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The Strict Neighbor

by on Jun.23, 2019, under mother/daughter spanking, Spanking

The final episode of the 4 part series The Strict Neighbor is up now on Girl Spanks Girl.

Miss Elizabeth gives noisy neighbor Luci Lovitt a hard spanking

The series starts with Luci Lovett visiting her neighbor lady, the very strict Miss Elizabeth. This was her introduction to our sites and she did not disappoint with this hard hand and hair brushing spanking on Luci’s juicy bottom. It was great working with these two, who have done scenes before on other sites and had a great rapport.

Clare gives bratty neighbor Anastasia Rose a hard hand spanking

In the second episode, Clare, who plays Luci’s mom, storms over to give Miss Elizabeth’s daughter (played by Anastasia Rose). In our first even shoot with Anastasia, we were happy to discover Anastasia can take a sound hand spanking. Her bottom turned very bright. And Anastasia is quite the actress.  She played a bratty neighbor girl very well!

This is one of the hardest spanking Clare has received

The third scene featured Miss Elizabeth again, this time spanking Clare for spanking her daughter and also for not keeping her own daughter Luci under control.  Miss Elizabeth proved great at creating her own dialogue as evidenced by her excellent spanking threats while giving Clare one of her hardest spankings  spanking EVER.

Clare takes a hard paddling from Anastasia Rose

The last scene is up now on the site and it is all about the bratty daughter Anastasia getting her opportunity at some revenge as her mom ordered Clare to take a hard spanking and paddling from Anastasia.

It was a lot of fun shooting these scene, they have lots of energy and great spanking action. Enjoy!

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World’s Most Famous Butt

by on Jun.08, 2019, under Spanking

Jennifer Lopez is performing in Los Angeles this weekend and it got me thinking. Well, yes, I did try to score free tickets – unsuccessfully. What I was thinking, though, is that she probably has the most famous butt. Of all time.

Here is a butt worthy of being the most famous of all time

I’ve never seen her in person, but what I have seen in videos and photos, she seems worthy.  And there is some evidence that she enjoys spanking. It has been more than 10 years, but there was a time when she was married to some dude for about a year, and they made a tape – not a sex tape – but a tape that included spanking.

Does Jennifer Lopez have the world’s most famous butt? Hard to argue against

There are many articles about it – here is one. As far as I can tell, the tape of JLo gettting spanked by her then husband never surfaced for public consumption (wouldn’t that be a score for some spanking site?). But it is very satisfying  just knowing that JLo enjoys a good spanking like many of you reading this blog do. There are also some butt smacks in some of her videos and concerts.

Maybe JLo is a switch as here it appears she enjoys giving a spanking too

Here someone made a clip of Iggy Azalea slapping JLo’s butt on stage. Bummer I’m not seeing JLo in person this weekend, but here is a shout out to an attractive and talented lady with the world’s most famous butt (of all time).  Maybe some day our paths will cross and she will request a spanking from the Cameraman. Gotta dream big.


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The Oldest Spanking Switch Model Is?

by on Jun.05, 2019, under Spanking, Spanking Interviews, spanking sorority girls

Recently Clare Fonda (aka Jamie Foster) declared that she is the oldest model who gets spanked in scenes.  She is not really that old and she looks a A LOT younger than her true age so I’m betting most of you can’t even guess her real age.

It did get me thinking, though, that she just might be the one. She looks great, takes a hard spanking and has plenty of fans who enjoy seeing her bottom get punished. So it’s a win-win all around.

Riley Anne really enjoyed spanking Clare

Recent scenes in which she gets spanked, include a scene in which Riley Anne spanks teacher Clare in the office. Riley had a blast with it. This scene appears on Spanking Sorority Girls.

Adriana Evans had her wish to spank Clare Fonda granted

Also, during the interview with Adriana Evans, she mentioned how much she enjoys spanking others and that she would really like to spank Clare so we did a short spanking scene so that Adriana could have her wish granted.  That’s up now on Spanked Sweeties.

Miss Elizabeth gives Clare one of her hardest spankings ever

And in our most recent scene on Girl Spanks Girl, Miss Elizabeth gives Clare one of her hardest spankings ever.

So enjoy the young-ish bottom of Clare Fonda getting spanked for what could be many more years – as she is still in her prime!

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