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Return of “Never Been Spanked”

by on Oct.18, 2014, under Birthday Spankings, Interviews, Spanking

It has been really a long time since we had a NEVER BEEN SPANKED on the Spanked Sweeties site. This one is a bit of an odd story.

I had been looking for a new Sweeties model and the typical model was either spanked growing up or gets spanked in her adult life. An out of state model was referred to me by a model I have worked with many times and a shoot was scheduled with her, as she had been spanked often growing up. MzFionaX, who works at Sanctuary LAX and has appeared on the sites many times now, was signed on to play this model’s mom.

I even tweeted that I was excited to shoot with this model hours before the shoot was to take place, and that model retweeted my tweet. But just when Fiona arrived at 1:30, the time the shoot was scheduled, I received a text from this out of state model saying she will not be shooting with me today and sorry for the late notice.

Elektra Rose is first Never Been Spanked Sweeties in years

Elektra Rose is first Never Been Spanked Sweeties in years

Well, needing to act quickly since Fiona was already there, I contacted one of the agencies I work regularly with and they had a few options of models that they could bring to the shoot in about 30 minutes. Elektra Rose seemed like the best option, a great option, and she was indeed there in 30 minutes.

This is the first real spanking this young lady ever received

This is the first real spanking this young lady ever received

A quick chat with the very young Elektra (she recently turned 19) put her in sort of an awkward category for the Sweeties site.  She was never spanked growing up, not by her parents or friends. She never even heard of a birthday spanking. But now, she says she enjoys spanking and does it with her boyfriends sometimes. But fleshing out a little more info, she means an occasional playful swat here and there, mostly as part of making out. Clearly, she has never had anything that in any way shape or form resembled a real spanking. And that is exactly what Fiona gave her.

Brave girl tries the hairbrush

Brave girl tries the hairbrush

Elektra was quiet and shy at first, but eventually started getting more animated. We did a role play spanking first, after the interview, as a way of showing Elektra what a real spanking would feel like.  Even though she appears stoic in the scene, afterwards she admitted to being in extreme pain from this slightly moderate spanking, and not asking us to stop despite the pain because she wanted us to have a good scene.

Elektra said she enjoyed the shoot despite the very sore butt

Elektra said she enjoyed the shoot despite the very sore butt

In the next scene, Fiona and Elektra basically converse during a spanking. Then Elektra gets a few of her missed birthday spankings to complete the Sweeties. She needed to know what she was missing.

I still strongly believe that there is a thrill to seeing a young lady spanked for the first time ever, even if it is (and almost always  will be under these circumstances) a moderate level spanking, but one that leaves that young lady with a very sore bottom.

Eletra Rose was outstanding. Probably an improvement over the model who bailed at the last minute (and ended up shooting for someone else that same day).  You will be seeing more spanking scenes from Elektra. Very soon. Possibly even next week for a Halloween spanktacular.

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Subconscious Spanking Revelation

by on Oct.09, 2014, under Spanking

I tried hypno-therapy yesterday just to see what it would be like.  I worked on 3 issues, none of them related to spanking. But my excellent hypno-threapist worked on me to resolve issues using my subconscious mind.  I was skeptical, but one issue was resolved by my subconscious mind, one got some temporary relief and the third never had a chance.

But that night, my subconscious mind shared a revelation with me that relates to spanking. I have often debated with others about what makes someone interested in spanking. Most people I know are convinced that it is something that happened to us when we were growing up.  Someone who, say gets spanked by his mother then becomes a spanko as an adult.

 Well, I have never really bought into this theory because I have met so many people who were NEVER spanked growing up yet are full fledged spankos (one reason Christy Cutie has never appeared on Spanked Sweeties for example).

Also I  have met millions (well maybe not millions, but definitely tons) of people who WERE spanked growing up, but are not into spanking at all (or HATE it).

Yet it is so tempting to assume there must be some correlation.  Well, this is what my subconscious mind revealed to me last night. That people who are genetically drawn to spanking as a form of sexual foreplay have their specific interests in spanking shaped by their childhood.

