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Romanian Spanking Competition

by on May.31, 2023, under Spanking, Spanking in movies and TV, spanking in the news

A spanking model friend sent me a link about a Romanian Spanking competition VIEW LINK HERE and suggested it would make a great scene and entertaining blog post.

Clare Fonda (with accent) demonstrates her improvement on the Romanian Spanking Contest

I agreed idea was great and now the scene, starring Clare Fonda as a Romanian model trying to improve the contest, working with new spanking model Em Indica. In the actual competition, the two lady contestants take turns giving each other one whack to the bottom, with their cheeks peaking through their skimpy outfits.

Two improvements seen here include  (1) nudity and (2) the use of a paddle

The first improvement is, ten whacks at a time instead of one. The second is that the contestants are totally nude. Another improvement was including a paddle. And a final improvement was supposed to be the winner is decided when one lady taps out.

When Em learns she’s getting deferred pay she goes off script and spanks Clare hard OTK

In the real contest, it appears that either there is no winner or loser, or sometimes perhaps the crowd reaction determines a winner. Anyone else aware of this contest and can determine how it ends? It’s kind of challenging to know exactly what’s going on if you don’t speak the language.

Clare ended up with a very sore bottom after her spanking and paddling. She lost

While our scene – up now on  Girl Spanks Girl is not real, I do believe that these improvements would go a long  way to making this competition more enjoyable for spankos.

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Great Movie Spanking

by on Jun.15, 2020, under Spanking, Spanking in movies and TV

One of the reasons that spankos enjoy seeing spanking in mainstream movies is that it is a shout-out of sorts to our fetish of interest. And sometimes it’s fun to see big stars partaking in the art of make bottoms red. What I have noticed with the 100s of spanking in movies scenes I have witnessed is that 1. They are usually extremely short scenes and 2. the spanking typically features mostly reaction shots of people watching and not much spanking action.

Actress Bella Heathcote models what inspired the outfit for Wonder Woman

I recently stumbled onto a fantastic spanking scene in a movie called Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, which I found on Showtime. It is based on the true story of the man who created the Wonder Woman comic. He has a wife and they beginning have a relationship with one of his students. Both husband wife.  The student is played by the beautiful Bella Heathcote. Bella is in a sorority and during an initiation process, she puts one of the pledges over her knee for a long spanking with a paddle.

This scene gets my vote for best spanking scene in a mainstream movie. The movie is very good even without this scene and really examines real life fetish experiences.

The husband and wife are secretly watching. And all 3 get turned on by the spanking. It does have a lot of reaction shots, like the typical mainstream movie spanking scene, but it also is much longer, so includes a lot of spanking action, too.

In my opinion, it is the best spanking scene in a mainstream movie and if you’re into that sort of thing you should check it out!

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What is Wrong With Society?

by on Sep.30, 2014, under Spanking in movies and TV, spanking in the news

Okay my blog headline may be a bit of an over-reaction, but seriously, I have been reading a lot about people protesting the yet to be released movie 50 SHADES OF GREY.

Here is the trailer so you can judge the buzz for yourself.


What it shows is mostly talking, lots of arty looking shots, a couple of quick shots of the female lead tied up, and the closest it comes to depicting any actual “violence against women” is when the male leads rubs a little leather flogger against her back. It looks consensual in ever regard.

Now contrast this with the new Angelina Jolie directed film about to come out called UNBROKEN.

Here is the trailer for that film.

Maybe Angelina prepped for "Unbroken" by spanking herself?

Maybe Angelina prepped for “Unbroken” by spanking herself?

In the 2 min. trailer it shows a guy spanking his son. As an adult, he ends up in a war prison where he is beaten repeatedly, shown graphically in this short trailer.

Why is this violence socially acceptable, available to anyone who has a computer and internet service, when 50 SHADES can’t seem to even depict one single bit of contact and still causes protests and outcries? Is it because the violence in one of these movies is probably leading to a sexual relationship?

Even though it is implied to be consensual? Is  it because the implied violence is from man to woman?  While the other is the more acceptable male/male violence (though clearly not consensual)?

Come on, world, what’s a little spanking among consenting adults?  Isn’t that better than watching a bunch of guys whacking one guy over and over with their fists and sticks?

My advice?  Skip both movies, stay home and watch some scenes from my sites.

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Big Booty Confession

by on Sep.23, 2010, under Spanking in movies and TV

Big Butts
I confess.  Like the song says “I love big butts I cannot lie.”  The photo above has 3 of my all time favorite booties belonging to (from left to right) Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardasian and Eva Mendez
If things go according to plan, there will be a shoot this Saturday featuring Mary Jane for Spanked Sweeties.  The three booty beauties pictured above have nothing on Mary Jane.  After the shoot, I will post a photo on the blog. 
Mary Jane will be exclusive to Clare Fonda Productions and I am predicting big things for this young lady.  So be on the lookout for a Mary Jane booty sighting.
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More on “Killer Inside Me”

by on Sep.14, 2010, under Spanking in movies and TV

Spanking in Movies
I finally watched THE KILLER INSIDE ME on DVD and was surprised to discover that it had THREE spanking scenes, not just the two now famous Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba’s spankings.  The one with Jessica Alba is fairly lengthy, Kate Hudson gets about 5 swats on the bare bottom. 
And they cut to a young (incredibly) kinky mom (played by Caitlin Turner) who has marks on her bare behind she says are left from her husband.  Then she spanks herself with her hand and invites her young son to spank her, too.  The movie is not easy to watch because Casey Affleck’s  character beats his girlfriends sensely, which no spanko wants to see.  But the spanking scenes are pretty good.
 They seem very real.  And knowing that for each shot, there were many, many takes, and with all the different angles to cover the scene, no doubt these three starlets, all spanked on the bare, were pretty sore after filming their spanking scenes.
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Spanking in Movies and TV

by on Jul.15, 2010, under Spanking in movies and TV

Jessica Alba SpankedKate Hudson Spanked
So as most of you by now must be aware, there are many, many movies and TV shows old and new that feature scenes with spankings included.  Most of the scenes are typically M/F, but you can definitely find some F/F if you look hard enough – especially in older foreign films.  Classic spankings from movies have included “McClintock,” and recently “Secretary,” in which the scenes are pivotal plot points.  And in TV shows like “I Love Lucy” and “Bewitched” have provided spankings that have helped mold fantasies. 
There is a new film out now called THE KILLER INSIDE ME, which claims not one, but TWO spanking scenes, both with mega hot chicks getting spanked – Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson.  Jessica’s spanking can already be found all over the web, even though the film is still only in theaters (good luck finding one showing it though).  But we will have to wait until the film is released on DVD to see Kate Hudson getting her spanking, which she talks about all over the internet.  As someone who has filmed fight scenes and well as spanking scene in feature films, you should know that spankings aren’t faked for film. 
You can hide a punch in a film by using forced perspective – meaning with one character’s back to the camera, a “miss” will look like a punch has landed – with the help of the actor selling the punch and a good sound effect.  But screen spanking is real.  No forced perspective – thankfully.  And there are many takes – and multiple angles.  So if Kate Hudson looks like she gets 5 or 6 swats in the film, it means that she probably got as many as 100 swats. 
And she claims that she was giggling through her spanking scene (nervous laughter no doubt) and that some of the smacks really hurt.  Most likely, she was very sore from the real spanking she gave for her art.  Thanks Kate and Jessica for taking one (or 100) for the team.
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