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It’s Time For the Robots

by on Oct.05, 2019, under Spanking

Recently on this blog, I gave the chance to ponder exploring what it would be like to try a spanking machine, which of course exist. But what about robots spanking humans?

Hopefully they make more robots like the one getting spanked here, not the one doing the spanking

They are making sex dolls that are so realistic now and they can be fun and look great from the $800 and up price range. And you can spank them of course, but don’t expect much reaction.

They are making sex robots that will debut in January with Artificial Intelligence. For now, they will cost around $20,000, so not many can afford them initially. But like anything, they should go down in price once they are mass produced.

The AI sex robots coming out in January will be an improvement over this Robbie robot wannabe

Maybe they can give these robots the ability to spank or get spanked, too. It seems like you can program it to do and say anything. It’s a whole new world of fantasy coming soon.

The spankinator comes from the future to spank Luci Lovett

In the meantime, enjoy our terminator robot spanking on Spanking Veronica Works. In the form of the Spankinator in Episode 110.

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Final Report From Shadow Lane Party

by on Sep.19, 2019, under Spanking

Clare Fonda and I attended what was considered the last Shadow Lane Party (at least in its present long running format) recently.

Clare chats with Eve Howard from Shadow Lane and Steve Fuller. Another shoot Steve?

On our first night there, Clare performed comedy in Tony and Eve’s Suite Party – and it was very well received.

Clare partied with long-time friends Sarah Gregory and Madame SammanthaB and new friend Amy Fox who all attended her comedy set.

We also attended Dr. Lector’s excellent Suite party and ran into many of our old friends – including models, members and just plain lovable spankos. And we also met some new people. Everyone seemed to be having such a great time and sharing some good memories.

Look for this scene in which Madame SammanthaB really let Clare have it good on their sites

The next day we did a shoot.  Madame SammanthaB and Clare did a trade scene first.  Clare was spanked so hard she called “mercy” but Madame SammanthaB worked it into the scene and they kept going. Be sure to check that out in the near future on Clare’s site Jamie Foster Strips.  And also on Sammantha’s site, too.

First time shooting with both Miss Jenn Davis and Lola Belle. They were both amazing!!

On my sites, two scenes are already out from that shoot.  We met and shot with Miss Jenn Davis and Lola Belle and they were so great in every way!!  Their scene is up now on Girl Spanks Girl and it’s a good one!

A Shadow Lane Party wouldn’t be the same without shooting Sarah Gregory (with Sage Pillar)

We also met and shot with Sage Pillar for the first time.  And it was so great shooting with Sarah Gregory again – which was always a tradition at the Shadow Lane events.  Sage and Sarah have a scene shot there up now on Spanked Call Girls.

An extra shot from Miss Jenn and Lola Belle just because she looks fantastic in those shorts

There was plenty of laughter, catching up with long-lost friends, meeting new people, booze, chocolate, and of course lots of spanking!  Hats off to a great party and for all the Shadow Lane Parties these past years that created so many outstanding memories!!

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Spanking Smiles

by on Sep.04, 2019, under Spanking

It has been a while since we have posted some of those smiles captured during spanking shoots.  Of course many times spanking shoots are very serious and painful for the spankee.

Spanking can be fun – these ladies seem to be having a good time, right Dria?

But they are mostly fun to shoot and the models typically enjoy the experience. And many of our models also have a fantastic sense of humor. So we like to share some photos where the models couldn’t help but smile during the photo sets.

Perhaps Clare is not the best person to teach Sailor Luna that spanking is no laughing matter

Clare Fonda is also a professional standup comic, so in all of her thousands of shoots, I can’t think of a single time in which she hasn’t made someone at least smile at some point during the shoot.

Madame SamanthaB has a sneaky sense of humor as Luci Lovett discovers

And quite often it happens during the photo set.  And sometimes even during the scene. Be sure to catch any outtakes offered from one of her scenes. Most likely she will be saying something funny and the other model often will be cracking up.

Veronica Ricci can be quite the cut up – as Lola Anderson quickly discovers

Veronica Ricci can also be pretty funny. As well as Kay Richards and Sarah Gregory. It’s not surprising that a model, who is essentially an entertainer, would have great access the the art of laughter.  So today think of spanking and smile, just like these lovely ladies did.