Christy's first scene with us was traditional otk with hand on wooden chair

Christy’s first scene with us was traditional otk with hand on wooden chair

As a child, I had witnessed and participated in a number of birthday spankings, and now that is something that is very stimulating to me. Probably my favorite type of spanking.

Many, many of my fans are most interested in over-the-knee spankings, usually on a wooden chair. Some like hand only. Others crave a specific implement. My subconscious mind told me last night that this is because that is the type of spanking he/she was exposed to in the developmental years.

Maybe this isn’t some world changing revelation.

But if you think about it, it makes sense. And gives me optimism about doing another hypno-therapy session.

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New Record For Saying The Word “Spanking”

by on Oct.03, 2014, under Spanking, spanking sorority girls

On certain shoots, I will suggest a few “buzz” words or phrases to models.  Words that they might work into certain scenes to enhance the members viewing. Not on all sites and scenes, of course, but some sites and scenes will benefit from some key lines or words.

Sadie Holmes get a sound spanking from Riley

Sadie Holmes get a sound spanking from Riley

In most cases, models get caught up in the scene and rarely if ever use the buzz words, or work in characters that appeared previously on the site for their specific storyline (which is something I will also prep them on).  Which is fine, of course.  It’s always great when the models make a scene their own, make it real so to speak.  But there are times when models fall in love with and embrace a word or phrase. Most of these words would be obvious to any spanko.

They set the record for using the word "spanking" in a scene

They set the record for using the word “spanking” in a scene

The word “spanking” is great to hear and used in the right moment, can push a scene to another level.  The latest episode of Spanking Sorority Girls stars Riley and Sadie Holmes.

Sadie looks like Katie Holmes, who needs a spanking

Sadie looks like Katie Holmes, who needs a spanking

I suggested a few words and phrases to them. They both seemed to focus on only one, which was a word. “Spanking.”  If you watch this scene, you will marvel (or laugh or maybe even groan) at how many times they work the word “spanking” into their scene, sometimes naturally, sometimes you-gotta-be-kidding-me she said it again.

Sadie had a truly sore bottom after this "spanking"

Sadie had a truly sore bottom after this “spanking”

Personally, I enjoy the scene.  It is full of high powered energy, and Sadie takes a pretty solid hand spanking, which really did make it hard for her to sit down, for real. I don’t think they used the word too much. And if it does indeed give some viewers a charge, he/she may actually hear it so many times your head will explode.

Enjoy hearing that word.  SPANKING.

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What is Wrong With Society?

by on Sep.30, 2014, under Spanking in movies and TV, spanking in the news

Okay my blog headline may be a bit of an over-reaction, but seriously, I have been reading a lot about people protesting the yet to be released movie 50 SHADES OF GREY.

Here is the trailer so you can judge the buzz for yourself.


What it shows is mostly talking, lots of arty looking shots, a couple of quick shots of the female lead tied up, and the closest it comes to depicting any actual “violence against women” is when the male leads rubs a little leather flogger against her back. It looks consensual in ever regard.

Now contrast this with the new Angelina Jolie directed film about to come out called UNBROKEN.

Here is the trailer for that film.

Maybe Angelina prepped for "Unbroken" by spanking herself?

Maybe Angelina prepped for “Unbroken” by spanking herself?

In the 2 min. trailer it shows a guy spanking his son. As an adult, he ends up in a war prison where he is beaten repeatedly, shown graphically in this short trailer.

Why is this violence socially acceptable, available to anyone who has a computer and internet service, when 50 SHADES can’t seem to even depict one single bit of contact and still causes protests and outcries? Is it because the violence in one of these movies is probably leading to a sexual relationship?

Even though it is implied to be consensual? Is  it because the implied violence is from man to woman?  While the other is the more acceptable male/male violence (though clearly not consensual)?

Come on, world, what’s a little spanking among consenting adults?  Isn’t that better than watching a bunch of guys whacking one guy over and over with their fists and sticks?

My advice?  Skip both movies, stay home and watch some scenes from my sites.

