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Sharing Some Rarely Seen Alexis Grace Scenes

by on Jul.27, 2017, under mother/daughter spanking

About 7 years ago, we shot some scenes with Ash Hollywood and Alexis Grace. Both were very young (Alexis had just turned 19) at the time. We released a Sweeties scene from each girl from the shoot that day. But we also shot a few scenes with them that appeared exclusively on our clips store. Since not that many people purchased those clips, and there is very little overlap with people who are members and people who buy clips store scenes, I am releasing a few of those scenes on the member’s sites.

Alexis Grace spanked hard over Clare’s freshly damaged car

Two out now feature Alexis Grace on Girl Spanks Girl, as an insurance agent who is so bad that a frustrated Clare bends her over her car and spanks her.

The neighbors wondered what the heck was going on in Clare’s yard

Some nice background for this scene – Clare actually crashed her car, had a young, attractive female insurance agent who did a terrible job for her, and then Clare may or may not have given the young lady a swat on the butt in frustration. Now we take this well beyond one swat.

And shooting outside with a truly frustrated Clare going to town on Alexis’s bottom resulted in a few neighbors questioning what was going on. If you ever have seen an Alexis spanking scene, you will know that she is beyond loud with her reactions. The scene ends up inside Clare’s house. It’s really good, so I wanted to make sure our members got a chance to see this scene.

Young Ash Hollywood and Alexis Grace in a rarely seen scene

Alexis also played Ash Hollywood’s friend, who watches as Ash gets spanked by her mom (played by Clare). This scene is available now on Spanked Sweeties.

The friend gets spanked for stealing and being a bad influence

Mom then spanks Alexis, too.  Another great scene, this one being shared now on Spanked Sweeties. Hope you like the throwback, rarely seen scenes!

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Superheroine Spankings

by on Sep.11, 2016, under Spanking

A few years ago, we made a superheroine series that was exclusive for Hot Girls Spanked, our clips store.  The clips didn’t sell too well since that is a wildly competitive category for clips stores and we only had a few scenes.

Wonder Woman (Snow Mercy) spanks Batgirl (Clare)

Wonder Woman (Snow Mercy) spanks Batgirl (Clare)

But the scenes are energetic and star some of our top spanking models, so I pulled them off the store and held them until recently, to put up on Girl Spanks Girl.

But Batgirl gets her revenge

But Batgirl gets her revenge

The first scene that is already up, stars Snow Mercy as Wonder Woman (hard to find a better one out there anywhere) and Clare Fonda as Batgirl. There’s some good spanking in this one.

Alexis Grace vs. Mary Jane

Alexis Grace vs. Mary Jane

The second in the series is also up on the site, and stars the late great Alexis Grace as Cat Girl (her own creation) vs. Mary Jane as Ultra Red (also her own creation). These two ladies had great fun wrestling each other and spanking each other and we even added some cheesy effects to capture the comic book style.

Batgirl gets Ultra Red to talk

Batgirl gets Ultra Red to talk

Coming up next on Girl Spanks Girl, we will feature Batgirl spanking Ultra Red to get her to talk. Who doesn’t want to see Mary Jane’s very curvy bottom turned red by Clare?

Good vs. evil with good using a paddle

Good vs. evil with good using the paddle of justice

And we will cap it off with good Wonder Woman (Snow) tickling, spanking and paddling evil Wonder Woman, who is played by camgirl superstar Sophia Locke. If you are at all into COS play and spanking, this should be a great union for you!

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Farewell to the Great Alexis Grace

by on Aug.31, 2016, under Spanking

Sometimes in this biz you work with someone often enough and your personalities are drawn to each other and you become friends – producer and model.

Alexis in my favorite scene of hers on Girl Spanks Girl with Layden

Alexis in my favorite scene of hers on Girl Spanks Girl with Layden

The late Alexis Grace was one such model. We first worked together when she shot a Spanked Sweeties at age 19, with Clare Fonda playing her mom.

Alexis at 19 shooting for Sweeties with Clare as her mom

Alexis at 19 shooting for Sweeties with Clare as her mom

She had such a dynamic personality, was a sensational performer and a stunning beauty, we wanted to work with her again before the shoot was even over. And since then we did so very many shoots with her I couldn’t even keep count.

