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EE10: Too Soon?

by on Aug.19, 2014, under Spanking

EE9 is just getting rolling on Girl Spanks Girl. And the cheerleader theme has been wildly popular based on feedback I have been receiving.

But EE10, which won’t happen till a year from now, looms large as the whole number “10″ has a powerful association attached to it. So how do I pull out all the stops?

Cheerleaders worthy of another EE episode?

Cheerleaders worthy of another EE episode?

Re-visit cheerleaders?  Naw, probably need something new.  Slumber party – with a combo of classic nighties, sexy nighties and drop-seat PJs?  Perhaps a strong candidate.

I could go back to the classroom for another schoolgirl classic.  Or even try something a little crazy like a stripper convention or a female prisoner epic.  “Red is the New Black & Blue” anyone?  Has a nice ring to it.

The models tend to fall in line as I get closer to the shoot.  Some of the models I considered for EE9 before running out of space included some sensational options that hopefully will still be around when casting.  And also some who weren’t available for various reasons.

Missy Rhodes. Maddy Marks. Veronica Ricci. Alesha Fox. Minnie Scarlet. Paris Kennedy. Emily Parker. Ivy Sherwood. Christie Stevens. Ashley Rose. Plus a few ladies I haven’t worked with but been wanting to.  Lots of fantastic possibilities.

Yeah, it is too soon to plan it out. But that won’t stop me from taking suggestions.

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All About EE9: Cheerleader Camp

by on Aug.13, 2014, under Spanked school girls

Here is the scoop on the shoot of EE9: Cheerleader Camp.


Willow Lynn was the first to arrive, about 10 minutes before the 12:30 call time.

Next up was Tori Black, the adult model superstar who I was so excited to include in the cast.  Tori was camera ready and looked stunning!  Most of the other models arrived over the next 5 to 10 minutes, so all but one essentially arrived on time.  Tori seemed very comfortable there, and even though this was going to be her first spanking only shoot, she said she has a lot of experience spanking people and she enjoys it.  But Tori got some text message that changed her mood and she pulled me aside to state that she had to leave immediately and assured me it was nothing to do with anything that was going on at the shoot.

I was very disappointed, as you can imagine, but began looking for a last second replacement model.  One of the models was friends with Chenell Heart, and had her call me.  We talked for a minute and she agreed to fill in as Tori’s replacement.

Suzie Q's first cute photo

Suzie Q’s first cute photo

Suzie Q, who is also a model, was helping to crew the shoot. The idea was that she could fill in as a model if something like this occurred. But she ended up working till 4:30am and had little sleep and convinced me that she could not fill in as a model this day.

Replacement model rushing to set

Replacement model Chenell rushing to get to the set. Not here for this photo

So Chenell it was. And I am glad to report that Chenell was amazing.


Suzie was very helpful and had a great rapport with the models. She interviewed each model separately and that will run after EE9 plays out in updates.

Here is Chenell - just in time

Here is Chenell – just in time

This was the most easy-going group EVER to do an EE.  There are usually at least one or two chatty types and occasionally a diva or two.  Not this year. This was a fun loving, easy going gang who could be at least a little rowdy when the cameras were rolling (I hear you Koko Kitten). Maybe there were so many submissive by nature ladies on this shoot (not all of course) that this accounts for the trouble-free shoot.  Hard to say for sure.  I like the diversity of the cast in terms of looks and styles, and there were lots of ladies who could take hard spankings. Each cast member brought something unique and they in mass had a very subtle but quite outstanding improv skill, which makes for an impressive scene.


In the story, Christy was chosen ahead of time to be the special “privileged brat” who would instigate the spankings, then ultimately get the most severe punishment, which included 20 strokes with the cane. When cheer coach Snow is gone, Christy picks a fight with the other girls and they all end up spanking her, which Snow catches.

Yasmine leads mass assault on Christy

Yasmine leads mass assault on Christy

Snow spanks each cheerleader.

