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Sometimes It’s Nice to Be Lucky

by on Jul.20, 2018, under spanked call girls, Spanking

Having shot thousands of scenes over the years, most of the time the best scenes come from good planning and great casting – ladies who bring special talent to spanking scenes.  And then there are times when things just fall into place and it’s better to be lucky than good. When Clare Fonda and I shot recently at the Lone Star Spanking Party, we were working with many models for the first time. In a very limited location.

Stevie Rose has become a great top!

So there was a great deal of the unknown when it came to putting scenes and models together to shoot. Fortunately those scenes ending up ranging from pretty good to outstanding. One of the best scenes that came out of those 3 days of shooting was a scene presently up on Spanked Call Girls, starring Stevie Rose, Kitty Catherine, Nuna and Cleo Divine.

Nice shot of Kitty rubbing while Nuna gets spanked

I had worked with Stevie many times and knew that she has become a great top. Kitty was supposed to be another scene, but due to timing issues – she was early to her shoot – I added her last minute to this scene.

Great to welcome the stunning Cleo Divine to our spanking empire

And I was lucky to learn that Nuna and Cleo are excellent performers who had great chemistry with Kitty and Stevie. I gave them some simple instruction – Stevie is punishing the new girls for not following rules – and that she would spank Kitty first, then Nuna, then have the bratty Kitty spank Cleo.

Kitty adds to the scene with her skillful crying

Kitty started crying during the scene, and appears to be intimidated by Stevie. Each model embraced her role fiercely and they all added something unique to the scene, which is one of my recent favorites.

Great scene. My luck. Their skill!

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Lone Star Spanking Party Last Weekend

by on May.26, 2018, under mother/daughter spanking, Spanking

Well Clare Fonda (also known as Jamie Foster) and I went to the Lone Star Spanking Party last weekend in Texas and shot a TON of scenes with many new models.  We shot one scene when we arrived Thursday night (late thanks to the airline), then shot for nearly 10 hours without stopping on Friday. Shot a bunch on Saturday, then one scene on Sunday before saying our goodbyes and heading back.

All told, we shot 19 models in multiple scenes. Clare wasn’t in every scene, but nearly every scene. The first scene from the weekend shoot is already up (it went up the day after we returned) and it includes Clare and Adriana Evans, who I have been wanting to work with for a few years now.

This scene with Clare Fonda and Adriana Evans is up on Spanked Call Girls

This scene on Spanked Call Girls has lots of energy, is very sassy and includes some excellent spanking.  Clare was like the energizer bunny, never getting tired.

Zoe Page is our 400th model

Also of note was our shoot with Zoe Page and Apricot Pitts. Noteworthy because Zoe became our 400th (female) model to be shot on our sites. We don’t count dudes in the numbers for some reason (make your own conclusions on that?). I had watched some of Zoe’s scenes that past few years and was captivated by her energy and amazing ability to deliver a great spanking, so I was super excited to be working with her and I am pleased as punch that it worked out that she was the 400th model!  Her scene with Apricot will appear on Spanked Call Girls in a couple of months.

Stevie Rose has become an amazing top! And Kitty cries in this scene

Before that, another scene we shot at Lone Star will appear on the same site – featuring Stevie Rose, Kitty Catherine and new to us Cleo Divine and Nuna Starks that is quite dazzling.

Reyna McKenzie will make her debut on Spanked Sweeties soon

And we shot a number of new models for the Spanked Sweeties.  The first to appear will be Reyna McKenzie, with Clare as the mom.

Kik Cali and Miss Anna shot for one of the rare scenes without Clare 

And after that, Kiki Cali (with Miss Anna as the mom).  There were so many memorable scenes, it’s impossible to mention them all.

Always thrilled to shoot with Alex and Christy!

But wait, one more – it’s been too long since I shot with Alex Reynolds and Christy Cutie, so we get them both in a scene for My Spanking Roommate. And I was a little surprised that both were making their debut on that site.

Looks like Clare has some perverts in training who could be wearing her shirt soon

We mostly shot, but we did make it to the vendor fair (where Clare/Jamie Foster sold her pervert T-shirts and we sold some classic spanking DVDs).

Always a pleasure to see Sarah!

Our booth was right next to hosts Sarah Gregory and John Osborne, who along with Paul Rogers were the driving forces behind this fantastic spanking party. We met a large number of fans and members and it was really nice chatting with them!

Sad to say goodbye to all the sweet modles

The was an excellent dinner party (Sarah sang a touching song and Clare did stand-up comedy) and then there was a send off party on Sunday before we left.