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The Last Shadow Lane Party

by on Aug.21, 2019, under Spanking

As most of you probably have heard by now, the last Shadow Lane party will be held this Labor Day weekend. When Clare Fonda and I started our company 19 years ago, we started attending the Shadow Lane party in Palm Springs as a way to get our name out there.

Clare became fast friends with Tony and Eve and we started attending all the parties, which some years were held twice. The party moved to Los Vegas and bounced around a few different hotels before being held at the Sun Coast every year. The first few years (at Palm Springs), Clare and I just went to sell VHS tapes (we sold a LOT the first year as we were brand spanking new to party guests). Then of course we transitioned to DVDs.  And now it’s all online.

Here are just some of the many shoots we did at the Shadow Lane Party these past 19 years.


Then we started to focus more on shooting at the parties. What better place to shoot then in a hotel where no one will question the sounds of spanking coming from your room? A couple of years we rented an outside place so that all of our scenes wouldn’t look the same. The Sun Coast has very distinctive drapes.

We usually brought a model with us. Genesis (who is now co-owner of Sanctuary LAX) was one of the first. We also brought Paris Kennedy, Nikki 666 and Veronica Ricci in other years.  And we often shot with many of the same models each year, so you will see a lot of our scenes from SL feature Sarah Gregory, Miss Chris, Katherine St. James and Leia-Ann Woods, in addition to Clare and Veronica.

Jenna Rose spanks Veronica at an abandoned house on the way to Vegas

Our shoots there included the first ever scene with Alex Reynolds as a top, several spankings on the roads heading to Vegas – in cars, abandoned houses and even a few Landmarks.

A landmark on way to Vegas features outdoor spanking with Veronica Ricci and Jenna Rose

One of the times we shoot at a hotel that wasn’t the Sun Coast, someone called security on us because of the spanking sounds. The security guy knocked on our door and told us to stop making “strange noises.” Someone was complaining. We waited about 20 minutes then began shooting again. So there have been lots of fond and crazy memories associated with the Shadow Lane Party.

Security knocked on our door and told us we needed to stop making “strange noises”

Tony and Eve have always been amazing hosts, and they have maintained  an aura of being cool and mysterious, and always approachable.  As far as I know, they are the creators of the first big spanking party and have influenced many of the others that have since popped up.

Clare and I will be attending this year, and we are shooting very little, choosing to focus more on taking it all in.  And unlike past years of shooting the regulars, we will be focusing on a few new models. If you are attending, be sure to say “hi” to Clare and I.

And to Shadow Lane, spanks for the memories!!

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Spanking Machines

by on Aug.11, 2019, under Spanking

Someone sent me a graphic of a spanking machine and it got me thinking.

Someone sent me this graphic to perhaps inspire me to do a shoot like this. Hmmm

A number of years ago, we shot with a model named Adele Stevens.  She was visiting from England and the hotel she was staying at was on my way home, so I gave her a ride.  She asked if we could stop in Hollywood so she could check it out.  Why not? We stopped in some shop on Hollywood Blvd. that was selling fetish like outfits.

Tabitha Stevens uses the Robo Spanker on the Howard Stern Show.

In the front of the store, they had some device that had a paddle sticking out of it. You could bend over next to the machine, push a button and the paddle would whack your bottom (or bum as she would say). It even had settings in case you wanted it harder or lighter. Adele had to try it out and everyone in the store watched, of course. It was kind of a rush. And later, I would learn from watching the Howard Stern Show, that this was the early stages of the Robo Spanker. You can find them from $250 to $1,000.

The lady can operate her own machine and get whipped to her own heart’s delight

Not sure if it beats getting paddled or spanked from a real person. But maybe it works in a pinch if you can’t find a willing and able partner.

Maybe if they could make the machines look a little sexier they would be more appealing?

Have any of you tried a spanking machine of any sort?  To me it seems like they could dress up the machines a bit so they looked more appealing. Maybe combine Doll and machine technology?

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Spanking in Ads

by on Aug.03, 2019, under Spanking

I was driving with Clare Fonda a month or two ago when we saw a billboard that showed a man spanking a woman. It was subtle but that is what was happening on that billboard.  We both are well aware of what spanking looks like.  The first time I saw the billboard I didn’t know what it was advertising.  Only that it was spanking.  But passing it later, I discovered that it was advertising some dress.  Hmmm, I’d buy that dress for someone if that was the end game. Regretfully I can’t find a pic online anywhere of that ad.  And the billboard has been replaced.