Christ laughs at others being punished

Christy laughs at others being punished

Then Christy spanks each cheerleader. Except if you watch closely, you will notice that she somehow overlooked spanking Lana Lopez (we owe you one Lana). One other note here – we incorporated a few of the girls resisting, as in they put their hands back and tried to stop the spanking from occurring, which mostly just leads to the spanker grabbing the spankee’s resisting hand while continuing to spank away.  This was a suggestion from one of our members (who is also a fellow spanking producer).

Christy spanks, Lilly & Willow cower together in fear

Christy spanks, Yasmine resists, Lilly & Willow cower together in fear

Then Chrsity and Snow spank the girls 2 at a time, in the traditional EE format.

Spanked with hairbrush in pairs

Spanked with hairbrush in pairs

And then Snow catches Christy gloating to the other girls about how she got them spanked and Snow punishes Christy severely.

Naughty Christy gets what she deserves

Naughty Christy gets what she deserves


1. Snow Mercy was in top form, never getting tired despite spanking an unending sea of bottoms.

The girls seem pleased that Christy is getting caned

The girls seem pleased that Christy is getting caned

2. Chrsity Cutie shines as the brat who caused trouble and you gotta love her “pain” moans while she is getting punished. 3. Koko Kitten is the master of subtle humor and lovely pouting.

Snow is tireless spanker, Koko master pouter

Snow is tireless spanker, Koko master pouter

4. Yasmine deLeon is a stunning beauty with a nice bottom and she excels at being sassy. 5. Alex Reynolds stands out as the disgruntled member who protests to the bitter end. And of course she can take and give a great spanking.

Alex is bent over for position variety

Alex is bent over for position variety

6. Lilly and 7. Willow Lynn are great friends in real life and they included that friendship as two who bond while being punished. Their idea.  8. Lana Lopez gives excellent very real reactions because she is no doubt in the most pain of any of these ladies as the one with the lowest tolerance – and someone who is not normally spanked.

Lana Lopez discovers spankings hurt

Lana Lopez discovers spankings hurt

9. Chenell Heart filled in beautifully. She is so very cute, great at subtle acting – and has an amazing bottom.


There was a double rainbow outside. Just in honor of our shoot?  Maybe.

Lana Lopez text me to say that she thought Snow looked amazing and next time Lana says she wants a swat or two with a paddle from Snow.  Ha, ha, really Lana?

All of the girls seemed pleased with the shoot and I received a lot of “thank you” notes and such.  Someone even said, “I will wait a day or two then I will ask you about your plans for EE10″.  Hmmmm.


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Hurts to Sit Down

by on Jul.27, 2014, under Spanking

I believe that if I had a camera running non-stop at every shoot that I would get a little bit of boring stuff and my data cards would fill up fast but I would also record some stuff that spanking fans would really appreciate. And I don’t mean “peeping” material.

Ludella Hahn has trouble sitting

Ludella Hahn has trouble sitting

My spanking shoots have been called everything ranging from too light to too severe. Most of the time they are somewhere in between. But the spankings are very real, and they almost always cause lots of pain to the model who is getting spanked. Most models, especially the first time they shoot a spanking scene, complain a lot about how much it hurts to sit down after (and sometimes during) the shoot.

It REALLY really hurt Mia Vallis to sit on her first shoot

It REALLY really hurt Mia Vallis to sit on her first shoot

They often rub their bottom, or have another model rub Arnicare gel all over her bottom. And, to most of my member’s delight, they almost always have trouble sitting down.  This is always nice when it is included in a scene.

Mary Jane knows that spankings make for a tender bum

Mary Jane knows that spankings make for a tender bum

But trust me, this goes own all during a shoot.  Out of the corner of my eye while I moving a light or setting up a camera, I catch a model sitting, yelping, standing, rubbing her bottom and saying something along the lines of “hey it really does hurt when you sit down.”

