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From Runway to Funway

by on May.03, 2024, under Spanking, Top Spanking Sites

Iris Steele has been going strong on OnlyFans for a couple of months now and if you haven’t had a chance to check hers out, you really should.

Iris Steele went from being a runway model to a fetish (mostly spanking) model

This tall beauty used to be a runway model. She gave that up a few years ago and now does fetish modeling. She has some experience doing bondage, but spanking is what she shoots and features the most.

Here is a sample of just some of the great spanking action you will find on Iris’s OF

You can find lots of exclusive content on her OF with great models. Lots of FF spanking, with Iris topping, and many times bottoming, too. She can give and take a sound spanking. She also does some FM POVs in which she displays just how hard she can spank a naughty bottom.

I have worked with Iris since she started shooting spanking content a few years back and I can tell you that she is fantastic. Creative, sexy, powerful, fun and dependable (she will answer your DMs and you will really get to know her on her OF).

Bottom line, if you love all things spanking, check out Iris’s OnlyFans.

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Spanking Veronica Works Reaches 300th Episode

by on Apr.07, 2024, under Spanking

The Spanking Veronica Works site has reached its 300th episode. The site started with Veronica Ricci appearing in a different job each episode, that either led to her getting spanked, or spanking someone else.

Episode 300 features Veronica Ricci spanking Sage Pillar with a paddle in the office

More recently it has featured many new scenes without Veronica, but still centered around a job related spanking.

Lexi Holland is now heavily featured on the site and here gets a spanking from Iris Steele

Lexi Holland is now featured prominently on the site. But it is Veronica who stars in Episode 300, spanking her maid Sage Pillar.

A great variety of implements are used in the 300 episodes, including the “Brat” paddle

You will find a great variety of locations and implements on the site. In Episode 300 the setting is an office and the scene features the Brat paddle.

OTK is the most popular position on the site, but Veronica can spank in all angles really

Veronica and Sage have great chemistry and you can expect more scenes with Sage and Veronica.

Hope to see you for Episode 400 some day!

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Files On Clare Spanks Men

by on Mar.22, 2024, under Spanking

On Clare Spanks Men all of the files from the past few years  and going forward will all be in the Mp4 format only. After 20 years we have filled up all of the space on our sites server and will be eliminating most of the old files in non mp4 formats from this site.

Clare Fonda will spank you if you don’t understand these changes – or maybe if you do

This file format (Mp4) should play on all computers and mobile devices. There will still be some very old files on the site in .rm or .wmv formats that won’t play on everything. But you can download a free VLC player HERE and it plays mp4 plus all other formats from our sites.

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Roommates Reaches Episode 500

by on Mar.03, 2024, under Spanking, spanking soap opera

The 500th episode of My Spanking Roommate is up now and it stars Madison Martin and her friend Masked Mallory, who did her only spanking shoot ever for this special occasion. Mallory also did a Spanked Sweeties scene with Madison.

Masked Mallory is Madison’s real life friend who did her one and only spanking shoot with Madison (turns out she spanks really, really hard!)

The Roommates site has been going strong for over 15 years now.  The first scene starred Kay Richards and Madison Martin as roommates. Kay and Madison appear in 23 scenes together.

2008 – Madison and Kay spank each other in the first scene for the site – this is Episode 2

While Kay has now retired, Madison is going strong. She has appears in 156 scenes so far, with plans for many more. In fact we are shooting this afternoon with Madison and Dria. Kay has appeared in 131 episodes.

Clare Fonda appears here is Episode 7 on the site. She has made the 3rd most appearances

Clare Fonda comes in 3rd with 68 episodes, but Clare is still going strong so maybe she’ll catch Kay some day.

Here a some of the most popular episodes with Madison spanking and getting spanked

Thanks to all who have supported My Spanking Roommate and who knows, maybe some day we will make it to 1000 episodes.

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Exclusive Education 18 is here!

by on Jan.10, 2024, under Spanked school girls, Spanking

We are now in our 18th year of presenting you with a large group spanking epic that appears each January on Girl Spanks Girl.

This one features two leaders at the school girl convention, Miss Bernadette and Sky Terrapin. Lexi Holland, one of the schoolgirls from Clare Fonda’s school, complains about being bullied. The counselors take her side and allow Lexi to dictate the punishment.

Kim Chi is strapped by Miss Bernadette while Ella Raine is spanked by Sky Terrapin

Each schoolgirl is strapped by Miss Bernadette and spanked by Sky, with her powerful hand, plus a hairbrush. But when one of the girls, Dolly Mattel, shows proof that Lexi was lying, they all take turns spanking her.

Ella Raine spanks Lexi Holland over her knee while the other girls cheer her on

Sophia Quinn, Ella Raine and Kim Chi are the other schoolgirls.

This is part one. Eventually, Sky and Clare Fonda will be spanking the two schoolgirls who skipped the convention in parts two and three.

This was a lot of fun to shoot since there was so much energy and we got to shoot in an actual convention room.

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Christmas Bonus Time

by on Dec.20, 2023, under Spanking

Managed to get a Christmas episode up on every site this year. On December 25, each site will have an extra bonus clip added to the updates.

Here are 4 of the Christmas scenes. Each of our 7 sites has a Christmas spanking scene

Hope you all have a great Holiday season, full of Merry Spanks, and keep an eye out for Exclusive Education 18 on January 1.

