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Halloween Spanking Time

by on Oct.27, 2017, under Spanking

As we discuss pretty much every year around this time, Halloween makes the best time of year for spanking. Ladies wearing sexy costumes with their bottoms hanging out. Lots of booze consumption. Tricks. Treats. Spanking is in the air, and not just the Harvey Weinstein force-you-into- it type of situation. I’m talking consensual spankings. Well sort of.

Misty Lovelace brought her own costume she wanted to get spanked in

In our first offering, on Spanked Call Girls, madam Clare spanks her niece for dressing too sexy. Misty Lovelace has a super cute pouty face and nice round bottom. Of course Misty thinks she should dress how she wants and her aunt is a madam, but Clare doesn’t want Misty to stray, so she gives her some old fashioned discipline in her wonder woman Halloween costume (that Misty happily brought to the shoot hoping to get spanked in – glad to accommodate).

Dreaming of genie? Careful what you wish for.

On Spanked Veronica Works, every day is Halloween as this is a costume-driven site. But as the favorable comments indicate, the genie costume means a lot to our members.

If you get 3 wishes, save one for spanking the genie

No doubt inspired by fantasies of spanking Barbara Eden (I Dream of Genie). In this episode, Emily Parker and Chloe James encounter Veronica Ricci’s genie, who spanks them for their first 2 bad wishes. But they use their third wish to spank her.

Can you dress too slutty? And get spanked for it?

On Girl Spanks Girl, Elori Stix gets spanked hard by Stevie Rose for losing the costume competition at their Halloween party. Stevie believes they lost because Elori convinced Stevie to dress sexy, and the winners wore more old fashioned costumes, like Stevie had planned to wear. This is based on a friend’s real life story. But in that case, she gave her roommate one swat on the bottom as “punishment” but here Stevie goes to town on Elori’s curvy bottom.

Clown Elori gets caned by Madam Snow

And finally the clowns are back, this time on Spanked Call Girls, which gets a second Halloween scene. Elori Stix and Nova are supposed to be decorating the place for a sexy Halloween party. But they have barely done anything, just blown up a couple of balloons.  Head clown Madam Snow is not tolerating their incompetence. She spanks each clown over her knee before caning Elori and paddling Nova.

Nova gets marked on this first ever spanking scene she shot

This is actually this first of the clown spankings we shot this day. And the paddle marked Nova before our other scenes (oops).

Well, hope you all have a Happy Halloween that includes some form of spanking, even if it is just checking out these scenes on our sites!

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Top 13 Spanking Scenes of 2015

by on Dec.30, 2015, under Spanking

The past few years I have been picking my top 10 (ish) spanking scenes of the year. Since it is my opinion (which stems from years of high end experience in the world of spanking of course), I get to make the rules for my list. I couldn’t narrow it down to 10, so you get the top 13 scenes of 2015 today.

And they are all female-female spanking scenes, which are my personal favorite and I tend to appreciate more than m/f scenes (no dudes = better scene is my formula).

And sure, all of these scenes happen to have been released on my sites, but since I know what I think is great, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

And many of the best known spanking superstars (along as a few new rising stars) are all featured. Here is the list, in reverse order.

Does Lana Lopez really live in her mom's greenhouse?

13. Does Lana Lopez really live in her mom’s greenhouse?

13. Lana Lopez announced that she could take and give harder spankings then she had been, so Veronica Ricci took her to task for this scene on Spanked Call Girls. Lana was telling the truth as she gets spanked super hard and returns the favor. Both ladies were marked for days.

Maddy Marks test Jenna Rose's limits with a huge pledge paddle

12. Maddy Marks test Jenna Rose’s limits with a huge pledge paddle

12. Jenna Rose was yet another model who wanted to challenge her level and Maddy Marks obliged by pushing Jenna’s limits and taking all that Jenna could deliver in this scene for Spanking Sorority Girls.

11. French maid spanking actually shot in France!

11. French maid spanking actually shot in France!

11. In this scene in which Veronica Ricci plays a French maid (honestly shot in France) Snow Mercy and Nikki Rogue join in for a high energy scene with everyone spanking everyone for Spanking Veronica Works.

Ivy Wood was a very popular Sweeties!

10. Ivy Sherwood was a very popular Sweeties!

10. Ivy Sherwood was spanked growing up and Lana Miller was thrilled to plays this cutie’s mom who delivers the goods on Spanked Sweeties.