Alyssa Reece says "ouch" on her first spanking shoot

Alyssa Reece says “ouch” on her first spanking shoot

So whenever you see it in a scene, when near the end a model struggles to sit and then rubs her bottom, believe me when I share that this is real stuff, and only skims the surface. Spanking shoots really do make a model “hurt when she sits down.”

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EE9 Casting Update

by on Jul.18, 2014, under Spanked school girls, Spanking

The cast for EE9 is pretty much set.  I reached out to one model who has not gotten back to me yet, and she would be a great addition who has never appeared in a spanking scene like this before, but she seems like a long shot at this point.

Hard hairbrush action from the first ever EE

Hard hairbrush action from the first ever EE

So here are those who have confirmed for the August 3rd shoot.

Snow Mercy 1st appears in series on EE4

Snow Mercy 1st appears in series on EE4

Snow Mercy will be the cheerleader camp coach.  The premise is that cheerleaders from all different schools are meeting for some special coaching from Snow.  You probably can imagine what might happen.

Tough to compete with this lineup from EE3

Tough to compete with this lineup from EE3

Very excited to have adult model superstar Tori Black as the one cheerleader who in under Snow’s tutelage and she will be doling out lots of punishment along with Snow.

Christy caned in EE7. Another caning to come?

Christy caned in EE7. Another caning to come?

The other amazing cheerleaders are Christy Cutie, Alex Reynolds, Lana Lopez, Yasmine deLeon, Lily, Willow and Koko Kitten, all who have shot for our sites at some point.

For those who can’t do quick math in your head, that is 9 models, with a slim possibility of a brand spanking new 10th model.

EE8 was shot in France

EE8 was shot in France

This is one of the best EE casts ever.  I wanted to include a few other great options, but ran out of space for a manageable cast size.  But then there is always next year.  The 10th year.  A decade of red bums.

Expect to see this epic start its run on Girl Spanks Girl around the third week of August.

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Remembering Hollie Stevens

by on Jul.07, 2014, under Spanking

Hollie Stevens was lost to us just over 2 years ago.  Lost but not forgotten. I shot with Hollie a few times and we always talked about doing a clown spanking scene. Her fans all know how much she loved dressing up like a clown to do fetish and/or porn. She was considered a pioneer in Clown Porn in fact.

Karla Kush and Veronica make excellent clowns

Karla Kush and Veronica make excellent clowns

Well as a tribute to Hollie’s idea, we shot a clown spanking scene with Veronica Ricci and Karla Kush that is now running on Spanking Veronica Works.

Veronica can clown and spank with the best of them

Veronica can clown and spank with the best of them

We didn’t commit to the face paint, as Hollie intended to, but we did have great costumes and two perfect models to give this idea a great go of it.

Karla shows Veronica that noise makers can be harmful to your bum

Karla shows Veronica that noise makers can be harmful to your bum

There is plenty of great clowning, singing, goofy props and of course spanking in this high energy outstanding scene in which Veronica and Karla went all in.

Hollie Stevens appears on My Spanking Roommate site

Hollie Stevens appears on My Spanking Roommate site

A nice way to remember Hollie with a smile.

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Spank Plank

by on Jul.03, 2014, under Spanking

Planking never really caught on. If it only included spanking, perhaps it would have. A recent scene on My Spanking Roommate is one of my new favorites.

Three beautiful ladies with curvy bottoms all spank each other, including Veronica Ricci, Madison Martin and Mary Jane.

Start of a spank plank craze?

Start of a spank plank craze?

Of course it was the clever Veronica who thought to plank while getting spanked. Entertaining scene with hard action including a heavy wooden bath brush.

If planking ever makes a come back, maybe it will be traced to this scene.

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Becoming Android Friendly

by on Jun.30, 2014, under Spanking

Recently a member emailed me about not being able to view videos on his Android phone. After doing some research on this issue, I discovered that Android users would need to download some software to play clips, and some clips were too long for viewing on the Android phone.

So I found some software that coverts my larger files to a more compressed, Android friendly file format that needs no added software to view. Well, converting all of my old files to this new format, on all of the sites, is an overwhelming task.