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Why Didn’t They Call the Cameraman to Shoot This?

by on Sep.20, 2014, under Spanking

OMG if you haven’t seen this music video YOU MUST RIGHT NOW!!!

Jennifer Lopez has always been my fantasy lady.  And now she has made what looks like a girl-girl spanking video.

J-Lo has A+ bootie!

J-Lo has A+ bootie!

Don’t they know who I am?  The cameraman??!!  How could they not call me to shoot this epic masterpiece?

Okay Beyonce, you are on alert – if you want to produce anything like J-Lo’s music video, you NEED to call me.  I’ll shoot you NO CHARGE.

Well, I might get a charge, but it won’t cost you a penny to have me shoot it for you.

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Master of the Long Intro

by on Sep.10, 2014, under Spanking, spanking soap opera

I have had lots of feedback from fans about how much they like long intros to spanking scenes. But some tell me an intro can be too long.  I allow for a lot of improvising on my shoots as I feel that is often the best way to get the models personality captured in a scene, and then the scene becomes much more like a real spanking.

Snow Mercy is Mistress of long intros to scene

Snow Mercy is Mistress of long intros to scenes

Snow Mercy is the master (or should I say Mistress) of the long intro. She is very methodical and wants to know in great detail what the scene should include, so that she can work in complicated past scenarios, which is often necessary on the long running spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Roommate.

Snow used 5 min. setup before getting Maddy otk

Snow used 5 min. setup before getting Maddy otk

Snow is a recurring character on this site and remembers much of the past details. Plus she likes to thoroughly set up what is about to happen because she believes that it in engages the viewer.  Heightens the senses so to speak.

Should Snow get spanked for talking to much?

Should Snow get spanked for talking to much?

Well she outdid herself on her last two scenes. The intro for scene 170, with her meeting new roommate Maddy Marks set her personal record at just over 5 minutes of introduction before she actually puts Maddy over her knee.

Snow lectures Lily for breaking in.

Snow lectures Lily for breaking in.

Snow then shattered her record in scene 173, out now with Snow spanking Lily for breaking into her apartment.

And finally, it's spanking time!

And finally, it’s spanking time!

What do you guys say?  We all love to see a good stern lecture before and sometimes after a spanking.  How much is too much?

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Happy Labor Day Spanking

by on Sep.01, 2014, under Spanking

Happy Labor Day!  Have I ever done a Labor Day spanking shoot?  Well if you consider “labor” to mean jobs, then there is an entire CF site dedicated to Labor with our Spanking Veronica Works site.

Ivy Sherwood spanks bad lawyer Veronica in current episode

Ivy Sherwood spanks bad lawyer Veronica in current episode

It is always a blast to shoot for this site as Veronica bounces from job to job, never quite perfecting her next trade, which always ends up with someone getting spanked.  Usually everyone in the scene.

On Spanking Veronica Works Veronica gets to spank everyone

On Spanking Veronica Works Veronica gets to spank everyone

Now if you add in someone who is pregnant (about to go into Labor) to the equation,then I have only one TRUE “labor” day shoot and that is episode 19 of the jobs site.

In episode 19 Veronica is a pregnant officer who spanks bad girls

In episode 19 Veronica is a pregnant officer who spanks bad girls

Veronica is NOT really pregnant of course (as far as I know I have never shot a pregnant lady for a spanking shoot), but for this episode she plays a very pregnant (false tummy) juvie officer who spanks young Chloe Amour and Lynn Pops to warn them about the dangers of teen pregnancy. Of course they overpower her and give the lady a pregnant spanking.

Pregnant or not, the bad girls return the spanking

Pregnant or not, the bad girls return the spanking

So there are two kinds of labor spanking right there (job related, and about to go into labor related). Once the lady is finished with her Labor, the baby is born, and possibly spanked at birth (do they still do that?).

Are people still spanked at birth?

Are people still spanked at birth?

Maybe that birth spanking begins a life of getting spanked for that child. Or at the very least kicks off that child’s tradition of birthday spankings.

But that is another blog for another day.

