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Jenna Satvia Pet of the Year

by on May.09, 2017, under Spanking

A couple of years ago there was a blog post here that talked about 10 Penthouse Pets (many of them Pet of Year winners) that have appeared on some or all of our 7 spanking sites – you can read that blog here.

Jenna Sativa makes out in a scene on Spanking Sorority Girls

Jenna Sativa just won the current Penthouse Pet of the Year award. Congratulations Jenna!  When I first shot her a couple of years ago, I believe we were her second shoot. She has been a rising star these past couple of years!

Jenna can be found spanking bad boys on Clare Spanks Men

Right away you could tell there was something special about her.  She was witty, charming, sexy and of course had a great booty and was a great performer.

Genna appears in the latest Exclusive Education episode on Girl Spanks Girl

Since that first shoot, she has shot with us many times and has appeared on all 7 of our sites. Jenna may not be a full on spanko, but she has some real interest in it and embraces giving and receiving a good spanking in all of her scenes.

Jenna gets a wedgie and spanking on My Spanking Roommate

Definitely check out Jenna on whichever site floats your boat. She has made out on the Sorority and Girl Spanks Girl sites.

Jenna gets a paddling on Spanked Call Girls

She has spanked bad boys on Clare Spanks Men. She’s given and taken spankings on Spanked Call Girls.

Jenna talks about her spanking experiences growing up on Spanked Sweeties

She even gets a wedgie along with a spanking on My Spanking Roommate.

Jenna plays an original Superheroine in an upcoming episode on Spanking Veronica Works

And look for her as a superheroine in an upcoming episode of Spanking Veronica Works.  A well deserved award for Jenna!!

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Spanking Sorority Girls

by on Apr.22, 2017, under Spanked school girls, spanking sorority girls

There has been some nice feedback on the current scene running on Spanking Sorority Girls and starring Snow Mercy as the teacher, and Amelie as the naughty school girl who gets spanked in her teacher’s office.

Teacher Snow Mercy spanks naughty schoolgirl Amelie right in her office

There tends to be as much favorable feedback on the Sorority site as any of the others, but the membership is the lowest of our 7 sites. My theory for this is that many people join the mulit-site passes, and the 5 site special includes the Sorority site. But there are quite a few members of the 3 and 4 site special, which doesn’t include the Sorority site.

You don’t want to miss the wide variety of spanking implements, including this hard wooden ruler that are used to spank such a variety of beautiful curvy bottoms like this one!

If you are reading this and you are a member of a multi-site pass, you might want to consider instead signing up for the 5 site deal (which is hardly much more).

Mother Julie Simone spanks her daughter Ami Mercury in the kitchen with a wooden spoon

The Sorority site includes a decent amount of mother/daughter punishment, and even the occasional young lady spanking a mother or teacher.

Super cute Misty Lovelace gives her roommate’s mom (Clare Fonda) a spanking in the bedroom in the soon to be released episode 129

There are many schoolgirl spankings. There is the occasional girl/girl action.

Star Nine makes out with current Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Sativa

There are some fun spankings, and some very heavy punishments. And sometimes there are scenes with multiple girls like the Exclusive Education series.

The large (real) wooden sorority paddle is used in a scene with multiple schoolgirls

This site really has it all and presently has 127 scenes available. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

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Reading While Getting Spanked

by on Apr.12, 2017, under Spanking, spanking soap opera

There are two scenes up now on My Spanking Roommate where a new roommie must read the apartment rules while she is getting spanked.

Kitty Catherine cries during her spanking

It was an idea I got a long time ago when someone in a Sweeties interview said she used to have to pray while she got spanked.  I can’t remember which Sweetie it was, but it has been since re-enacted and recreated in some variation a number of times over the years.

Here are Kitty’s tears on the rules she was reading during her spanking

In the previous episode, Veronica spanked her new roommate Kitty Catherine while Kitty read the rules.  Kitty actually cried real tears, which fell onto the paper she was reading.

A closer shot of the tears

I snapped a couple of pics of that tear-stained paper for your enjoyment.

Kitty is so cute and has a nice curvy rump

In the new scene on the site, Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) spanks her new roommate, rising star Harley Havik, and also makes her read the rules of the apartment while doing so. She even makes her fetch a hairbrush for Kay to use on her.