EE7 was the first scene to get converted to Android format

EE7 was the first scene to get converted to Android format

I decided to begin with Girl Spanks Girl, updating old files one scene at a time, hopefully with one conversion offered as a BONUS update each day on the site.  Once I have completed doing this for GSG, I will start on another site.

And all new scenes will include a new update for the full version of each scene once all the clips for that scene are fully updated.

Technology changes so rapidly.  I remember 14 years ago when Clare and I started all this, low end RM (real media) files were the industry standard. Yuck they don’t look so hot now.

Making mp4 files so that scenes could be Mac friendly was the next big change. And now this, viewing spankings scene on a phone.

Who knows what’s next?  Maybe some day there will be a format the goes onto a brain chip and you can dream about all of our lovely ladies spanking each other.  If you don’t already.

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Mystery Photos

by on Jun.18, 2014, under Spanking, spanking sorority girls

Having shot thousands of scenes over the years, I rarely have taken a photo that turned out to be a mystery. The basic format goes like this – we typically do a few scenes per shoot.

After each scene, we take a set of photos that come as close to what we filmed for the scene as possible. But every once in a while, when there are multiple models, and things are getting rather harried, we might not exactly remember what we filmed during the scene.

But again, it is almost always  spot on or very close. But upon editing the photos for the current scene up on Spanking Sorority Girls, with Ashley Rose, Aaliyah Love and Veronica Ricci, I found some mysterious photos.

Veronica spanks Ashley in photos, but not in video

Veronica spanks Ashley in photos, but not in video

Now with three girls all supposed to spank each other, some lifted others, some kissed others, a very complicated back story was included, well, somehow when shooting the scene, Veronica doesn’t spank Ashley.

Too bad we didn't film something like this

Too bad we didn’t film something like this

But we didn’t realize that when we took the photos.  Hence, there are photos of Veronica spanking Ashley, and even Veronica kissing Aaliyah while she spanked Ashley. They look great.

And upon seeing them, I checked all the video footage from that day just to be certain we didn’t film that gold.  We didn’t. Still a great scene, including a few mystery photos!

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Amazing Pandora Blake

by on Jun.05, 2014, under spanked call girls, Spanking

Hey I have been busy with a combo of site stuff and some vanilla activities and haven’t had a chance to blog in a while. So now I am here to cover the first thing on my mind since I last blogged  – and that is the lovely Pandora Blake.

I had heard about her starting up her site Dreams of Spanking in England and she was getting some favorable buzz for that impressive work.

Courtney paddles Pandora for Undercharging

Courtney paddles Pandora for Undercharging

So when she emailed me about shooting with her in her recent visit to the US, I was very excited. I ended up squeezing in two shoots. The first thing she shot is up now on Spanked Call Girls.

She is pared with Courtney Shea for that one and it is an extremely high energy scene. I found Pandora to be charming, funny and a lady with a very strong work ethic.

Courtney learns that Brits know a LOT about spanking

Courtney learns that Brits know a LOT about spanking

She could easily adapt to the tone of our wildly differing scenes, and she is great at both giving and receiving spankings. I also got the chance to hang out a little with Pandora and Alex Reynolds and it was a fun time for all!  High marks for Pandora!!

Look for her in the next few months on My Spanking Roommate and Spanking Veronica Works.

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Happy Cinco De Mayo

by on May.05, 2014, under Spanking

It’s been a while since I have posted and there is lots of new stuff to report on (including 2 exciting shoots with the lovely Pandora Blake), but I am just dropping a note to say happy Cinco De Mayo.

In honor of this holiday, I will share a little about this amazing model I have shot with recently by the name of Lana Lopez.  I think you all love her!  She will be appearing in a couple of weeks in an episode of Spanking Veronica Works.

Lana Lopez did her first ever spanking shoot with us

Lana Lopez did her first ever spanking shoot with us

And I will be shooting a Sweeties with her pretty soon. Lana is luscious.  Have a margarita in her honor!

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