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by on Jun.12, 2023, under Spanking, spanking in the news

Young Lexi Holland is an amazing switch. I shot her first spanking scene nearly 2 years ago and have included her in many shoots since then.

Lexi Holland is a genuine spanko and rising spanking model who can really take a spanking

She is an excellent bottom, who can take a sound spanking and has great reactions.

Lexi Holland can give a sound spanking and turn a bottom red.  She does sessions too

This cutie can also be a stern top and deliver a good spanking as well.

Lexi just started a Twitter page a few days ago so please follow her on Twitter.

And keep an eye out for her new clips store which will open in a month or two, and an Only Fans page that she is building content for now.

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Romanian Spanking Competition

by on May.31, 2023, under Spanking, Spanking in movies and TV, spanking in the news

A spanking model friend sent me a link about a Romanian Spanking competition VIEW LINK HERE and suggested it would make a great scene and entertaining blog post.

Clare Fonda (with accent) demonstrates her improvement on the Romanian Spanking Contest

I agreed idea was great and now the scene, starring Clare Fonda as a Romanian model trying to improve the contest, working with new spanking model Em Indica. In the actual competition, the two lady contestants take turns giving each other one whack to the bottom, with their cheeks peaking through their skimpy outfits.

Two improvements seen here include  (1) nudity and (2) the use of a paddle

The first improvement is, ten whacks at a time instead of one. The second is that the contestants are totally nude. Another improvement was including a paddle. And a final improvement was supposed to be the winner is decided when one lady taps out.

When Em learns she’s getting deferred pay she goes off script and spanks Clare hard OTK

In the real contest, it appears that either there is no winner or loser, or sometimes perhaps the crowd reaction determines a winner. Anyone else aware of this contest and can determine how it ends? It’s kind of challenging to know exactly what’s going on if you don’t speak the language.

Clare ended up with a very sore bottom after her spanking and paddling. She lost

While our scene – up now on  Girl Spanks Girl is not real, I do believe that these improvements would go a long  way to making this competition more enjoyable for spankos.

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Spanking Sites Getting Censored

by on Mar.12, 2022, under Spanking, spanking in the news

In my opinion the cancel culture we hear so much about doesn’t come from a specific political party, but rather it is extremists across the spectrum forcing their will onto others in order to get things removed from existence based on their own beliefs.  My secondary billing company has required me to remove yet another clip from the web.

This Governess scene with Syren De Mer and Kay Richards was canceled for mentioning “pot”

The first time they made me remove a scene was on Girl Spanks Girl and it was  because there was a reference to smoking “pot.” Of course now pot is legal, so maybe I’ll explore putting that Episode back up.  Though I suspect they will still have me leave it down because it refers to an altered state of mind, as drinking does.

This scene (#48) with Chloe Elise and Snow Mercy has been canceled by a billing company

This week I was told they would no longer support my billing if I didn’t remove a scene from My Spanking Roommate in which Snow Mercy plays a character who is drunk, and then gets spanked, implying the spanking is not consensual.  My members are all over 18 years old and I have no doubt they won’t be negatively influenced by watching a model pretending to be drunk for a spanking scene.

I have been told by someone who knows more about the cancel culture than I do, that this specific incident is part of a religious movement backed by lots of money pressuring Credit Card companies to heavily regulate the adult business to remove all “undesirable” elements.

Poindexter’s job is to watch great scenes like this and decide you aren’t capable of watching it

So they hire a dude named Poindexter to watch a bunch of porn to make sure it’s “compliant.” I don’t even know what to say about this other then it really seems ludicrous to me and maybe Poindexter could apply his skill set to something more useful to society.  Like maybe he could get all the clips that are stolen and released on pirated sites taken down instead of telling what entertainment adults are able to enjoy or not.

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Pirates Have Virus

by on Apr.04, 2020, under Interviews, Spanking, spanking in the news

Unfortunately for spanking site producers who are having some issues during the Pandemic, the amount of piracy has been sky rocketing, making matters even worse. Lots of extra time for unethical individuals to join sites with their stolen credit cards and then post our content all over the pirate and file share sites.