Kay spanks Harley while she reads the rules of the apartment

Kym and Harley bonded on the set, and Harley let Kym know that she could take a hard spanking, but then warned that she would be dishing it out hard herself in future scenes. Something to look forward to on the roommate spanking front.

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Exclusive Education Part 3 Coming Soon

by on Apr.05, 2017, under Spanked school girls

I have been getting some nice feedback on the first 2 parts of Exclusive Education, running now on Girl Spanks Girl.  The first part has the most number of girls and they gets all kinds of spankings and paddlings at their slumber party.

Part 2 is also pretty popular, focusing more on OTK spanking with some super hotties.

Part 2 features some curvy bottoms

And next week Part 3 will be coming out and it is a different bird altogether.  This one is set in Principal Miller’s office, where she spanks Sunny to get information about the delinquent girls of the slumber parties. Sunny is hesitant until she gets it hard and spills all.

Principal Miller returns in Part 3 coming next week

The slumber party theme was suggested by a few members.  The Exclusive Education series has included mostly school girl spankings, but also cheerleaders and this slumber party.  I’ve had one suggestion so far for a soccer girl theme.

Hmmmm. It will be a while before I shoot the next in the series, so feel free to float some ideas over the months ahead.  In the meantime, enjoy the slumber party!

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Happy St. Spank-tricks Day

by on Mar.16, 2017, under Spanking

Okay maybe it’s a stretch going from Happy St. Patrick’s Day to Happy St. Spank-tricks Day as in the title above.  But I’m part Irish, so I say I get away with it. For all you who choose not to wear green tomorrow, I’m guessing you HOPE you get pinched (by a hot chick in a sexy outfit who squeezes your butt hard and long for the no-green offense).

This Brazilian babe fails to properly dress for St. Patrick’s Day

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the CF empire, we offer up a scene on Spanked Call Girls that has 2 ladies (Veronica Ricci and AlexH) who are supposed to be dressed for a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Sexy leprechauns know how to spank those who don’t wear green!

Veronica is upset that AlexH didn’t get it right, so of course she has no choice but to spank the Brazilian hottie.  For those of you who don’t know much about AlexH, she was not really a model, perse, or a spanking star, or someone who was necessarily looking for shoots.  But she wanted to make a little money, had a great sense for adventure and was curious about spanking. So we obliged.

AlexH is magically delicious

She has since moved on from her curiosity, so her few appearances on our sites may be the only chance you ever get to see this stunning lady. So enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day treat with the luck of the Brazilian. And Irish of course.

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Something Old and Something New

by on Mar.08, 2017, under spanked call girls, Spanking

I have probably mentioned before that sometimes I’ll shoot a few scenes in a day and one will go up quickly and the other will be saved for a future date. Well, there are 2 extremes up now.


First, on Spanking Veronica Works, there is a scene released today that was shot a few years ago and stars Veronica Ricci and the great Pandora Blake when she made a visit to the US.

Veronica decided on her own to use this giant metal fork – ouch!

At that shoot, there was a scene that went up shortly after that date.  But this scene was saved for a later release, which finally happens today. In the scene, it is Veronica’s job to teach Pandora about wrestling.

Pandora enjoys spanking Veronica in this high energy scene

She gets carried away and begins spanking Pandora.  Anyone who knows Pandora will realize that she won’t stand for that and she spanks Veronica, too.  The two ladies had a great time together, fed off each others energy and the wrestling became pretty real.

Briella and Savannah also wrestle each other in their brand new scene

On the other end of the spectrum, I shot a scene last week with Briella Jaden and Savannah Fox and it was released on Spanked Call Girls that same night it was shot. Briella has shot with us many times, but this was the debut for curvy bottomed Savannah, and she was a natural.

A small metal frying pan really stings!

The irony of these 2 scenes with similar release dates but shot years apart, is that they are very similar in theme. Savannah and Briella also wrestle and spank each other for their scene, and wrestling is simply not something that appears on our sites too often.

Turnaround is fair in both of these scenes

This wasn’t planned, just a nice coincidence. There is really merit to releasing scenes right away and also merit to waiting a while, especially when it is a model who is not available to shoot very often, such as the awesome Pandora Blake.

