder female spanks female hand spanking than the one recently with Miss Chris spanking Clare Fonda.chris2.JPG 

This scene can be found on Spanked Call Girls.  Miss Chris is very tall and strong and Clare was really mouthing off to her.  It was a long spanking that definitely looked hard, sounded hard, and left Clare with an extremely red bottom.  Have a look. chris3.JPG

Long after the shoot, after Miss Chris had left and I had packed all of my equipment, I was getting ready to leave and was talking to Clare when she tried to sit down.  She shot up and said “ow, my butt really hurts.”  This was not part of some video, just Clare sharing the real pain in the bootie.  Job well done, Miss Chris!

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Risks of the Hotel Shoot

by on Mar.30, 2011, under spanked call girls

Spanked Call Girls

Shooting in a hotel always holds a few extra risks than shooting in most other places.  For one thing, someone is paying for the hotel and has given his or her credit card info to the front desk.  So if someone complains about strange noises, it can lead to some odd predicaments. 

A couple of years ago, there was a Clare Fonda shoot in which somone complained to the front desk and a hotel worker knocked on the door asking for us “to keep it down.”  Fortunately, this guy didn’t come into the room or he would’ve seen movie lights and FOUR NAKED WOMEN.  Clare talked to him for about 5 minutes before he finally went away. 

A recent shoot, which is now up on Spanked Call Girls features Ten and Alicia Panettiere, along with Clare Fonda.  It brought back memories of this hotel bust because the talent was especially loud – with hard spanking and screaming.  A couple of times the girls went out in the hallway, dressed in “hooker” outfits. 

And there was plenty of loud talking from a bunch of dudes watching some sporting event (with their hotel door open) across the hallway.  But somehow, we made it through the entire shoot without getting a call or visit from the hotel management.  Just the risks we take to provide you all with the best spanking entertainment.

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Not Always the Perfect Job

by on Feb.23, 2011, under spanked call girls

Spanked Call Girls

Sometimes I get comments on the blog saying how I have the perfect job.  It’s close – working with hotties, surrounded by spanking fun, making money from all this.  But there are the odd jobs that aren’t so great.  Nena is a new model who went up recently on Spanked Call Girls

My job was simple.  Pick her up on the way to the shoot.  So I arrive outside her apartment and call her to let her know I’m there.  Only she doesn’t answer.  I try texting “I’m here to pick you up.”  Still no answer.  So I call Clare to make sure I have the correct phone and address.  I do. 

Finally, I get a text from Nena that says “b right down.”  So another 5 minutes go by and no Nena.  So I call her again – get the voice mail.  So I leave a message, if she is down, I don’t see her.  I explain what I look like.  More time goes by and now I leave a message that there is another model at the shoot and I need to be there so I must leave.  Seconds later I get a call – she is on her way out.  Soooo 3 or 4 minutes later, she actually walks up to my car.  With some dude.  Her boyfriend.  Maybe she said fiance.  He is coming along. 

At this point I don’t want to go into our “no escort on set” policy, at risk of starting the shoot late.  So they hop in the car and I drive away.  So I call Clare and mention the guy is coming, so she says “great, then she got her own ride.”  I explain, no, he is coming along for the ride.  What kind of escort/driver doesn’t have a car???  So during the shoot, there are a couple of times this guy can be heard talking loudly on his cell phone, causing us to cut. 

So at least I think he was the last straw and we will definitely no longer allow “escorts” (especially ones without cars) to hang out on our sets.  Well at least Nena was a fantastic model who had never been spanked and gave shock and awe reactions as her bottom turned BRIGHT red during her scenes.  See the photos above. 

The other model was Nikk Rogue and as you can see by the playfull behind the scenes photos, Clare LOVES working with Nikki.  Follow the arrow to see my arm reflected in the shot in the bathroom.  My arm is famous.

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A Very Madison Martin Christmas

by on Dec.26, 2010, under spanked call girls

Yesterday was Christmas and hopefully you all got what you deserved – whether you were naughty or nice.  A couple of recent shoots geared toward Christmas both included Madison Martin, who is presently sporting blonde, curly hair. 
What better way to gear up for Christmas than shooting Madison and her curvey bottom getting spanked?  The scenes are still running on My Spanking Roommate and Spanked Call Girls,  Interestingly enough, Madison let Clare know that she was a little short on year-end funds and is desperate for another shoot. 
Combine that with Clare thinking about a new studio for Clips4sale that features exlcusive scenes not on her other sites, and I see a shoot with Madison in the cards for this week.  She says she changes her hair style often lately (proof in the pictures = her hair looked brown in the Roomies shoot, but was blonde for the Call Girls shoot), so I’ll keep you posted if it’s still blonde and curly or back to brown and straight.  Or something new??
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Bootie Heaven

by on Dec.09, 2010, under spanked call girls

Mary Jane and Madison Martin
Ever since we first shot Mary Jane, I imagined a shoot that included both Mary Jane and Madison Martin, two models with heavenly bottoms.  Well Clare Fonda made that happen recently in a shoot for Spanked Call Girls
If you like beautiful women with shapely backsides, then you should definitely check this out.  It has been too long since we shot Madison, and we were surprised to find that her hair was blonde and curled – though she explained that she was just testing out this look.  Mary Jane and Madison seemed to bond and had good chemisty together. 
Just about all combinations were included in this scene – Clare spanked Madison with hand and hairbrush, then did the same to Mary Jane.  Then there was a short scene in which Mary Jane and Madison spanked each other.  It may take a while before these two are paired together again, but I know it will happen some day and when it does, the girls promise they are really going to bring hard spankings on each other.  Something to look forward to.
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