Alexis spanked by her waitress on Spanking Veronica Works

Alexis spanked by her waitress on Spanking Veronica Works

Alexis was a wildly popular fetish superstar, but as far as I know, she only shot spanking scenes for our sites.

Alexis also added lots of erotica to the sites, this one on Girl Spanks Girl

Alexis also added lots of erotica to the sites, this one on Girl Spanks Girl

Alexis shot for all 7 for our sites as well as appearing in many exclusive scenes for our 2 Clips Stores, Bad Boys Spanked and Hot Girls Spanked.

Alexis was very dominant - appearing often on Bad Boys Spanked and Clare Spanks Men

Alexis was very dominant – appearing often on Bad Boys Spanked and Clare Spanks Men

Alexis had an amazing sense of humor that sometimes shows itself in scenes. And this made her a delight on the set and sometimes after, while getting a bite or a drink and catching up.

Alexis took many hard spankings for our site - getting marked for Girl Spanks Girl scene

Alexis took many hard spankings for our site – getting marked for Girl Spanks Girl scene

She was a sweet loving soul who left us WAY too soon. It is so sad.  I will always remember Alexis with a big smile and a warm feeling in my heart!  Alexis (the amazing) Grace you will be missed!!

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The Week of the Tall Hotties

by on Jan.29, 2014, under Spanking

I had three shoots last week, and they all featured unusually tall hotties. Now I must confess that I love to shoot tall models in spanking scenes. Their long legs are great for putting someone over-the-knee. And when they are getting spanked, seeing the long legs kicking and what-not, well, it’s all good.

Veronica Ricci was in two of the shoots, the first and last of the week. She shot with Gigi Allens, who checks in at around 5′ 10″.  Giggi is a stunning blonde with an amazing body. Presently Gigi is in a scene with Cheyenne Jewel that is running on Spanked Call Girls.

Gigi Allens gets buzz as bee

Gigi Allens generates  buzz for playing a bee

Gigi is fantastic, with such a cute Australian accent.  You gotta love the way she says “spanking!” The scene Gigi shot with Veronica that will appear soon on Spanking Veronica Works is all about bees.  As in Veronica plays a bee keeper and finds a giant bee (Gigi) in her backyard. Lots of spanking ensues.  Stingy spanking on girl’s bums who don’t bee-have.

Alexis Grace is tall whether suspended or not

Alexis Grace is tall whether suspended or not

Next up was Alexis Grace, who shot with Bettie Bondage.  Alexis is an even 6 ft tall.  Bettie spanked her long and hard in a scene that will be appearing next week on Hot Girls Spanked.  She used a handful of implements that left Alexis in tears.  It was shot 37 minutes without stopping but I will break up the clips for the clip store.

Mia Vallis is a naughty roommate

Mia Vallis is a tall, naughty roommate

The final tall girl (the tallest one in fact) was the lovely Mia Vallis, who stands a whopping 6’2″. Included in the scenes Mia shot was one in which she and Veronica play volleyball players (Mia of course did play volleyball). Mia is becoming a recurring character on My Spanking Roommate, so of course shot for that site as well.

Don’t know if I’ll ever have a week like this again, shooting 4 super tall ladies (Veronica is also very tall), but I sure hope so.

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My Favorite Spanking Scenes of 2013

by on Jan.11, 2014, under Spanking

I may be tad late for my year end list of favorite spanking scenes, but better late than never I always say.  And keep in mind there were too many great ones to choose from, so my head exploded trying to make this list (that’s why it is so late). Also good to note that my favorite is girl spanking girl so that is all you will find on this list. And while other sites often make great spanking scenes, I am making what I like, so of course all of the scenes happen to be located on my sites.  Here goes (in reverse order)

Kay spanking Anikka Albrite on My Spanking Roommate

Kay spanking Anikka Albrite on My Spanking Roommate

10. Episode 147 from My Spanking Roommate. Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) was spanked in Episode 144 by Anikka Albrite, who as it happens is quite a hard spanker.  But in this Episode, Kym got to spank Anikka, who has about as amazing as a bottom that you will find anywhere. And it jiggles nicely when spanked. And Anikka, not being used to getting spanked, nearly cried from this hand spanking.