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EE10: Too Soon?

by on Aug.19, 2014, under Spanking

EE9 is just getting rolling on Girl Spanks Girl. And the cheerleader theme has been wildly popular based on feedback I have been receiving.

But EE10, which won’t happen till a year from now, looms large as the whole number “10″ has a powerful association attached to it. So how do I pull out all the stops?

Cheerleaders worthy of another EE episode?

Cheerleaders worthy of another EE episode?

Re-visit cheerleaders?  Naw, probably need something new.  Slumber party – with a combo of classic nighties, sexy nighties and drop-seat PJs?  Perhaps a strong candidate.

I could go back to the classroom for another schoolgirl classic.  Or even try something a little crazy like a stripper convention or a female prisoner epic.  “Red is the New Black & Blue” anyone?  Has a nice ring to it.

The models tend to fall in line as I get closer to the shoot.  Some of the models I considered for EE9 before running out of space included some sensational options that hopefully will still be around when casting.  And also some who weren’t available for various reasons.

Missy Rhodes. Maddy Marks. Veronica Ricci. Alesha Fox. Minnie Scarlet. Paris Kennedy. Emily Parker. Ivy Sherwood. Christie Stevens. Ashley Rose. Plus a few ladies I haven’t worked with but been wanting to.  Lots of fantastic possibilities.

Yeah, it is too soon to plan it out. But that won’t stop me from taking suggestions.

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All About EE9: Cheerleader Camp

by on Aug.13, 2014, under Spanked school girls

Here is the scoop on the shoot of EE9: Cheerleader Camp.


Willow Lynn was the first to arrive, about 10 minutes before the 12:30 call time.

Next up was Tori Black, the adult model superstar who I was so excited to include in the cast.  Tori was camera ready and looked stunning!  Most of the other models arrived over the next 5 to 10 minutes, so all but one essentially arrived on time.  Tori seemed very comfortable there, and even though this was going to be her first spanking only shoot, she said she has a lot of experience spanking people and she enjoys it.  But Tori got some text message that changed her mood and she pulled me aside to state that she had to leave immediately and assured me it was nothing to do with anything that was going on at the shoot.

I was very disappointed, as you can imagine, but began looking for a last second replacement model.  One of the models was friends with Chenell Heart, and had her call me.  We talked for a minute and she agreed to fill in as Tori’s replacement.

Suzie Q's first cute photo

Suzie Q’s first cute photo

Suzie Q, who is also a model, was helping to crew the shoot. The idea was that she could fill in as a model if something like this occurred. But she ended up working till 4:30am and had little sleep and convinced me that she could not fill in as a model this day.

Replacement model rushing to set

Replacement model Chenell rushing to get to the set. Not here for this photo

So Chenell it was. And I am glad to report that Chenell was amazing.


Suzie was very helpful and had a great rapport with the models. She interviewed each model separately and that will run after EE9 plays out in updates.

Here is Chenell - just in time

Here is Chenell – just in time

This was the most easy-going group EVER to do an EE.  There are usually at least one or two chatty types and occasionally a diva or two.  Not this year. This was a fun loving, easy going gang who could be at least a little rowdy when the cameras were rolling (I hear you Koko Kitten). Maybe there were so many submissive by nature ladies on this shoot (not all of course) that this accounts for the trouble-free shoot.  Hard to say for sure.  I like the diversity of the cast in terms of looks and styles, and there were lots of ladies who could take hard spankings. Each cast member brought something unique and they in mass had a very subtle but quite outstanding improv skill, which makes for an impressive scene.


In the story, Christy was chosen ahead of time to be the special “privileged brat” who would instigate the spankings, then ultimately get the most severe punishment, which included 20 strokes with the cane. When cheer coach Snow is gone, Christy picks a fight with the other girls and they all end up spanking her, which Snow catches.

Yasmine leads mass assault on Christy

Yasmine leads mass assault on Christy

Snow spanks each cheerleader.