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Dani Synclair Is All Over Out Sites

by on Aug.27, 2023, under Interviews, Spanking

Dani Synclair is all over our sites, including many recent or current scenes. Dani is very sexy, so great to work with and can take a great spanking.

Dani says in her interview she loves to be punished on this cross. Snow Mercy obliged

Dani is the latest Spanked Sweeties model, talking all about her real spanking experiences growing up and as an adult.  She gets punished by Snow Mercy in Snow’s dungeon for a scene typical of something Dani might experience these days.

Sky Terrapin takes the hairbrush to Dani’s round bottom, turning it red and speckled

Dani also stars in the newest scene on Girl Spanks Girl, in part 2 of the Thief Spanking series. She was spanked by her boss, Cheyenne Jewel in part 1. Now roommate Sky Terrapin gets a turn spanking that curvy bottom. Sky, who can spank very hard, was impressed by Dani’s pain tolerance.

We used many of our top spankers, such as Tiana Irie, to challenge Dani’s spanking level

In Episode 349 of Spanking Sorority Girls Dani gets a sound spanking from Tiana Irie. Then in the next episode Dani gives Tiana a taste of her own medicine, showing off her switching skills.

Dani and Stevie have great rapport as Sugar mamma and sub as Dani feels the love and pain

And in a popular one that is the newest scene on Spanking Veronica Works, Dani gets spanked hard and paddled by her sugar mamma Stevie Rose.  This scene works well on many levels!

Hope you enjoy watching Dani Synclair light up the sites with her energy and love for a firm spanking.

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Understanding Only Fans

by on Jul.16, 2023, under Spanking

For a long time I resisted looking at or even understanding what Only Fans was all about. But I have a lot of friends who are on it and even make their living from it.  Clare Fonda was the first I knew personally to join Only Fans and did so as Jamie Foster.

Clare Fonda is on Only Fans as Jamie Foster and she includes some spanking with her posts

And of course it makes perfect sense as a way for Models and Fans to connect on a personal level. I know that models are overwhelmed by fans trying to connect with them on the various social media platforms, so having one platform based on subscribers will prioritize the model’s desire to respond to DMs.

Lexi Holland spanks Em Indica for Girl Spanks Girl but I’ve heard they plan on doing some OnlyFans content together soon

Lexi Holland is the first model I started shooting some trade content with so she can have loads of photos and videos (many spanking themed) to use for her platforms.  She shoots all of her own selfies (duh they’re called “selfies”) and she and one of her female friends shoot their customs so I believe most of what I shot for her ends up on her Clips4Sale site.

Sites regular Dani Synclair (here getting spanked by Sky  for my sites)  has an OnlyFans page

I’m also realizing that most of the models I work with have an Only Fans page, some take them seriously, others barely maintain them, but models usually exchange info when I shoot them. For example Dani Synclair has an onlyfans page, but I’m not sure if she posts a little or lot, but I do know that she and Lexi shot some content for their respective pages and Clips store.

Riley Haze gave Lexi Holland a sound spanking with a wooden ruler

And I know that Riley Haze, who I also shot recently, has some Only Fans photos with Lexi and I assume other models, too.

So if there is a specific model that you’re really into and want to see more of, check out their OnlyFans page if they have one!

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Follow Lexi Holland

by on Jun.12, 2023, under Spanking, spanking in the news

Young Lexi Holland is an amazing switch. I shot her first spanking scene nearly 2 years ago and have included her in many shoots since then.

Lexi Holland is a genuine spanko and rising spanking model who can really take a spanking

She is an excellent bottom, who can take a sound spanking and has great reactions.

Lexi Holland can give a sound spanking and turn a bottom red.  She does sessions too

This cutie can also be a stern top and deliver a good spanking as well.

Lexi just started a Twitter page a few days ago so please follow her on Twitter.

And keep an eye out for her new clips store which will open in a month or two, and an Only Fans page that she is building content for now.

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Romanian Spanking Competition

by on May.31, 2023, under Spanking, Spanking in movies and TV, spanking in the news

A spanking model friend sent me a link about a Romanian Spanking competition VIEW LINK HERE and suggested it would make a great scene and entertaining blog post.

Clare Fonda (with accent) demonstrates her improvement on the Romanian Spanking Contest

I agreed idea was great and now the scene, starring Clare Fonda as a Romanian model trying to improve the contest, working with new spanking model Em Indica. In the actual competition, the two lady contestants take turns giving each other one whack to the bottom, with their cheeks peaking through their skimpy outfits.

Two improvements seen here include  (1) nudity and (2) the use of a paddle

The first improvement is, ten whacks at a time instead of one. The second is that the contestants are totally nude. Another improvement was including a paddle. And a final improvement was supposed to be the winner is decided when one lady taps out.

When Em learns she’s getting deferred pay she goes off script and spanks Clare hard OTK

In the real contest, it appears that either there is no winner or loser, or sometimes perhaps the crowd reaction determines a winner. Anyone else aware of this contest and can determine how it ends? It’s kind of challenging to know exactly what’s going on if you don’t speak the language.

Clare ended up with a very sore bottom after her spanking and paddling. She lost

While our scene – up now on  Girl Spanks Girl is not real, I do believe that these improvements would go a long  way to making this competition more enjoyable for spankos.

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