Snow Mercy dominates Nikki Rogue

Snow Mercy dominates Nikki Rogue

9. Domme and Dommer from Spanked Call Girls.  Snow Mercy and Nikki Rogue are two amazing dominatrixs who had a spank-off in France to see who was more dominant. Two sexy pros doing their thing for spanking supremacy. What’s not to love?!

Sarah Gregory joins Spanking Veronica Works

Sarah Gregory joins Spanking Veronica Works

8. Sarah Gregory and Veronica Ricci love spanking each other. And this was their best switch scene, which appears on Spanking Veronica Works. So far. Lots of hard spanking and competitiveness going on here.

Madison Martin is dangerous with a paddle

Madison Martin is dangerous with a paddle

7. The Pinata spanking scene from Spanked Call Girls was a fan favorite that I loved as well. It starred 5 models all with nice big bums and was some of Madison Martin’s finest work. Ashley Rose and Aaliyah Love also stand out in this scene that was conceived and directed by Veronica.

Alexis Grace shows who is boss

Alexis Grace shows who is boss

6. Alexis Grace is extremely dominant and a very tall and powerful beauty. She controls this sexually charged scene that features two hotties, Layden Sin and Alyssa Branch. It lives in the erotic section of Girl Spanks Girl.

Syren De Mer as mom makes Jenna Rose cry

Syren De Mer as mom makes Jenna Rose cry

5. Ever since her first scene, MILF Syren De Mer has been wildly popular. She plays mom to Jenna Rose in one of the greatest Spanked Sweeties ever. Jenna cries real tears in this memorable scene.

Veronica paddles Starry Knight with "trouble paddle"

Veronica paddles Starry Knight with “trouble paddle”

4. Veronica has become quite an accomplished spanker and she did some of her finest work playing Starry Knight’s nanny on Spanked Sweeties. She spanked Starry long and hard with her hand and a large paddle. Starry cried in this scene and couldn’t believe how realistic and painful it was. Starry talked in her interview on Sweeties about how her nanny kept a paddle that she called “the trouble paddle” that was used on Starry when she was very naughty. Veronica embraced this and made this a spectacular scene!

Koko Kitten witnesses the return of Paris Kennedy

Koko Kitten witnesses the return of Paris Kennedy

3. I have shot a lot of scenes with multiple girls, but this scene on Spanking Sorority Girls just might be my favorite. It features 11 fantastic models and includes Paris Kennedy’s return to the sites. Ginger Sparks, Snow Mercy, Sarah Gregory, Christie Cutie, Koko Kitten and Phoenix Askani were some of the other stars. I would hold this up against any big scene ever shot in the spanking world as maybe the all time best big cast production.

Clare Fonda and Casey Calvert in historic scene

Clare Fonda and Casey Calvert in historic scene

2. The return of legend Clare Fonda to the spanking world coupled with up-and-coming superstar Casey Clavert, who also happened to be my 300th model, helped make this scene magical. And Clare brought the very traditional spanking style back to Girl Spanks Girl, which is much appreciated.

See what makes Christie Cutie so spankable!

See what makes Christie Cutie so spankable!

1. This scene went much longer than originally planned. And it was charged up with exploding energy from Christie Cutie and Veronica Ricci, who took extra care to make sure that Christie was fully humiliated along with being in pain. The set was a bizarre looking office that added to the quirkiness. There is some humor in the scene, but it also violent and angry and the spankings are very hard. This is a masterful scene that stood out to me from a long list of excellent and amazing scenes (not an easy task choosing my favorites). If you haven’t seen it, it’s on Spanking Veronica Works and you should check it out if you love to see girls spanking girls!!

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Fet Con Part 3

by on Sep.10, 2013, under Spanking

As promised I will wrap up my observations of the Fetish Convention (Fet Con) I attended a few weeks ago.  I talked about the models I shot with, the models I ran into and didn’t get a chance to shoot. Now I want to share some of the wild and interesting things that go on there.