I HIGHLY recommend this party to any spanko. It happens every May in Houston. Until then, enjoy the scenes we shot there with so many spectacular spanking models.

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Elori Stix With Spanking

by on Nov.06, 2017, under mother/daughter spanking, Spanking, spanking soap opera

Elori Stix (see the pun in the headline) is a super cute young spanking model who just happens to be popping up on all of our sites, many  in current scenes out right now.  Elori may be tiny (under 5 feet tall) but she is a pretty solid spanker and of course she can take a good spanking on her curvy bottom. She has some acting training, which comes out in her very energetic characters across the sites.

This was Elori’s first spanking scene for us.

She first appeared in Spanking Veronica Works about a year ago, getting spanked by her mom (played by Julie Simone) and also by Veronica, who was playing a therapist. After that scene, it was clear she needed to get booked for many more shoots so all members could have a chance to see that combination of beauty and energy and ability to take a spanking.

Elori is spanked by Kay as she learns her new roommates rules

She appears in the newest My Spanking Roommate scene, as Kay’s new roommate, where she learns the rules the hard way – by getting over Kay’s knee for a spanking while Kay recites the rules for her.

Elori chose her own costume for this scene

Elori also gets spanked on Girl Spanks Girl by Steve Rose in a Halloween scene. Stevie is upset Elori convinced them to dress slutty and lose a costume competition. Elori picked out her outfit for this scene, which was indeed very sexy.

Elori gets a chance to show her spanking skills on the Sorority site

Elori gets to give a spanking on Spanking Sorority Girls and this one goes to Stevie. It’s worth noting that this is a very solid spanking and Elori really loved dishing it out.

A few months ago, Elori called me and mentioned that she had a friend who loved getting spanked and also was a professional clown and wondered if I could marry those two facts. I knew that Snow Mercy also enjoyed playing a clown, and Elori shared that she does too.

Note the size difference between Snow and Elori

So the idea for the clown spanking shoot was hatched. The clown spanking scene for Spanked Call Girls, that is currently up on the site, is probably the hardest of the clown spanking scenes. In this one Elori gets spanked and caned by Snow. Notice in the photo the size difference between a very tall Snow, and tiny Elori, who must stand on a sofa so that Snow can properly cane her (that was Snow’s idea).

I guarantee that if you ever see Elori in person, your first impulse will be to hug her like a cute teddy bear. Then perhaps, if you’re lucky, give or receive a sound spanking from her.

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The Mirror Spanking is Back

by on Aug.24, 2017, under Spanking, spanking soap opera

There is a very good scene up now on My Spanking Roommate that brings back Stevie Rose as a cop who believes in stern discipline. She spanks Elori Stix and Kay Richards for jaywalking. The scene features a favorite of many – the mirror shot, which is something that lets you see the face react at the same time you see the bottom getting spanked.

This mirror shot shows Elori’s bottom getting punished and at the same time her facial reaction

It works really well in this scene, which also includes the popular third girl watching the spanking, either anticipating what might happen when it becomes her turn over the knee, as Elori must do, or rubbing her bottom in pain, as Kay does after she gets the first spanking in this episode. It’s always a challenge to do the mirror shot – to not show any lights or a cameras, but it has a big payoff when it all works well.

Elori anticipates what might be in store for her while Stevie spanks Kay hard

Of course there are other shots as well, that focus on other elements to the spanking, including close ups of the facial reactions and the bottoms turning red.  Stevie has come a long way as a spanker and she really packs a punch.

Some genuine rubbing and painful sitting going on here

Elori rubs her bottom at the end, and Kay has trouble sitting down – all very real expressions of what happened. Hope you all enjoy the mirror work.

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Happy Spanking New Year

by on Dec.31, 2016, under Spanked school girls, Spanking

As we approach the New Year, I thought it might be fun to share some photos taken by Amelea Dark (one of our models who works as the second camera person on the EE series) leading up to the Exclusive Education 11 shoot for Girl Spanks Girl.

Stevie Rose watches as Elori Stix gets ready in the bathroom

Stevie Rose watches as Elori Stix gets ready in the bathroom

There were 7 models all getting ready at the same time before the shoot, and they had to share one dressing room, plus one bathroom. So there were half-dressed models all over these two rooms in the hour leading up to the start of the shoot.

Modest Marie decides to change in the bathroom because the dressing room is overflowing with hot models

Modest Marie decides to change in the bathroom because the dressing room is overflowing with hot models

Since EE11 is a slumber party setting, questions were flying “does this work as a nightie?”  “Is this too short?” “Does this show enough skin?” It’s a tough job supervising a shoot such as this, but I’m glad to step up to the plate for you all in moments like this!