Veronica dominates Karla Kush

9. Veronica dominates Karla Kush

9. Veronica Ricci tries to quit the biz. on Spanked Call Girls, so she receives a spanking from Karla Kush. But when Veronica decides to return the spanking pain, Karla is totally dominated by this angry lady.

There was lots of buzz with Gigi Allens as a dreamy genie

8. There was lots of buzz with Gigi Allens as a dreamy genie

8. The always popular Gigi Allens really delivers a gem as the genie spanking the spoiled Goldie on Girl Spanks Girl.

Angela Sommers is new to spanking, but an instant star

7. Angela Sommers is new to spanking, but an instant star

7. Angela Sommers was perhaps the greatest addition to the spanking world in 2015 as she proves in this scene with Amelea Dark for Spanking Sorority Girls.

One of the best outdoor spankings scenes you will ever find with 2 committed spanking stars

6. One of the best outdoor spankings scenes you will ever find with 2 committed spanking stars

6. Veronica Ricci and Ashley Rose play “native Americans” in this wild scene for Spanking Veroinca Works. One of the best outdoor spanking scenes I have ever come across.

Clare comes back to spank the feisty Celeste Star

6. Clare comes back to spank the feisty Celeste Star

5. When someone misbehaves like Celeste Star did, she gets spanked by her mom (the great Clare returns for this classic) on Spanked Sweeties.

Kay Richards and Madison Martin square off again in 200th episode

4. Kay Richards and Madison Martin square off again in 200th episode

4. Brought together at members’ request for the 200th episode, Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) and Madison Martin spank each other again – really long and hard with each of their least favorite implement – the hairbrush on My Spanking Roommate.

Veronica Ricci and Gigi Allens are electric together!

3. Veronica Ricci and Gigi Allens are electric together!

3. Two of our most popular, talented and beautiful models squared of as pilot and flight attendant in this spectacular scene on Spanking Veronica Works.

Snow canes Bella. Welcome to the sites!

2. Snow canes Bella. Welcome to the sites!

2. This was the first spanking scene that Mistress Bella Bathory appears in and she gets topped by one of the all time greats in Snow Mercy. Bella is a very successful dominatrix, but was game to take a brutal spanking (with many implements) that left her marked for days from her good friend Snow.  Appears on Girl Spanks Girl.

Spank Club - best spanking scene of 2015

1. Spank Club – best spanking scene of 2015

1. The top scene goes to SPANK CLUB which appeared on Spanking Veronica Works. It includes some of the top spanking models, a total of 9 ladies and lots of hard, real spanking with a variety of implements – with a creative idea that was perfectly executed.

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Happy Easter

by on Apr.05, 2015, under Spanking

Happy Easter from CF Worldwide.  In honor of the day, here is a photo from a scene from last year that ran on Spanked Call Girls and features two beautiful bunnies.

Easter bunnies Ashley Rose and Veronica Ricci

Easter bunnies Ashley Rose and Veronica Ricci

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Seeing Red

by on Mar.09, 2015, under Spanking

Some cynical (or uninformed) people are under the assumption that a successful spanking is one that simply yields photos of red and/or marked bottoms. After many years of shooting spanking scenes, I am here to tell you that the amount of red on a model’s bottom in a photo might or might not have any correspondence to how painful her spanking was.

First, while I don’t use Photoshop to alter photos to make model’s bottoms appear to be red (or redder than they are), I know of some companies that do precisely that. Using filters or other tools to add redness or marks.

Second, photos are taken sometimes quite a while after a model has been spanked, especially on my sites, which have a lot of switching in scenes, so the model who was spanked first might lose some or all of her redness by the time she is finished spanking the other model or models in the scene and it comes time to shoot the stills, which are shot after the video is completed.

Thirdly, some models have skin that marks easily, even if she wasn’t spanked very hard, and some you can spank over and over again with everything including the kitchen sink and she barely shows any red. So in this case, of course, it is very difficult to judge how much the spanking hurt just by looking at a photo.

Ashley Rose holds her marks long after a shoot

Ashley Rose holds her marks long after a shoot

In the above photo, Ashley Rose was caned, paddled and spanked hard.  Ashley has skin that marks quite easily and holds the marks for days. So she is great for photos taken long after the spanking was  filmed.

