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Elori Stix With Spanking

by on Nov.06, 2017, under mother/daughter spanking, Spanking, spanking soap opera

Elori Stix (see the pun in the headline) is a super cute young spanking model who just happens to be popping up on all of our sites, many  in current scenes out right now.  Elori may be tiny (under 5 feet tall) but she is a pretty solid spanker and of course she can take a good spanking on her curvy bottom. She has some acting training, which comes out in her very energetic characters across the sites.

This was Elori’s first spanking scene for us.

She first appeared in Spanking Veronica Works about a year ago, getting spanked by her mom (played by Julie Simone) and also by Veronica, who was playing a therapist. After that scene, it was clear she needed to get booked for many more shoots so all members could have a chance to see that combination of beauty and energy and ability to take a spanking.

Elori is spanked by Kay as she learns her new roommates rules

She appears in the newest My Spanking Roommate scene, as Kay’s new roommate, where she learns the rules the hard way – by getting over Kay’s knee for a spanking while Kay recites the rules for her.

Elori chose her own costume for this scene

Elori also gets spanked on Girl Spanks Girl by Steve Rose in a Halloween scene. Stevie is upset Elori convinced them to dress slutty and lose a costume competition. Elori picked out her outfit for this scene, which was indeed very sexy.

Elori gets a chance to show her spanking skills on the Sorority site

Elori gets to give a spanking on Spanking Sorority Girls and this one goes to Stevie. It’s worth noting that this is a very solid spanking and Elori really loved dishing it out.

A few months ago, Elori called me and mentioned that she had a friend who loved getting spanked and also was a professional clown and wondered if I could marry those two facts. I knew that Snow Mercy also enjoyed playing a clown, and Elori shared that she does too.

Note the size difference between Snow and Elori

So the idea for the clown spanking shoot was hatched. The clown spanking scene for Spanked Call Girls, that is currently up on the site, is probably the hardest of the clown spanking scenes. In this one Elori gets spanked and caned by Snow. Notice in the photo the size difference between a very tall Snow, and tiny Elori, who must stand on a sofa so that Snow can properly cane her (that was Snow’s idea).

I guarantee that if you ever see Elori in person, your first impulse will be to hug her like a cute teddy bear. Then perhaps, if you’re lucky, give or receive a sound spanking from her.

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The Mirror Spanking is Back

by on Aug.24, 2017, under Spanking, spanking soap opera

There is a very good scene up now on My Spanking Roommate that brings back Stevie Rose as a cop who believes in stern discipline. She spanks Elori Stix and Kay Richards for jaywalking. The scene features a favorite of many – the mirror shot, which is something that lets you see the face react at the same time you see the bottom getting spanked.

This mirror shot shows Elori’s bottom getting punished and at the same time her facial reaction

It works really well in this scene, which also includes the popular third girl watching the spanking, either anticipating what might happen when it becomes her turn over the knee, as Elori must do, or rubbing her bottom in pain, as Kay does after she gets the first spanking in this episode. It’s always a challenge to do the mirror shot – to not show any lights or a cameras, but it has a big payoff when it all works well.

Elori anticipates what might be in store for her while Stevie spanks Kay hard

Of course there are other shots as well, that focus on other elements to the spanking, including close ups of the facial reactions and the bottoms turning red.  Stevie has come a long way as a spanker and she really packs a punch.

Some genuine rubbing and painful sitting going on here

Elori rubs her bottom at the end, and Kay has trouble sitting down – all very real expressions of what happened. Hope you all enjoy the mirror work.

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Reading While Getting Spanked

by on Apr.12, 2017, under Spanking, spanking soap opera

There are two scenes up now on My Spanking Roommate where a new roommie must read the apartment rules while she is getting spanked.

Kitty Catherine cries during her spanking

It was an idea I got a long time ago when someone in a Sweeties interview said she used to have to pray while she got spanked.  I can’t remember which Sweetie it was, but it has been since re-enacted and recreated in some variation a number of times over the years.

Here are Kitty’s tears on the rules she was reading during her spanking

In the previous episode, Veronica spanked her new roommate Kitty Catherine while Kitty read the rules.  Kitty actually cried real tears, which fell onto the paper she was reading.