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Diversity of Moms

by on Mar.02, 2017, under Interviews, mother/daughter spanking, Spanking

Lately on Spanked Sweeties we have been featuring a wide range of moms.

Miss Cassie spanks Uma Jolle

Miss Cassie spanks Uma Jolle

Miss Cassie was mom to ultra hot Uma Joelle. I did get a few complaints that Miss Cassie didn’t spank Uma hard enough, but as you can see from this photo, Uma got very speckled. All models have a different tolerance level and Miss Cassie appreciates this.

Clare Fonda is the top mom

Clare Fonda is the top mom and she uses the belt on Violet October

Clare Fonda has always been the most popular “mom” on the sites and her giving Violet October a hard punishment definitely received some nice feedback! Of course you can look forward to a lot more Clare to come on the site.  Mother may I.

Painful to be Lana Miller's daughter - if you are naughty

Painful to be Lana Miller’s daughter – if you are naughty

Lana Miller is also widely popular and really delivered as the mom to Sunny X.  I will work on Lana shooting with a couple of non-models she knows who are super cute, have big booties, and deserve a mommy spanking according to Lana.

Julie Simone fetish superstar, meet Ami Mercury, your new daughter

Julie Simone fetish superstar, meet Ami Mercury, your new daughter

Julie Simone is a fetish superstar and can be seen delivering some great spankings to Ami Mercury. Of course many of our moms are pretty young, but Julie understands that true mom/daughter spanking fans can appreciate moms of all ages.

Is An Li really old enough to be Lola Chan's mom? Maybe not, but she's old enough to play her and give her daughter a sound spanking

Is An Li really old enough to be Lola Chan’s mom? Maybe not, but she’s old enough to play her and give her daughter a sound spanking

Which leads us to our latest Sweetie, Lola Chan, who makes her film debut on our site. Lola is interviewed and spanked by “mom” An Li, a successful LA dominatrix, who also makes her debut in this release. They are very close in age, but there is an age play factor that works to perfection in their scenes, as An Li embraces the mature mom role, and Lola acts very young (and looks very young as well).

Hope you are all enjoying the wide range of “moms.”

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Valentine’s Day Spanking in Snow’s Dungeon

by on Feb.14, 2017, under Spanking

The always stunning Snow Mercy decorated her dungeon for Valentine’s Day and we used it for an amazing Valentine scene on Girl Spanks Girl that pops in time for the lovely holiday.

New spanking model Amelie eats Snow's chocolates before giving them to her.  Oh-oh!

New spanking model Amelie eats Snow’s chocolates before giving them to her. Oh-oh!

And it is the spanking debut for the amazing new model Amelie, a super cutie who sports a spectacularly round bottom. We used Snow’s actual box of chocolates that Amelie’s character opens and starts eating before giving to her friend Snow.

Amelie is surprised to see that her friend Snow has her own dungeon

Amelie is surprised to see that her friend Snow has her own dungeon

So Snow introduces Amelie to her dungeon and demonstrates what happens to naughty girls who are in her circle of friends.  That is of course plenty of spanking and paddling, including many whacks with a leather paddle that features hearts.

Amelie learns what a spanking horse is. Giddy yup!

Amelie learns what a spanking horse is. Giddy yup!

The two lovely ladies got along great for the shoot, had outstanding chemistry, really enjoyed working with each other and did some hard spanking, too. This scene also features Amelie’s first attempt at spanking. It is playful, but still pretty hard.

Snow discovers the hard way that Amelie is a fast learner when it comes to topping

Snow discovers the hard way that Amelie is a fast learner when it comes to topping

A great scene for Valentine’s Day!!

Amelie gets some cage time for being naughty

Amelie gets some cage time for being naughty

Hope you all find your special person that might even get in a cage for you if that floats your boat!

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The New Spanking Soccer Mom

by on Jan.29, 2017, under Spanking

The original Spanked Soccer Moms scene with Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer from a number of years back was always a wildly popular scene, that you can still find on Girl Spanks Girl.

Sylvia Sage spanks Clare on her yoga shorts

Sylvia Sage spanks Clare on her yoga shorts

Clare suggested doing a new scene with a similar vibe and pairing her friend Silvia Sage with her. She also thought it would be fun to see both ladies spanking each other in tight yoga pants. So I helped realize this fantasy and you can find it now on Spanking Sorority Girls.