It takes A LOT to get marks or even redness to show on Christy Cutie

It takes A LOT to get marks or even redness to show on Christy Cutie

In the above photo, from a Spanking Sorority Girls scene, Christy Cutie was punished just as hard as Ashley was in her scene, but instead of a cane, she received whacks with a wooden bath brush and large wooden paddle.  In this scene, Christy was filmed being punished by Veronica, who was then punished by Christy. So by the time it came to shooting photos, Christy, who did get red while her punishment was being filmed, had completely lost her redness by the time the still photos were taken. And it’s not like you can give her a few swats before taking the photos to get her red again. So while she had an equal punishment level to Ashley, you can clearly see the two different results – one bottom looks blistered,the other barely touched.

Veronica shows her redness fairly well if spanked hard enough

Veronica shows her redness fairly well if spanked hard enough

In the above photo,Veronica was spanked by Christy in this same scene on Spanking Sorority Girls. The photo was taken closer to the time of the actual spanking, but Veronica also holds her redness more than Christy, so her bottom looks more punished, even though it was pretty much a draw (or you could argue that Veronica was spanked less severely than Christy was, but looks like she got it harder).

Sometimes lighting and photo contrast effect the amount of redness you see

Sometimes lighting and photo contrast effect the amount of redness you see

In the above photo, taken of Veronica on a different Spanking Sorority Girls shoot, you can see that her bottom looks more marked than the previous photo. It was a similar level punishment, but the one harder paddle whack left a lasting mark on her right butt cheek.  Also, the lighting on this day allowed for more contrast, which shows more punch to the redness.  So sometimes, a fourth factor in how punished a bottom looks in a photo can be how the lighting and contrast can effect images differently.

The “bottom” line is you can’t always judge how hard a bottom was punished by looking at a photo taken (who knows how long) after the actual punishment. Since frame grabs can’t measure up to the quality of a photo taken from a pro still camera, we will continue to take photos after the scene is finished.

And you can use the photos as a guide, but trust what you see in the video!

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No Cuts or Plenty of Outtakes?

by on Jan.20, 2015, under Spanking

Ideally, I would shoot a long scene with no reason to stop until the scene is completed.  Usually means a nice flow, and WAY easier to edit (just sync the cameras and go through the best angles from each one).  Every time we need to stop for some reason, it means re-synching the shots for the editing processs, etc.

No stopping on EE9 shoot means another scene for another site

No stopping on EE9 shoot means another scene for another site

In EE9, from Girl Spanks Girl, it was one continuous take, with no stopping, which is pretty amazing considering how many models were involved and how long the scene was.  Also had 4 cameras, two operators and a very complicated scene.  But without stopping, that means no outtakes or bloopers.

Well, if you follow the sites, you’ll see PLENTY of outtakes and bloopers.  The number one cause is when a fairly new model is not sure how to continue a scene and just needs to stop and get more direction. Sometimes a model gets a case of the giggles and we must stop for that.

On some occasions, with multiple models, someone  will show up while we’re shooting a scene.  A knock on the door.  Cut.

Hard for Veronica to concentrate when doing a scene with sexy Gigi Allens

Hard for Veronica to concentrate when doing a scene with sexy Gigi Allens

The current scene on Spanking Veronica Works (which is quite spectacular btw with the amazing Veronica Ricci and stunning Gigi Allens) has a pretty nice outtake caused when the spanking didn’t go quite as long as planned – so the models continued with some great dialogue and a few extras swats while bent over, but we cut and reset to over-the-knee.

Not an outtake - that's a real spanking right there. Ouch!

Not an outtake – that’s a real spanking right there. Ouch!

  So that extra part of the scene now appears on the outtakes. You get the idea.  Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes you get an extra part of a scene.

Outtakes/bloopers fun to watch vs. No stopping which makes my job easier. A little of both.

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Mystery Photos

by on Jun.18, 2014, under Spanking, spanking sorority girls

Having shot thousands of scenes over the years, I rarely have taken a photo that turned out to be a mystery. The basic format goes like this – we typically do a few scenes per shoot.

After each scene, we take a set of photos that come as close to what we filmed for the scene as possible. But every once in a while, when there are multiple models, and things are getting rather harried, we might not exactly remember what we filmed during the scene.

But again, it is almost always  spot on or very close. But upon editing the photos for the current scene up on Spanking Sorority Girls, with Ashley Rose, Aaliyah Love and Veronica Ricci, I found some mysterious photos.

Veronica spanks Ashley in photos, but not in video

Veronica spanks Ashley in photos, but not in video

Now with three girls all supposed to spank each other, some lifted others, some kissed others, a very complicated back story was included, well, somehow when shooting the scene, Veronica doesn’t spank Ashley.