Flogging went on at one of the parties

It is quite organized, with lots of lectures, vendors fairs and parties. Something is going on virtually all the time one attends.

Our dear Missy Rhodes is a star in the Clips4sale booth

It was held in Tampa, Florida, where it is hot and muggy in August, so the incentive is to stay and play in the hotel where the event is held. Pretty much the entire hotel was filled with kinky people, walking around day and night, letting their freak flag fly so to speak.

Isobel Wren and Sahrye stand on Welcome Mat

An interesting note: at the opening night meet and greet, I met a wonderful guy who seems so happy despite having no legs and calling himself the welcome mat. He encourages young ladies to stand on him and even step on his nuts. Lots of them were complying. Interestingly enough, I scheduled two models, Sahrye and Isobel Wren, for shoots while they were standing on top of him.

There was plenty of spanking going on. And there were two dungeons.  Veronica and I got kicked out of one because we picked up a tawse we thought was available to the public, but it turned out to belong to some player.  A scrawny looking security guard came up to us and was very offended and very serious when trying to lecture us on proper dungeon etiquette. But we left before he could toss us, even though either one of us could take him down on a bad day.

Anyway, the dungeons seemed to be for very serious players, and we hung around the lighter fetish activities after that, including a lesson in hypnosis.

There were many, many fetishes on display and being practiced. Bondage was popular of course.  But foot play seemed to be the most publicly displayed fetish, then probably spanking, and then bondage. And others.  TV, Age play, fire, lift & carry, furries are just some of the others I noticed.

Alexis Grace makes a nice tickle target

We found our pal Alexis Grace getting a brutal tickle session for all to see. At night, the pool and hot tub were very active, and you could sometimes see people making out (or more) in their hotel windows for all to see.

We did manage to get away to go to a nearby museum one day, just to break up all the shooting and observing.

It was quite a trip and I am very interested in attending again next year.

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Good Time To Join New Site

by on Mar.28, 2013, under Spanking

The Spanking Veronica Works site is coming up on its 3 month birthday.

Pic from one of the upcoming bonus scenes

On April 1, the current batch of 10 full clip bonus scenes will be taken down and replaced by 10 new bonus scenes. That makes this a great time to join if you haven’t already as you can get a quick peek on your membership before April 1st at the current bonus clips, and then a nice look at the next set after that date.

Yes Clare and Missy are included in bonus scenes

There are plenty other reasons to join as the site offers really hard spankings and lots of erotic stuff as well, and features super hot ladies like Lexi Belle, Jamie Lynn, Christie cuties and many, many others! I don’t mean for this to sound like an advertisement, I am telling you what I truly believe.  That if you like girl-girl spanking then you should give this site a try.

Gotta have us some Alexis Grace and Mary Jane

There is no plan to add this to the multi-site Clare Fonda pass – so give it a chance as a stand-alone site please.

Look for Ashley Graham pretty soon too


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Alexis Grace: The Perfect Switch

by on Dec.11, 2012, under Spanked school girls

I have officially shot with 250 models now (as I have blogged about) and I am here to tell you that many of them can be spanked in scenes or spank in scenes really well, but not that many are equally great at doing both.  Many of the best bottoms in the biz. are very submissive in real life.  They can take super hard spankings, and act the part perfectly.  But when it comes to giving them, while acting dominant, it is just not in their nature.

Alexis Demonstrates Her Mad Topping Skills

Some of the models I shoot with who are great at both you can probably figure out – since I shoot with them often.  Alexis Grace, who is now on Girl Spanks Girl as the naughty tutor, is the perfect switch.  In the first two scenes in that series, she spanked Layden Sinn and Alyssa Branch, who she was hired to tutor.  It’s not just that she can spank them hard, but it is her tone and demeanor.  So strict.  So stern.  You would never imagine she would wail and carry on like a little girl when it was her turn to get spanked.

Alexis can take a spanking equally well

But that is her gift.  And that’s what she does in the latest scene from Naughty Tutor, as she gets spanked by Layden.   She kicks and carries on and her bouncy bottom gets pretty red.  The perfect switch.


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