Shirts, gloves and Gucci can all have their part in spanking a loved one

It got me wondering how much spanking has played a role in advertising over the years.  After some research I found out that it has played a small role in marketing various items.  The clothing field seemed to have a few opportunities for showing off various items. As you can see in the photo above an old ad for gloves featured a classy lady spanking her admiring child, perhaps a lover looking good spanking his equally stylish lover and a man having the proper shirt for kissing and for spanking.

You better buy the correct item and get the best deal or you might get spanked

Shopping for flour or soap also could result in a spanking if someone doesn’t do a proper job of getting the correct item or best price. That seems like a good reason for a spanking scene actually. Maybe I’ll include that in an upcoming scene.  The Krogers flour ad appeared in 1938.

Will drinking coffee lead to giving or receiving a spanking? The power of Caffeine!

Two different coffee companies included spanking in their ads.  Chase & Sanborn believed a spanking should be given to someone who chooses another brand. It’s less clear why Sanka Coffee has spanking in their old ad, but hey, it’s probably a good reason.

Can a Power and Light company using spanking in a ad? You can in Missouri circa 1972

This is my favorite one.  Some marketing genius decided in Missouri in 1972 that showing a guy spanking a lady was the best way to get people drawn to their Power and Light company. I know a few people who might sign up if this was a result of choosing their company.

Feel free to drop a comment if you know of more spanking in advertising examples.

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Trilogy of Spanking Terror

by on Jul.20, 2019, under spanked call girls, Spanking

There are three related scenes up now on Spanked Call Girls that make for a nice series.

The amazing Sarah Gregory was one of the very first models to appear on the site. She is back now working for a different Madam, played by her good friend Miss Bernadette, who makes her first appearance on the site in a scene in which she punishes Sarah for stepping out.

In the first of the series, Madam Bernadette spanks Sarah for moonlighting with Madam Clare

Yes, sadly Sarah now works for Miss B’s agency, having drifted from Madam Clare’s agency. But when Madame Bernadette finds out, she punishes Sarah with a hard spanking and strapping.

In the next scene, Miss Bernadette punishes Madam Clare Fonda for her part in allowing Sarah to moonlight with her agency despite now being signed with Madame B.

Miss Bernadette & Clare Fonda became fast friends despite how the insults flying in the scene

This was an incredibly fun scene to shoot.  It was the first time these two ladies met and I wasn’t sure what their chemistry would be. Clare immediately starts insulting Miss B. in the scene, especially picking on their height difference.  Miss B. dishes right back. I wasn’t sure how real this was and it did get Clare spanked extra hard. But it turns out it was all in fun and the two really hit it off and seem like fast friends.

It’s always find to watch Clare Fonda going to town on Sarah Gregory’s bottom

The final scene is very satisfying because like one of the first scenes to ever appear on this site, it finds Madam Clare Fonda spanking Sarah Gregory. They have both gone on to MANY spanking scenes since that original.

One of the first scenes on Spanked Call Girls features Clare Fonda spanking Sarah Gregory

Every time they shoot, it’s magical as they are two ladies who really know how to deliver a great scene with lots of energy and almost always a little comedy and some sound spanking action!  And despite there being approximately 14 years between the first and latest scene with Clare spanking Sarah, they look pretty much the same as you can see from the above photos.

Hope you love this series and appreciate the skill of these ladies!

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Get in the Habit of Spanking

by on Jul.09, 2019, under Spanked school girls, spanking sorority girls

Over the past few months we have had a variety of nun spankings, some with sexy nuns, some with traditional. There is a long history, of course, of spankings coming from nuns, so it’s fun to check in with one from time to time.

Sister Riley Nixon paddles Clare Fonda for giving her a sexy nun outfit on “accident”

Our most recent nun experience is a scene up now on Spanking Sorority Girls that finds teacher Clare Fonda providing Sister Riley (Riley Nixon) with a sexy outfit. Clare was supposed to clean the traditional nun outfit for Sister Riley, but instead gives her a sexy nun outfit. Riley has no choice but to put it on, but she spanks Clare until she promises to go get her real outfit.