Too bad we didn't film something like this

Too bad we didn’t film something like this

But we didn’t realize that when we took the photos.  Hence, there are photos of Veronica spanking Ashley, and even Veronica kissing Aaliyah while she spanked Ashley. They look great.

And upon seeing them, I checked all the video footage from that day just to be certain we didn’t film that gold.  We didn’t. Still a great scene, including a few mystery photos!

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Powerful Bonus Spanking

by on Nov.15, 2013, under Spanking, Spanking Interviews

I have done three interesting shoots this past week.

Jenna Rose spanks Maddy Marks

The first, with Maddy Marks and Jenna Rose was outstanding. We did a very traditional spanking scene that will appear on Girl Spanks Girl in which Jenna did a great job playing a stern, no-nonsense nurse who spanks the bratty Maddy very hard, with her hand and a powerful wooden paddle. Maddy can take a good one, so it was all good stuff!

Maddy’s revenge

Of course Maddy can give a find spanking, too. So Jenna gets a chance to see her bottom turn red.

New models were erotic, but light

The next shoot was all erotic spanking for a few of my sites, with two new models named Sunny Marie and Maryjane Mahem. This one was trouble in that I simply could not convince the models to spank each other with any kind of authority. Fortunately since it is erotic in nature, the lighter spanking is usually more accepted.

There is more to the story of this shoot, and it involves my friend Clare Fonda, who I texted during the shoot for suggestions. I’ll leave that as a mystery now, but Clare and I developed a plan during the shoot that will present itself in a few weeks from now.

“Mom” Lorelei spanks bratty daughter Christie

The most recent shoot was probably the most significant of the three, as it delivers excellent scenes for multiple sites, and starred three super models in the new Christie Stevens and the veterans Veronica Ricci and Lorelei Mission. Christie will appear in a few months as a Spanked Sweeties.

So what does this all have to do with my headline of “Powerful Bonus Spanking?” you ask. Well just from these three shoots, you will see such a range of how hard one lady will spank another. Sometimes very hard, sometimes, very light (even though she is capable of spanking harder – as Ms. Mahem declared – she CAN spank harder but she WON’T spank harder).

Even Snow Mercy can’t believe how hard Nikki is spanking Veronica for “fun”

There is a bonus spanking scene up on Girl Spanks Girl, as a part of the EE8 series – Part 2. Without any lighting, as this was an impromptu spanking that Nikki Rogue gave Veronica Ricci while we were just sitting around talking the night after the shoot – you will see how truly hard Nikki Rogue can spank.

She spanks Veronica harder than I have ever seen her spank anyone, and Nikki can spank pretty hard.  I asked her after why she spanked so much harder in this impromptu – fairly lengthy spanking outbreak – and she said it was more for fun, and not an official environment.

This is something I have often witnessed, when models just horsing around spank each other much harder than they do when the camera is actually rolling. I don’t know how to channel this into the actual shoots, but maybe with just no lighting, sitting around, and turning the camera on while they are horsing around is one way – as this bonus scene proves.

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Halloween Spankings

by on Oct.31, 2013, under Spanking

Halloween is a great time for spankings. People dress a little sluttier and are a little more open minded. At least a few whacks on the bum don’t seem out of the realm of possibility as it might be on, say Easter Sunday.

Halloween spankings with Madison Martin & Missy Rhodes

So in honor of this most awesome holiday, we offer up two Halloween spanking scenes.  One, with Missy Rhodes and Madison Martin, just concluded its run on My Spanking Roommate. The other is with Veronica Ricci and Jenna Rose (both Penthouse Pets of the Year).

One spanking usually calls for another

The one with Madison and Missy finds them arguing about a Halloween party and spanking each other. Cute, sexy, not too risky.

We snuck a spanking shoot in at this creepy location

But the shoot we did recently for the Girl Spanks Girl Halloween episode was shot outside, right near a busy rode. It was shot at a few different outdoor locations, actually.

Sneaking spanks at this crowded place was challenging – but we did it!

It starts at a roadside tourist stop, then moves on to an abandoned Halloween haunted house, that has been gutted.

We think this place was actually haunted

It was a little scary shooting there as clearly some transients lived there at various times (makeshift beds), and it was about 100 yards from a place where strange looking body sized crosses were sticking out of the ground (Blair Witch Project anyone?).

Jenna left that towel to sit on at the location after the shoot – on purpose

And there was a creepy looking baby stroller right outside. Ghostly spankings indeed.

Enjoy and have a spooky/spanking Halloween!!