A closer shot of the tears

I snapped a couple of pics of that tear-stained paper for your enjoyment.

Kitty is so cute and has a nice curvy rump

In the new scene on the site, Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) spanks her new roommate, rising star Harley Havik, and also makes her read the rules of the apartment while doing so. She even makes her fetch a hairbrush for Kay to use on her.

Kay spanks Harley while she reads the rules of the apartment

Kym and Harley bonded on the set, and Harley let Kym know that she could take a hard spanking, but then warned that she would be dishing it out hard herself in future scenes. Something to look forward to on the roommate spanking front.

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Mandy Muse Makes Her Spanking Debut

by on Dec.01, 2016, under spanked girlfriends, Spanking, spanking soap opera

Many models have made their spanking debut on our sites.  The latest is Mandy Muse, who is now up on My Spanking Roommate, getting spanked and wedgied by Madison Martin (who plays her school supervisor and cousin on the site).

Mandy Muse makes her spanking debut

Mandy Muse makes her spanking debut, which seems to make Madison happy.

Mandy is a real-life friend to Jenna Sativa, who also appears in this scene as her conniving cohort. It is rare that the first time you shoot a model, she can take a pretty firm spanking, unless she is experienced in spanking, which Mandy was not at the time of the shoot. But she had a “go for it” attitude.

Mandy's real-life friend Jenna Sativa watches this painful wedgie

Mandy’s real-life friend Jenna Sativa can’t look at this painful wedgie

Add that with her cute bubble butt and her very expressive and real reactions, you get a real winning debut. Look for Mandy’s character to develop on the site and for her to eventually spank her older cousin Madison.

Jenna tries to comfort Mandy's sore bottom. Welcome to spanking apartment complex

Jenna tries to comfort Mandy’s sore bottom. Welcome to spanking apartment complex

No doubt Mandy will be up to that task.

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Everybody Loves A Clown

by on Oct.02, 2016, under spanked call girls, spanked girlfriends, spanking soap opera

Sometimes clowns are funny. Sometimes they are frightening. And sometimes they are sexy and in need of a spanking. Up now on My Spanking Roommate, Celeste Star plays a roommate to Jamie Hendrix.

Celeste gets her clown spanking

Celeste gets her clown spanking

Celeste is down on her luck and can’t afford rent so Jamie makes her dress up like a clown for her sister’s birthday. She even spanks her to help convince her. Well Celeste gets her revenge when the party is so terrible – she gives Jamie an even harder hand spanking then Jamie gave her.

Celeste as a clown gives a spanking - she's not clowning around

Celeste as a clown gives a spanking – she’s not clowning around

During this shoot, we also shot a scene for Spanked Call Girls in which Jamie wore a clown outfit and gets a spanking in it from Celeste.

If a callgirl dresses like a clown on her first job, she gets spanked

If a callgirl dresses like a clown on her first job, she gets spanked

When Celeste and Jamie arrived for the shoot, I gave them a few different scenarios to chose from and they both immediately fell in love with the idea of getting spanked as a clown. It’s like a double humiliation, dressing and a clown and getting a spanking. According to these two models, there just aren’t enough clown spankings!  I agree!

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Smiling Roommates

by on Jul.24, 2016, under spanking soap opera

Here are some more behind-the-scenes photos from various models who occasionally smile while shooting a spanking scene (pain and pleasure baby). These shots are all from scenes up now or about to come out on My Spanking Roommate.

Red Hot and Kitten can't help smiling at Bettie Bondage

Red Hot and Kitten can’t help smiling at Bettie Bondage

Here is Red Hot and Kitten smiling at Bettie Bondage while she tells them they’ll be getting spanked if they don’t follow the rules. She’s not kidding ladies, it’s about to happen.

Stevie Rose thinks Maddison is funny, until she starting paddling her.

Stevie Rose thinks Madison is funny, until she starting paddling her.

Here is Stevie Rose smiling at the always funny behind-the-scenes Madison Martin. Once Madison began paddling Stevie, she stopped laughing and smiling and yelped a lot.