That stinging hairbrush!

That stinging hairbrush!

Clare wears shorts, Silvia the traditional longer outfit – but both are tight on the booties. Clare directed the scene, just like the original, though it was shot in a different living room. It did have very much a similar dynamic but the difference this time is that Clare starts out much more submissive to Sylvia, but then turns the tables and ends up being more dominant.  The original had both Clare and Chelsea equals.

Sylvia discovers that spankings are real and they hurt. Ouch

Sylvia discovers that spankings are real and they hurt. Ouch

Sylvia and Clare had great fun playing neighbors who have a beef over Clare’s daughter and they use spanking as a tool to resolve their conflict. If only life could be this simple.  And fun.

Sylvia looks good in red

Sylvia looks good in red

It’s a great scene, a nice follow up to the original, though Clare is playing a different character, her new “mom” character on the sorority site. You all should check it out on  Spanking Sorority Girls.  Clare thinks it surpasses the original, though that is a tall task. At the very least it is the equal with a more modern feel to it.

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Answering Questions

by on Jan.15, 2017, under Spanking

I get many questions about spanking shoots either via this blog, occasionally on twitter, and many via email. I thought it might be entertaining to answer a few of them (shout out to Mike) today.

Lots of chatting and planning before EE11 shoot

Lots of chatting and planning before EE11 shoot

1.  QUESTION: Do the models talk about spanking each other before shoots or how they are going spank someone or their spanking style?

ANSWER: Almost on every shoot, there is at least a few minutes set aside for talking about the spanking scene that is about to take place. On EE11, now on Girl Spanks Girl, that discussion was extensive as it was a complicated shoot.  I would say at least 15 minutes were set aside and all models chimed in at one time or another.  If you are wondering if models ever talk about spanking on their own, and not related to the shoot, that does happen sometimes, too.  More often with models who are very much into spanking, such as Elor Stix, Stevie Rose, Maddie Marks, Bella Bathory — well, many of the models who were in EE11.  They talk about what they like, who spanked them recently, etc. I remember on this set hearing Elori talking in great detail about spanking before the shoot and interrupting her to say “we should be filming this, members would love to hear you right now!”  She did do a Spanked Sweeties and you can hear some of what she talked about in her interview on that site.


A couple of on-set butt slappers

2.  QUESTION:  Do any models slap each others butts in the dressing room or getting ready?

ANSWER: Not too many models spank each other before shoots, but some do.  I often catch myself saying “hey save it for the camera” when they do, especially if they are hard slaps.  When Veronica Ricci started out, it seemed like she was swatting another model’s behind often before shoots.  And Stevie Rose was another one.  Madison Martin, too.  The photo above shows Stevie and Veronica preparing for a scene for Spanking Veronica Works. There was definitely some pre-shoot spanks going on that day.

Celeste helps Jamie feel comfortable on her first spanking shoot

Celeste helps Jamie feel comfortable on her first spanking shoot

3.  QUESTION: Do all the models get along and are friendly during the shoot?

ANSWER: I have been shooting spanking scenes for a very long time and am pleased to say that I have never encountered a shoot in which models didn’t get along.  I have had times when a model has been mad about something going on with her life outside of the shoot and the model getting spanked by her typically gets an extra hard spanking because of it. And there are a few times when one model would tell me she will not shoot with a certain model because of some conflict. But I have never had any on set issues.  The more typical occurrence is when one model helps the other ease into her shoot, such as in the above photo when Celeste Star helped Jamie Hendrix feel comfortable with her first ever spanking shoot, here in a scene for My Spanking Roommate.

Kymberly and Veronica became friends after meeting on shoots

Kymberly and Veronica became friends after meeting on shoots

4.  QUESTION: Do any models ever become friends after meeting on a shoot?

ANSWER: There are many times when models become friends after meeting on a shoot.  Just as many times co-workers in any profession become friends.  In the above photo, Kymbery Jane and Veronica Ricci can be seen clowning around before a scene.  They both have a keen sense of humor and so they bonded instantly when shooting together and became fast friends. I’m sure it happens even more times than I know. There was even one time that I know of (I will not ever name them) that two models were so attracted to one another that they started dating after a shoot.  And they had a romantic relationship that included spanking.  Stuff of fantasy right there.

Keep those questions coming.

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