Not sure why, but this is my most pirated clip: it appears on

I have had extra time to contact the pirate sites and send notice for them to take down scenes lifted from my membership sites. Sometimes I am successful, other times not so much. It is a real threat to our business. But by visiting many of the sites that are pirating content, I have discovered one thing that might help save some memberships.

The second most pirated scene stars Clare Fonda and Sailor Moon

It’s the growing level of computer viruses infecting many of these pirate sites. If you visit some of these sites, you will discover a few warning signs.  The more you watch clips on these sites, the more pop ups you will discover.  I use a lot of anti-virus software – and when I patrol the pirate sites to locate illegal use of my copyrighted content, I can see the amount of viruses that are appearing and that number is off the charts.

Another highly pirated scene stars Mia Vallis and Elori Stix

You may not the computer viruses on the pirate sites right away but they are definitley attacking your computers when you play the clips from these pirate sites, seeking personal info and infecting some of your software. Would you really trust a site that shamelessly posts content they know is stolen and posted illegally?

And who doesn’t love to steal a scene set in a church with a sexy nun?

Personally, I have stopped playing my own clips on these pirate sites even though it helps to identify them and now only use the frame grab they have posted for each stolen scene.  This is the only way I can be sure to avoid computer viruses and attacks that attempt identity theft.

Consider this blog post a public service announcement to be careful (now more than ever) what content you choose to view on the internet “free” sites that feature only “shared” or stolen footage from other legitimate membership sites.

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Handmaid Spanking – Not Consentual

by on Jun.16, 2018, under Spanking, spanking in the news

The show “Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu is quite compelling and thought-provoking. In a nutshell, it is set in the slight future where babies are harder to produce and a religious sector takes over the United States and makes women second class citizens, much like they were made to be many years ago.

There is a commander who is a driving force behind this crazy society – and his wife who once helped their revolution, now is his “wife” in the oldest (they suggest Biblical) sense – in that she is not permitted to work or act on any of her own thoughts without her husband’s permission. While I was watching Season 2, Episode 8 recently, she defied her husband’s order and tried to help a baby.

When he calls her out, she asks him “what is more important than helping a baby?” He answers “obeying your husband.” Then I’m thinking, “is he going to spank her? This looks like a setup for a spanking scene.”  Sure enough, he has her bend over a chair, he takes off his belt and spanks her, even making the Handmaid who was part of her defiance, watch.

And after, they show her looking at her marked up butt in the mirror. This was not exactly fun to watch for me because I’m only into consentual  spanking. It can be forceful if agreed to in advance (this scene wasn’t).  But check it out if you get Hulu. The show is very powerful and intense. And decide for yourself if this spanking scene is a turn-on or simply another excellent scene to drive the story (and make you despise the commander even more).

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8 Spanking Wonders of the World

by on Nov.08, 2016, under Spanking, spanking in the news, Spanking Interviews

A friend of mine recently visited one of the 8 Wonders of the World and it got me thinking, there should be an 8 Spanking Wonders of the World.  After “googling” the “8 Spanking Wonders of the World” I quickly discovered they don’t exist. So here is my first attempt to identify them.

Walk around Wallmart enough and your bound to see some booties like this

Walk around Wallmart enough and your bound to see some booties like this

8. WALLMART SPANKINGS – Well if you check out articles about the weird store, you will find that there are some instances of parents spanking their kids, and hot chicks (along with some rather large men and women) who enjoy showing off their booties.  Maybe this one is a bit of a stretch, but I needed 8 so I started here.

Shot quite a few scenes for Spanked Call Girls at Fetcon

Shot quite a few scenes for Spanked Call Girls at Fetcon

7.  FETCON – I have attended the annual Fetish Convention in Florida only once, but marveled at this large gathering of kinky folks there to honer all thinks, well…. kinky.  Which of course includes plenty of spanking. Spanking, along with other fetishes, seemed to break out at the hotel left and right – so it was hard to know where to look. I filmed lots of spanking there, so I have plenty of photos to wonder at.