Christ laughs at others being punished

Christy laughs at others being punished

Then Christy spanks each cheerleader. Except if you watch closely, you will notice that she somehow overlooked spanking Lana Lopez (we owe you one Lana). One other note here – we incorporated a few of the girls resisting, as in they put their hands back and tried to stop the spanking from occurring, which mostly just leads to the spanker grabbing the spankee’s resisting hand while continuing to spank away.  This was a suggestion from one of our members (who is also a fellow spanking producer).

Christy spanks, Lilly & Willow cower together in fear

Christy spanks, Yasmine resists, Lilly & Willow cower together in fear

Then Chrsity and Snow spank the girls 2 at a time, in the traditional EE format.

Spanked with hairbrush in pairs

Spanked with hairbrush in pairs

And then Snow catches Christy gloating to the other girls about how she got them spanked and Snow punishes Christy severely.

Naughty Christy gets what she deserves

Naughty Christy gets what she deserves


1. Snow Mercy was in top form, never getting tired despite spanking an unending sea of bottoms.

The girls seem pleased that Christy is getting caned

The girls seem pleased that Christy is getting caned

2. Chrsity Cutie shines as the brat who caused trouble and you gotta love her “pain” moans while she is getting punished. 3. Koko Kitten is the master of subtle humor and lovely pouting.

Snow is tireless spanker, Koko master pouter

Snow is tireless spanker, Koko master pouter

4. Yasmine deLeon is a stunning beauty with a nice bottom and she excels at being sassy. 5. Alex Reynolds stands out as the disgruntled member who protests to the bitter end. And of course she can take and give a great spanking.

Alex is bent over for position variety

Alex is bent over for position variety

6. Lilly and 7. Willow Lynn are great friends in real life and they included that friendship as two who bond while being punished. Their idea.  8. Lana Lopez gives excellent very real reactions because she is no doubt in the most pain of any of these ladies as the one with the lowest tolerance – and someone who is not normally spanked.

Lana Lopez discovers spankings hurt

Lana Lopez discovers spankings hurt

9. Chenell Heart filled in beautifully. She is so very cute, great at subtle acting – and has an amazing bottom.


There was a double rainbow outside. Just in honor of our shoot?  Maybe.

Lana Lopez text me to say that she thought Snow looked amazing and next time Lana says she wants a swat or two with a paddle from Snow.  Ha, ha, really Lana?

All of the girls seemed pleased with the shoot and I received a lot of “thank you” notes and such.  Someone even said, “I will wait a day or two then I will ask you about your plans for EE10″.  Hmmmm.


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Hurts to Sit Down

by on Jul.27, 2014, under Spanking

I believe that if I had a camera running non-stop at every shoot that I would get a little bit of boring stuff and my data cards would fill up fast but I would also record some stuff that spanking fans would really appreciate. And I don’t mean “peeping” material.

Ludella Hahn has trouble sitting

Ludella Hahn has trouble sitting

My spanking shoots have been called everything ranging from too light to too severe. Most of the time they are somewhere in between. But the spankings are very real, and they almost always cause lots of pain to the model who is getting spanked. Most models, especially the first time they shoot a spanking scene, complain a lot about how much it hurts to sit down after (and sometimes during) the shoot.

It REALLY really hurt Mia Vallis to sit on her first shoot

It REALLY really hurt Mia Vallis to sit on her first shoot

They often rub their bottom, or have another model rub Arnicare gel all over her bottom. And, to most of my member’s delight, they almost always have trouble sitting down.  This is always nice when it is included in a scene.

Mary Jane knows that spankings make for a tender bum

Mary Jane knows that spankings make for a tender bum

But trust me, this goes own all during a shoot.  Out of the corner of my eye while I moving a light or setting up a camera, I catch a model sitting, yelping, standing, rubbing her bottom and saying something along the lines of “hey it really does hurt when you sit down.”

Alyssa Reece says "ouch" on her first spanking shoot

Alyssa Reece says “ouch” on her first spanking shoot

So whenever you see it in a scene, when near the end a model struggles to sit and then rubs her bottom, believe me when I share that this is real stuff, and only skims the surface. Spanking shoots really do make a model “hurt when she sits down.”

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