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Shadow Lane Part 1

by on Sep.05, 2013, under Spanking

Don’t ask me why, but before I make my final Fet Con blog, I want to do a blog about Shadow Lane (maybe more fresh in my mind?). This is all about the drive to Vegas (with more to come about the actual convention).

Veronica Ricci went to Vegas as the guest model for CFWW and she shot with Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Rose on the way there. Jenna has an amazing rock hard body (from 2 hours of working out each day). But as hot and toned as Jenna is, she is even more daring, so she was the perfect person to do some public spanking scenes with.

What kind of zoo is this?

Starting with the Girl Spanks Girl site, we shot a scene in which Veronica (her idea in real life) shows Jenna a “zoo,” which turns out to be nothing but fake dinosaurs.

Check out Veronica’s blog for more details about this. It is always daring and fun to shoot outside, especially at a public place such as this.  The girls actually pulled down each other’s shorts for a few quick spanks while MANY people were walking around and looking at the fake dinosaurs. Or were they trying to check out two hot chicks wearing short-shorts doing something suspicious?

In the story, Jenna gets mad at Veronica for this.  Then Veronica takes Jenna to a haunted house – which turns out to be an abandoned house (that at one time was actually a haunted house attraction).

Resistance is futile.

Jenna is a STRONG spanker

So Jenna is now so angry she spanks Veronica right there.  Jenna is so strong, she turned Veronica’s poor bottom purple.

Veronica gets revenge

In classic f/f tradition, though, Veronica has had enough and also spanks Jenna.  Veronica is strong, too, so both girls ended up with sore and bruised bottoms from this shoot.

After this, we went down the road and shot another scene, this time for Spanking Veronica Works. In this scene, Veronica plays a real estate agent who shows Jenna the worst house in the world.

Real estate agent Veronica Ricci shows a “choice” house

This leads to her getting spanked, of course, because what else do you do with such a horrible real estate agent?

Who doesn’t want to spank a bad real estate agent?

This spanking was VERY public as it was near a road that seemingly everyone in this area used at this time. And there were some car honks and catcalls from passing cars, but no one stopped.  Yet. When it was Jenna’s turn to get spanked, she suggested that it happen near her super sexy car.

Jenna’s super sexy car has many uses

Who could turn that offer down, even though it was right at the side of the road.  So Veronica spanked Jenna over her car while even more drivers watched.

What a way to ride to Vegas, huh? More to come on the Shadow Lane convention.

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Fet Con Part 2

by on Aug.28, 2013, under Spanking

As I work on all the sites like the crazy being that I am – to get ahead so I can get away to Vegas for the Shadow Lane convention this weekend, it occurs to me that I owe another blog about Fet Con. This time the focus will be on some of the models I shot with.

Has Veronica been working out or is Dakota Skye that tiny?

I will start with one that nearly got away, Dakota Skye. We had her scheduled, then she was a no-show, but thanks to some sound detective work on the part of Sherlock Ricci, she was tracked down and rescheduled.

Veronica spanks Dakota hard

We wanted to shoot her because she looks, well, young.  Really, really young.  And turns out she can take a pretty good spanking. The first scene you guys will see from all this Fet Con shooting will be Dakota in a scene for Spanked Call Girls in a few weeks.

Isobel Wren is back in action for us, this time with newbee Kitty

I ran into Isobel Wren, who I haven’t shot in a long time, but she was game for another go. I shot her with newbee Kitty, and their scene will appear on My Spanking Roommate in the next month or so.

Been wanting to shoot Nyssa Nevers (here being spanked by Fiona Murphy)

I have been wanting to shoot with Nyssa Nevers for quite some time, and was pleased to find her here and eager to shoot some spanking with another new to me model, Fiona Murphy. They did a scene for Spanked Call Girls.

Briella Jaden’s Sweeties will be a great one!

A model named Gigi plays the mom to Briella Jaden, for an upcoming Spanked Sweeties. It is amazing, in my opinion.

Sarah Gregory spanks lounge singer Veronica

And we were thrilled to shoot our good friend Sarah Gregory in her first scene for Spanking Veronica Works, which should be out in the next month. Sarah was great, as always, and she and Veronica always deliver something spectacular, playing off each other extremely well.

Hope another shoot with Sahrye is in our future

Also shooting for Spanking Veronica Works was the super sexy Sahrye. She seemed quiet before we shot her, but pulled out all the stops when the cameras were rolling.I would love to shoot with her again some time.

Some amazing stuff we shot!  Heck, I didn’t even talk about the convention and all the crazy activities that went on  there.  Maybe a part 3?

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