Madison and Snow crack up at something Madison forgetting where the scene is headed

Madison and Snow crack up at Madison forgetting where the scene is headed

Here is Madison Martin and Snow Mercy cracking up because Madison couldn’t remember where the scene was headed so she had to stop. They laughed in the video, when Madison stops, looks at the camera and says something like “uh, I forgot what happens next (be sure to check out the Outtakes). They laughed again during the photos because Madison said “oh here is where I forgot what was happening next.”

Then she burped. And we all laughed.

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Catching Up with Mobile Files on Roommates Site

by on Jun.05, 2016, under spanking soap opera

When the Roommates site started quite a few years ago, we were excited to be shooting all scenes on High Definition. All of the files originally were wmv (windows media video) files, which at the time was the latest most popular file format. These days there are many different file format options and we offer wmv still, plus mp4 for the full files, and also a mobile device friendly format for the full files.

Now you can watch Kay spank the beautiful Ludella Hahn on your phone

Now you can watch Kay spank the beautiful Ludella Hahn on your phone

Well most guys with Macs have figured out a way to view the old wmv format, but this is not the case (for the most part) for members using mobile devices to view files.

So I have added mobile friendly fulls scenes to many of our original episodes (most from 1 to 160). It is a loooong process so I picked some of the bigger episodes and hope to eventually include this option for all of the scenes on the site.

So now you all can see Madison, Kay and all their curvy bottomed friends getting those red buns right on your smart phone!

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Dani Daniels is Model #350

by on Mar.03, 2016, under spanking soap opera

Our 350th model is the spectacular Dani Daniels. Many of you have seen Dani on some other spanking sites the past few years, and we are excited that she shot her first spanking scene for us with the lovely Kay Richards for My Spanking Roommate.

Dani Daniels is out 350th model

Dani Daniels is out 350th model

Dani plays a pilot who spanks Kay upon her suggestion – “spank me instead of firing me.” It’s a very solid hand spanking that turned Kay’s bottom bright red.

Kay quickly learns that Dani can spank really hard!

Kay quickly learns that Dani can spank really hard!

And ironically, Dani told us she is in the process of getting her actual pilot’s license. We shot a few scenes for the Roommies site, so look for Dani getting spanked by Kay in a future episode.

Kay gets it for now, but look for Dani to take a turn over Kay's new in a month or two.

Kay gets it for now, but look for Dani to take a turn over Kay’s new in a month or two.

And the experience was so great that some time this year there are plans to shoot Dani for other sites as well. She would definitely make a great Sweeties!!

Turns out Dani is really a pilot too

Turns out Dani is really a pilot too

Really couldn’t be any happier with how it worked out for this very special Model #350.

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Early Retirement

by on Feb.06, 2016, under spanked call girls, spanking soap opera

Some spanking models are around for a number of years. 10, 20 years for some of the all time greats. Though many don’t make it to that decade mark or some will re-invent themselves, taking the mom or MILF roles as they get a little older.

Mia with Kay Richards up now on My Spanking Roommate

Mia with Kay Richards up now on My Spanking Roommate

But some are gone before they even get going. I was  very excited when I shot Mia Vallis a few years ago.  I saw her at Fet Con in Florida in 2013. I never got to meet her or find out what her name was there, but I somehow managed to track her down, write her and set up her first ever spanking shoot when she came to Los Angeles.

Bettie Bondage helped turn Mia into a good spanker

Bettie Bondage helped turn Mia into a good spanker

The reason she stood out to me so much was her combination of height and beauty. She is the tallest model I have shot at 6 ft 2 in. She is slim, with long legs, and a curvy bottom. What’s not to love? The first time I met her, I was thrilled at how sweet she was and eager to deliver what we wanted in a shoot.

Kay's hand leaves Mia's tender bottom very sore

Kay’s hand leaves Mia’s tender bottom very sore

She didn’t have a very high tolerance for spanking, but she took all that she could. So her reactions are VERY real. The first scene she ever shot was with Bondage Bettie, who helped teach Mia how to be a good spanker. She shot for My Spanking Roommate (many times), Spanked Call Girls and Spanking Veronica Works, in which she appears in a spectacular scene as a volleyball player (she actually plays).