Overcrowded bathrooms makes it a challenge to pee

Overcrowded bathroom makes it a challenge to pee

When one model gets ready before the others, texting is a popular past time.  Amelea managed to pull Bella Bathory away for a brief interview, which will pop up as an update clip in about a week on the site.

Bet Tori is texting someone an entertaining photo at this moment

Bet Tori is texting someone an entertaining photo at this moment

It’s rare that a model wants to eat before a big shoot such as this, but many are hungry after. I think some went out together to eat after the shoot. I bet that would be an interesting table conversation as some will be talking about how hard it is to sit down, how red their butts got, etc.

Models bring their own nighties to the shoot. In best case, they bring options

Models bring their own nighties to the shoot. In best case, they bring options

Hope everyone has an amazing new year.  I’ll blog more about the shoot itself next week.

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EE10 Shoot One of the Best Ever!!

by on Dec.09, 2015, under Spanked school girls, Spanking

Just shot EE10 this week and it is right up there with the best of them, if not THE best. The shoot ran so smoothly and the girls did all they could to make it the best it could be.

The calm before the storm

The calm before the storm

The first clips (and all the photos) will start running on Girl Spanks Girl beginning on January 1st. Here are some behind the scene observations.

Mistress Bella caught smiling. And why shouldn't she? She gets to spank all these amazing booties!

Mistress Bella caught smiling. And why shouldn’t she? She gets to spank all these amazing booties! Here she is getting Tori Avano bright red.

All of the girls looked great in their uniforms. Everyone was very friendly and easy going and even the stern and strict pro dominatrix Mistress Bella Bathory (who plays the teacher) knows how to smile and have fun. She was kind of the behind the scenes captain helping to get things running smoothly.

All the girls get to spank in this one. Here Elori uses a hairbrush on the class slut Angela Sommers

All the girls get to spank in this one. Here Elori uses a hairbrush on the class slut Angela Sommers

And very sexy model Amelea Dark ran second camera and helped to speed the production along. Teacher Bella spanks each of the naughty girls in detention, then she has the girls spank each other with a hairbrush.

Teacher Bella paddles class trouble maker Elori

Teacher Bella paddles class trouble maker Elori

The main disruptive trouble maker (Elori Sticks who appears in her first ever spanking shoot) even gets paddled.

What looks better? The socks? The uniforms? Or those booties?

What looks better? The socks? The uniforms? Or those booties?

I will be anxious to hear your feedback on the epic EE10, which stars Mistress Bella Bathory, Angela Sommers, Stevie Rose, Maddy Marks, Tori Avano, Marie and introducing Elor Sticks.

Once it begins running on Girl Spanks Girl, keep an eye out for EE10 part 2 – which will star 4 other models who will continue the Detention theme.

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EE10 Preview

by on Nov.16, 2015, under Spanked school girls, Spanking

EE10, the large schoolgirl shoot that appears on Girl Spanks Girl each year, will be shooting in a few weeks, in 2 parts. The cast for the first part is lined up.

Mistress Bella Bathory is spanking Elori Sticks. Both will appear in EE10

Mistress Bella Bathory is spanking Elori Sticks. Both will appear in EE10

Mistress Bella Bathory will be playing the teacher who is holding 6 schoolgirls in detention. And of course some discipline should be expected.

Stevie Rose relishes playing naughty schoolgirls

Stevie Rose relishes playing naughty schoolgirls

Stevie Rose and her model friend Marie (who will be making her site debut), were the first to sign on.

Tori Avano is now blonde. Does she have more fun?

Tori Avano is now blonde. Does she have more fun?

Then Tori Avano (now blonde) contacted me about doing another spanking shoot. She loved the idea of being in the big school girl epic.

It's about time Maddy Marks appears in an Exclusive Education

It’s about time Maddy Marks appears in an Exclusive Education

I had wanted to cast Maddy Marks in this series for the past few years and jumped in to schedule her early and she was all in.

Angela Sommers will be an amazing addition to this series!

Angela Sommers will be an amazing addition to this series!

Angela Sommers was eager to shoot with us again. So I’m happy to share that she will also be in the cast.

Finally, Bella suggested including her friend Elori Sticks, who can of course take a very hard spanking.

So she fills out the cast of beautiful ladies with nice booties ready to get spanked for our art.  And all of these ladies have one other thing in common – they have never before appeared in Exclusive Education.

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