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Halloween Spanking Delay

by on Oct.31, 2011, under spanking soap opera


Okay, so taking you behind the scenes for editing and scene length, I’m sorry to report that because the scene with Madison Martin and Mary Jane ran so long on My Spanking Roommates, that the Halloween episode that was supposed to air today, on Halloween, will actually not appear for another week or so. 

Apparently, Madison and Mary Jane found each other’s curvy backsides so tempting, that they couldn’t stop spanking each other and their scene ended up around 30 minutes long.  That happens sometimes, even though producers tend to shoot for a certain length to a spanking scene – in this case around 20 minutes. 

But sometimes the models get tired or run out of things to say and the scene ends up short.  Or in this case, they get into it so much that they run all red lights (and end up with red bottoms).  Enjoy and check in next week for the My Spanking Roommate Halloween episode featuring Kailee and Chloe Elise.

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Bliss Evermore and School Girls vs. Sorority Girls

by on Oct.26, 2011, under Spanked school girls

Bliss Evermoresorority paddling

Bliss Evermore is a pretty cool name, right?  She is today’s featured model from Exclusive Education 6 appearing on Girl Spanks Girl.  Rather than saying too much about Bliss (that was fun to type), I will send you to her very own Interview that appeared in the Cherry Red Report.  The way you can hear about her experiences from the big shoot in her own words. 

On another note, I would love to get any reader feedback on one idea.  What would any of you think if we did a big sorority girl shoot in 2012 and gave the big schoolgirl shoot a year off, only to return with another big schoolgirl shoot in 2013? 

Mixing it up a little couldn’t hurt, could it?  Unless you are one of the sorority girls on the receiving end of a hard hazing spanking or worse, 10 with the pledge paddle?  One of the above photos is of Bliss from EE6, the other is a frame grab from a shoot done a looooong time ago for Girl Spanks Girl, called Sorority Initiation, back when cameras were not high definition, file resolution was bad, and Clare Fonda had short hair.  Sorority Initiation begs for an update.

So the idea is that the schoolgirl shoot would happen every other year, being mixed in with a big shoot in the odd years that could include sorority girls, prison girls, cheerleaders and well you get the idea.  I’ve always been a fan of the old saying “variety is the spice of life.”  What is your opinion?

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Spanking Theft Sucks!

by on Oct.15, 2011, under spanking soap opera


Check out the photo above to see two of the best (if not THE best) bums in the biz.  Mary Jane and Madison have amazing booties and are now up in their first scene together for My Spanking Roommate

Look closer at the photo and you will see an url on the bottom right.  The “url” is the lettering that identifies the site.  Previously, I have not added urls to photos that I have taken for My Spanking Roommate or Girl Spanks Girl.  There is something pure about having a photo with no writing on it. 

However, due to unrelenting stealing of Clare Fonda photos and videos, I have been forced to add the urls so at least when people watch the stolen scenes, they can see what site they came from and hopefully some day pay to join the site. 

I realize many people who join sites think they are not stealing when they share videos and photos to supposedly “free” sites.  What they may or may not realize, is that some asshole is making money off that “free” site, and he has no cost in paying models, producing, shooting, editing etc. of the content.  It is stealing. 

I’m not talking about showing your buddies some of the clips from a site you joined.  I’m talking about posting them on file sharing sites. It is illegal and it is causing major hits to companies producing this content.  Some of those companies may eventually go out of business as they are taking hits from this serious and growing problem. 

Anyway, sorry for those of you who are distracted by seeing the urls on the photos from now on.  But at least you know now why they are there. 

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Spanked School Girl: Profile on Nena

by on Oct.08, 2011, under Spanked school girls


I have shot Nena a couple of times now.  The first time was for Spanked Call Girls.  In that scene, she had never been spanked before and her reactions were amazingly real.  She had no idea how much it would hurt, but when Clare spanked her, she practically crawled out of her skin. 

In Exclusive Education 6, now running on Girl Spanks Girl, Nena plays the class clown.  It was not scripted as such, Nena is simply a true class clown, so what you see is what it was.  There is a basic idea behind the big scene, but most of what the girls say is improved or, in Nena’s case, simply their actual personalities.  This makes Nena stand out of course. 

And her clowning ways earned her 100 extra whacks with the hairbrush and 3 whacks with the giant paddle.  There were 4 girls who volunteered to take the paddle.  Nena did not.  But Lana, in character as Principal Miller, decided Nena deserved three hard whacks with the paddle. 

I imagine that didn’t change her ways and the next time we shoot Nena, she’ll still be cutting up.  I’ll keep you posted.

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