Typical class offered at Pleasure Chest

Typical class offered at Pleasure Chest

6.  PLEASURE CHEST – Wherever you live (other than perhaps Utah) there is most likely a place such as the Pleasure Chest, that sells all kinds of kinky toys, such as paddles and whips. In LA we also have the Stockroom, that also sells such delights, and both places offer classes taught by experts (many of whom have shot with me). I know Koko Kitten, Snow Mercy and Bella Bathory have all taught classes on spanking at these establishments. I only mentioned the Pleasure Chest because I haven’t yet checked out the Stockroom.

Photo shared from Burning Man

Photo shared from Burning Man

5. BURNING MAN – I haven’t attended this one, but many of my models have told me all about the “wild” things that go down in this annual weekend of joy in the desert, including plenty of spanking.

Christie Stevens re-enacts a real spanking she gave at a strip club

Christie Stevens re-enacts a real spanking she gave at a strip club

4. STRIP CLUBS – I have witnessed first hand plenty of spanking at strip clubs.  Whether it was strippers spanking each other or spanking customers on their birthday, take a trip to your local club and you are likely to witness at least a few butt slaps, if not a full on spanking. Personally, I went to the strip club in Vegas where they filmed “Showgirls” and had a stripper with the most amazing bottom tell me I could spank her in their private room. That has to be one of the Spanking Wonders. And in her Spanked Sweeties interview, Christie Stevens talked about being a stripper and giving many spankings, and we re-enacted one.

If you don't finish your meal at the Heart Attack Cafe, you get paddled in public

If you don’t finish your meal at the Heart Attack Grill, you get paddled in public

3.  HEART ATTACK GRILL – If you haven’t been to one – the one I attended was in Vegas – you should. At least if you want to wonder at how people who can’t finish his/her ridiculously large meals go up in public and are paddled by hot, scantily clad waitresses.  And really hard is some instances.

This was a re-enactment for Sweeties of a real spanking that Kitten Tits experienced at a dungeon

This was a re-enactment for Sweeties of a real spanking that Kitten Tits experienced at a dungeon

2.  SANCTUARY LAX – This is a dungeon in LA (there are many here including the Dominon) where you can pay to spank or be spanked. For the most part, the attractive and experienced ladies who work here will grant your greatest fantasy. Over the years, many of our spanking models have worked at dungeons such as this, from Clare Fonda to Harley Havick. Wonderful, wonderful.

Clare Fonda first spanked Sarah Gregory and Amy Hunter at a Shadow Lane convention

Clare Fonda first spanked Sarah Gregory and Amy Hunter at a Shadow Lane convention

1. SHADOW LANE CONVENTION – Where as FetCon is a convention that covers all kink, the Shadow Lane Convention, which is held in Vegas around Labor Day weekend each year, is all about spanking. There are parties where old friends spank new friends, new friends spank new friends and well, everyone can spank everyone if they agree to “play.” I have attended many over the years and have met many wonderful spankos, many of whom I have filmed for the sites. Tony and Eve, who run the convention, are super nice and very approachable. And they really know how to throw a spanking party!!

So here they are – the 8 Spanking Wonders of the World.  What am I forgetting or leaving out?

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Girl Spanks Girl Site Gets New Format

by on Mar.27, 2016, under Spanking, spanking in the news, Top Spanking Sites

In the next day or two, the Girl Spanks Girl site will be getting a new format structure. Moving from Dreamweaver to a more automated system of updating will allow for updates to be done remotely, meaning when I’m out of the office for a time, members aren’t stuck with a bunch of updates all on one day. Also, it should be better organized once I get past all of the glitches of making the conversion. So bare with me on that one, please.

Now that's what I call "SHORT" shorts

Now that’s what I call “SHORT” shorts

I’m also in the process of remastering some more episodes on this site, and possibly a few on other sites as well. Also, I plan to add a few scenes that were shot exclusively for the clips store Hot Girls Spanked. These will be scenes that I felt were quite excellent but didn’t sell well on the clips store, meaning they haven’t really been seen much and deserve a better fate.

Amelea discovers that Angela Sommers has learned how to spank hard

Amelea discovers that Angela Sommers has learned how to spank hard

I’ll release those in longer segments in deference to the few members who may have already purchased those scenes on Hot Girls Spanked. But the rest of you I assure will enjoy seeing some of these gems.

