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Master of the Long Intro

by on Sep.10, 2014, under Spanking, spanking soap opera

I have had lots of feedback from fans about how much they like long intros to spanking scenes. But some tell me an intro can be too long.  I allow for a lot of improvising on my shoots as I feel that is often the best way to get the models personality captured in a scene, and then the scene becomes much more like a real spanking.

Snow Mercy is Mistress of long intros to scene

Snow Mercy is Mistress of long intros to scenes

Snow Mercy is the master (or should I say Mistress) of the long intro. She is very methodical and wants to know in great detail what the scene should include, so that she can work in complicated past scenarios, which is often necessary on the long running spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Roommate.

Snow used 5 min. setup before getting Maddy otk

Snow used 5 min. setup before getting Maddy otk

Snow is a recurring character on this site and remembers much of the past details. Plus she likes to thoroughly set up what is about to happen because she believes that it in engages the viewer.  Heightens the senses so to speak.

Should Snow get spanked for talking to much?

Should Snow get spanked for talking to much?

Well she outdid herself on her last two scenes. The intro for scene 170, with her meeting new roommate Maddy Marks set her personal record at just over 5 minutes of introduction before she actually puts Maddy over her knee.

Snow lectures Lily for breaking in.

Snow lectures Lily for breaking in.

Snow then shattered her record in scene 173, out now with Snow spanking Lily for breaking into her apartment.

And finally, it's spanking time!

And finally, it’s spanking time!

What do you guys say?  We all love to see a good stern lecture before and sometimes after a spanking.  How much is too much?

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Powerful Bonus Spanking

by on Nov.15, 2013, under Spanking, Spanking Interviews

I have done three interesting shoots this past week.

Jenna Rose spanks Maddy Marks

The first, with Maddy Marks and Jenna Rose was outstanding. We did a very traditional spanking scene that will appear on Girl Spanks Girl in which Jenna did a great job playing a stern, no-nonsense nurse who spanks the bratty Maddy very hard, with her hand and a powerful wooden paddle. Maddy can take a good one, so it was all good stuff!

Maddy’s revenge

Of course Maddy can give a find spanking, too. So Jenna gets a chance to see her bottom turn red.

New models were erotic, but light

The next shoot was all erotic spanking for a few of my sites, with two new models named Sunny Marie and Maryjane Mahem. This one was trouble in that I simply could not convince the models to spank each other with any kind of authority. Fortunately since it is erotic in nature, the lighter spanking is usually more accepted.

There is more to the story of this shoot, and it involves my friend Clare Fonda, who I texted during the shoot for suggestions. I’ll leave that as a mystery now, but Clare and I developed a plan during the shoot that will present itself in a few weeks from now.

“Mom” Lorelei spanks bratty daughter Christie

The most recent shoot was probably the most significant of the three, as it delivers excellent scenes for multiple sites, and starred three super models in the new Christie Stevens and the veterans Veronica Ricci and Lorelei Mission. Christie will appear in a few months as a Spanked Sweeties.

So what does this all have to do with my headline of “Powerful Bonus Spanking?” you ask. Well just from these three shoots, you will see such a range of how hard one lady will spank another. Sometimes very hard, sometimes, very light (even though she is capable of spanking harder – as Ms. Mahem declared – she CAN spank harder but she WON’T spank harder).

Even Snow Mercy can’t believe how hard Nikki is spanking Veronica for “fun”

There is a bonus spanking scene up on Girl Spanks Girl, as a part of the EE8 series – Part 2. Without any lighting, as this was an impromptu spanking that Nikki Rogue gave Veronica Ricci while we were just sitting around talking the night after the shoot – you will see how truly hard Nikki Rogue can spank.

She spanks Veronica harder than I have ever seen her spank anyone, and Nikki can spank pretty hard.  I asked her after why she spanked so much harder in this impromptu – fairly lengthy spanking outbreak – and she said it was more for fun, and not an official environment.

This is something I have often witnessed, when models just horsing around spank each other much harder than they do when the camera is actually rolling. I don’t know how to channel this into the actual shoots, but maybe with just no lighting, sitting around, and turning the camera on while they are horsing around is one way – as this bonus scene proves.

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