Alex Reynolds sports the traditional nun outfit as she punishes a naughty schoolgirl

Another couple of nun scenes featured on the Sorority site include Sister Alex (Reynolds) spanking naughty student Adriana Evans in her office. She also has her bend over her desk for a few strokes with the large wooden pledge paddle.  Alex is wearing the more traditional (and authentic) nun garb.

Naughty schoolgirl Adriana Evans gets revenge on Sister Alex on the Sorority site

It’s fun to watch the nun get spanked, too, which of course happens in another scene with these two stars reversing roles, Adriana spanking Sister Alex.

Miss Bernadette was excellent on the Sorority site strapping a naked Sarah Gregory

Miss Bernadette also made an excellent traditional nun on the Sorority site, punishing Sarah Gregory with authority, using hand and strap!

Sexy nun Veronica Ricci pulls out a wooden spoon to make Dria repent in church

The sexy nun made an appearance on the Spanking Veronica Works site, with Sister Veronica Ricci spanking Dria very hard on her curvy bottom. In a church no less.

The always sexy Jenna Sativa has become very dominant and lays a hurin’ on River Fox

One more sexy nun appears on Spanked Call Girls, with the very dominant Jenna Sativa looking great in a sexy nun costume spanking River Fox, who wore the wrong costume to their event. It’s a very fun scene and River has a great bottom that turns quite red.

Hope you enjoy the nun scenes, there has been some very nice feedback on them so we will try to keep them coming from time to time.

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The Strict Neighbor

by on Jun.23, 2019, under mother/daughter spanking, Spanking

The final episode of the 4 part series The Strict Neighbor is up now on Girl Spanks Girl.

Miss Elizabeth gives noisy neighbor Luci Lovitt a hard spanking

The series starts with Luci Lovett visiting her neighbor lady, the very strict Miss Elizabeth. This was her introduction to our sites and she did not disappoint with this hard hand and hair brushing spanking on Luci’s juicy bottom. It was great working with these two, who have done scenes before on other sites and had a great rapport.

Clare gives bratty neighbor Anastasia Rose a hard hand spanking

In the second episode, Clare, who plays Luci’s mom, storms over to give Miss Elizabeth’s daughter (played by Anastasia Rose). In our first even shoot with Anastasia, we were happy to discover Anastasia can take a sound hand spanking. Her bottom turned very bright. And Anastasia is quite the actress.  She played a bratty neighbor girl very well!

This is one of the hardest spanking Clare has received

The third scene featured Miss Elizabeth again, this time spanking Clare for spanking her daughter and also for not keeping her own daughter Luci under control.  Miss Elizabeth proved great at creating her own dialogue as evidenced by her excellent spanking threats while giving Clare one of her hardest spankings  spanking EVER.

Clare takes a hard paddling from Anastasia Rose

The last scene is up now on the site and it is all about the bratty daughter Anastasia getting her opportunity at some revenge as her mom ordered Clare to take a hard spanking and paddling from Anastasia.

It was a lot of fun shooting these scene, they have lots of energy and great spanking action. Enjoy!

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World’s Most Famous Butt

by on Jun.08, 2019, under Spanking

Jennifer Lopez is performing in Los Angeles this weekend and it got me thinking. Well, yes, I did try to score free tickets – unsuccessfully. What I was thinking, though, is that she probably has the most famous butt. Of all time.

Here is a butt worthy of being the most famous of all time

I’ve never seen her in person, but what I have seen in videos and photos, she seems worthy.  And there is some evidence that she enjoys spanking. It has been more than 10 years, but there was a time when she was married to some dude for about a year, and they made a tape – not a sex tape – but a tape that included spanking.

Does Jennifer Lopez have the world’s most famous butt? Hard to argue against

There are many articles about it – here is one. As far as I can tell, the tape of JLo gettting spanked by her then husband never surfaced for public consumption (wouldn’t that be a score for some spanking site?). But it is very satisfying  just knowing that JLo enjoys a good spanking like many of you reading this blog do. There are also some butt smacks in some of her videos and concerts.

Maybe JLo is a switch as here it appears she enjoys giving a spanking too

Here someone made a clip of Iggy Azalea slapping JLo’s butt on stage. Bummer I’m not seeing JLo in person this weekend, but here is a shout out to an attractive and talented lady with the world’s most famous butt (of all time).  Maybe some day our paths will cross and she will request a spanking from the Cameraman. Gotta dream big.


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