The first scene released in new site format coming soon

The first scene released in new site format coming soon

The first scene that will be released in the new site format is Bad Plumber Day Four, starring Angela Sommers and Amelea Dark. It’s the hardest spanking of the series. Christina Carter will appear in the next episode of this series, along with Angela, so that is something to look forward to down the road. In the meantime, I hope you guys appreciate the subtle changes to our flagship site Girl Spanks Girl.

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Bunny Lain in the News

by on Oct.25, 2015, under spanked call girls, spanking in the news

Occasionally a model I have worked with will pop up in a news story (hello who is Charlie Sheen getting caught with this time?).

For about one week recently, Bunny Lain was all over the news, as she was apparently with Lamar Odom when he passed out. Exactly what Bunny was doing with him is not clear, but here is an article about some of the events.

Bunny gets spanked on

Bunny gets spanked on

Bunny has appeared in a handful of spanking scenes for our sites. I found her to be very sweet, a bit quiet, and really into spanking. Not saying that Lamar is into spanking, too, but that would be cool if he is and understandable (hello big booty Kardasians).

Perhaps Lamar is a fan of Spanking Sorority Girls

Perhaps Lamar is a fan of Spanking Sorority Girls

I have actually met Lamar a couple of times, and did some photo work with him.  He also seemed very cool and somewhat quiet. There was some speculation about Bunny trying to get publicity over this (I doubt it but if true then so what?). They say she was distraught over Lamar’s condition, and I believe that.  If you have a heart, why wouldn’t you be? And Bunny seemed very thoughtful.

Bettie Bondage teaches Bunny how to walk like a call girl. Success Bettie!

Bettie Bondage teaches Bunny how to walk like a call girl. Success Bettie!

You can find Bunny on My Spanking Roommate, Spanking Sorority Girls and Spanked Call Girls (hello irony).

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Melt Her Spanksicle

by on Feb.08, 2015, under spanking in the news

For those who saw the Super Bowl halftime show, you witnessed firsthand Katy Perry dancing with sharks.  If you didn’t see it, in short, there was a right shark and a left shark dancing next to her and the left shark was way off book, went a little crazy and has been a bit of an internet sensation (fading fast however).

Don't try to make money off those shark images!

Don’t try to make money off those shark images!

Where things get interesting, some guy tried to capitalize on the Left Shark by trying to sell some 3D print images etc. Well, Katy’s lawyers jumped all over this and are threatening this guy big time.  READ STORY.  So instead he’s giving his “shark” merchandise away.

Is Katy ready for her punishment?

Is Katy ready for her punishment?

Was he going to get rich quick?  Doubt it.  Was this guy exploiting Katy Perry?  No, just someone in a shark costume, if that’s possible. Was Katy Perry on board with this herself or just something she lets her lawyers handle?  Hard to say.  But if she is, of course she needs a spanking for picking on the little guy.

Rhianna says Katy can spank her, but who really deserves a spanking?

Rhianna says Katy can spank her, but who really deserves a spanking?

Rhianna tweeted last year that she was game for a spanking from Katy Perry for not inviting her to some party.  Well I am here to nominate Rhianna to give Katy the spanking she deserves for trying to take ownership of the image of someone in a shark costume.  Someone needs to melt Katy’s Popsicle.

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Opportunity For Real Life Punishment

by on Dec.17, 2014, under Spanking, spanking in the news

In case you guys didn’t see this ARTICLE about the daughter of the Korean Airlines Chairman, who was so upset when she was served nuts in a bag and not on a plate that she ordered a worker off the plane, forcing it to return to a NY airport, well here is a spanking waiting to happen.  Read the article for all of the details, but basically it is about a dad who is embarrassed by the actions of his spoiled daughter, admitting publicly that he did a poor job of raising her.

Koko Kitten may not be Korean, but she knows hot to take a spanking!

Koko Kitten may not be Korean, but she knows hot to take a spanking!

Hey dad, it’s never too late to teach her a real, old fashioned lesson. Perhaps even publicly.  Taking suggests for just the right model to play the spoiled girl who gets the painful spanking!

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