Possibly Mia's most impressive scene with Veronica Ricci

Possibly Mia’s most impressive scene with Veronica Ricci

I had plans to shoot her much more, but she has disappeared from the grid. After just a couple of years, she seems to have bolted from the fetish modeling world (she was a rising bondage star). Sometimes this happens because a model’s personal life finds interference with her line of work. Sometimes a model has simply had enough of this world and transitions into a more vanilla job.

Tallest spanking model ever?

Tallest spanking model ever?

On a rare occasion, a model will pop up again after something changes in her life and hit me up for a shoot again. If this happens with Mia, great I’ll shoot her again of course.  If not, enjoy her run on My Spanking Roommate as Kay’s roommate. There are a couple more episodes until I run out of Mia content. In the meantime, if you run across a very tall, sweet, beautiful model with a curvy bottom who is willing to push her pain tolerance levels, send her my way!

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Celebrating Episode 200

by on Sep.08, 2015, under spanking soap opera

It was 8 years ago when Clare and I approached Kay Richards (aka Kymberly Jane) about starring in a new site called My Spanking Roommate. We first met Kym a few years before that when she answered a Craigslist ad for models who had never been spanked. And then Kym got her first ever spanking from Clare for Spanked Sweeties.

This is Kay's first ever spanking - from Sweeties

This is Kay’s first ever spanking – from Sweeties

Kym actually asked about using the name Kym for the shoot, but Clare thought it would be a good idea to create a spanking name for her. We believe this was Kym’s first, or close to first shoot ever – and certainly her first spanking shoot. A star was born.

Kay and Madison meet for the first time for Episode 1 in 2008.

Kay and Madison meet for the first time for Episode 1 in 2008.

And no, Craigslist never gave us another model of note – so for us Kym was the one and only Craigslist superstar. After shooting many scenes for us over the next couple of years, we approached Kym about starring in her own site, a spanking soap opera.

Kay gets spanked first for Episode 1

Kay gets spanked first for Episode 1

But she would need a roommate for the site. She pitched her friend Madison Martin, who was already shooting spanking scenes for a few other sites.

Kay gets her revenge in the next episode.

Kay gets her revenge in the next episode.

We fell in love with Madison’s beauty and curvy bottom and in 2008, we started shooting scenes with the 2 roommates. Since it was a soap opera, we had to make elaborate story lines and introduce a series of characters.

Madison deep in thought about what name to make up for her new roommate.

Madison deep in thought about what name to make up for her new roommate.

A few interesting notes about the site and this episode: Episode 100 did not star Kay or Madison and we caught a lot of flack about that so we made certain that they were the stars of Episode 200, even though they are no longer roommates on the site.

We shot the first few years in Kym’s real apartment, but note to stalkers – she has since moved so don’t bother trying to figure out where that was.

Kay gets her bum speckled cuz they wanted it hard.

Kay gets her bum speckled cuz they wanted it hard.

The paintings on the walls of Kay’s apartment are all her actual paintings as she is quite the artist. Madison has an amazing singing voice but she doesn’t want to sing in episodes (though she did get spanked by Chloe Elise while singing a Christmas song for Episode 69).

They even insisted on taking the dreaded hairbrush!

They even insisted on taking the dreaded hairbrush!

We shot this episode 200 a number of months before it was released. So despite an advanced story line for the soap opera, we weren’t sure who their roommates would be when Episode 200 was released (they change roommates often now).  And the premise behind the episode was that Madison and Kay were spanking each other to learn who their new roommates were.

Madison gets the hairbrush, too

Madison gets the hairbrush, too

So we had each model make up a roommate – essentially lying about who it is – and if you have seen this episode, you might by now figure out what name Kay and Madison come up with. They had a great time shooting this episode and they really wanted to bring a hard spanking – so they both agreed to use what they consider an extremely painful implement – the hair brush.

Hope you enjoy the episode and I guess when it comes time to shoot Episode 300, we’ll have to come up with something even more spectacular if that’s possible.

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