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Erotic Spankings Can Be Hard

by on Nov.29, 2011, under spanked girlfriends


I must admit that I sort of dig shooting erotic spanking scenes.  Dig, enjoy, love – however one might choose to describe it.  At first I thought they would be light spankings with two girls then making out. 

But sometimes, they end up being pretty hard spankings.  Mary Jane is great at  being a top.  She always brings it, even in an erotic scene.  Presently, there is an erotic scene running on Girl Spanks Girl in which she spanks Veronica Ricci. 

Then of course, they make out (it is an eroitc scene) and then Veronica spanks Mary Jane.  Pretty good stuff.

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Profile on Julie Night

by on Nov.24, 2011, under Spanked school girls


When the shoot for Exclusive Education 6 (on Girl Spanks Girl) ended, and the other camerman and I were packing up our equipment, the other cameraman offered a suggestion to me for my blog.  And finally, I am using his suggestion. 

He said something like “hey that one chick was really into the spanking.  It sounded like she was going to have an orgasm.  You should blog about that.”  So here it is, the blog about it. 

Julie Night, like some models, seems to be really into spanking.  And she did indeed make sounds while she was being spanked, that made it seem like she was enjoying her spanking.  Maybe not ideal for a schoolgirl punishment scene, but I imagine those were her true reactions.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this reaction, other than in erotic spanking scenes. 

Today is Thanksgiving.  Maybe Julie gives thanks for spanks? 

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Spanking Over Jeans

by on Nov.21, 2011, under spanking soap opera


There seems to be a fair number of spankos who enjoy watching a nice looking girl get spanked while wearing tight jeans.  Personally, I can take it or leave it. 

The current episode running on My Spanking Roommate finds Clare Fonda spanking Kay Richards, who is wearing very tight jeans that she had to shove her buns into.  For me, the falls under the category of “take it.” 

It’s really a great scene.  Clare bends her over a bed and spanks Kay on her tight jeans, then puts her over her knee for more.  And maybe just to satisfy everyone, she eventually pulls those jeans down and spanks Kay’s bare bottom (I don’t know, maybe Jeans purists won’t like this). 

For good measure, she bends her over the bed again and gives Kay some whacks with a leather paddle. 

One of the arguments for spanking over jeans is that the spanker can go longer and harder, which was the case here.  Okay, maybe a few more scenes like this one and I’ll be a convert. 

What do you guys say?  Fans of jeans spankings or not?

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Profile on New Spanking Model Lilia

by on Nov.19, 2011, under Spanked school girls


Lilia appeared as the cheerleader in Exclusive Education 6, still running on Girl Spanks Girl.  I had never met or heard of Lilia before that shoot, but was thrilled to meet her and happy that we are lined up to shoot her quite a bit more. 

We did another shoot with her, and one of the scenes from that shoot is now running on Hot Girls Spanked.  She gets spanked by her schoolgirl sister, Vanessa, who was appearing in her first ever spanking shoot. 

Lilia has a very nice round bottom and she enjoys spanking and encourages the spanker to bring it on and give her a hard one.  Gotta love that.  Look for Lilia to appear on many of the Clare Fonda Sites in the next few months.  In the meantime, enjoy her as EE6 wraps up and on the new Hot Girls clip. 

Also, check out this interview with her.

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Missing the One and Done Models

by on Nov.16, 2011, under spanked call girls


Clare Fonda shot Tegan Summers one day for a scene that appeared in Missy Rhodes Spanked Sweeties (my last blog was about this) and she also shot one scene for Naughty Diaper Girls and one scene for Spanked Call Girls all in that one shoot.  That was it for us with Tegan, unfortunately, just that one shoot. 

Now while it is true that after one shoot with the occasional model, we might never want to shoot her again for various reasons, that is not the case with Tegan.  In fact, Clare attempted to contact her just a few weeks after that one shoot to book her again, but Tegan’s email address no longer worked.  Her contact info has apparently changed.  And the model agency I believe she was on no longer lists her among their models.  She is appears to be, as they say, out of the biz.

This mystery seems to occur about once or twice each year, when a model seems to vanish.  When it happens to someone as young as Tegan, it often invloves a jealous boyfriend.  In some cases, it involves a new life philosophy for a model that no longer includes work in the “adult” biz. 

I have no idea what happened to Tegan, but I thought she was fantastic for the sites and if she has indeed retired from this biz at the young age of 20, she will be missed!  So much potential.  That cute face.  Ability to play spoiled and bratty.  Nice bubble butt that gets red so quickly.  Sincere yelps when she gets spanked.  She is the entire package. 

So in the meantime, please check out the only two spanking scenes that Tegan Summers ever shot – the one on Spanked Sweeties, and the other now currently running on Spanked Call Girls

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Missy Rhodes on Spanked Sweeties

by on Nov.08, 2011, under Spanking Interviews


Clare Fonda has interviewed many for the Spanked Sweeties site.  Some day I imagine a psychologist could use the site for research.  I suspect that occasional a model embelishes a story, but in most cases they ring very true. 

Missy Rhodes is presently running on Spanked Sweeties and she instantly became one of my all time favorite models.  Missy is outstanding in every way.  Behind the scenes she is professional beyond belief, mature, sweet and an excellent peformer who excels at improv.  She is very funny in a quiet and unsuspecting way. 

Check out a brief interview with her about shooting for Sweeties on Cherry Red.  And Missy has her own blog as well. 

Perhaps the most fascinating portion of Missy’s interview was the fact she says that her parents don’t remember spanking her when she was growing up.  Missy called it “spanking denial.”  She says that while her parents seem to have forgotten spanking her and her sister, she remembers the spankings very well and a couple of the mom spankings are re-enacted superbly by Missy and Clare Fonda (who looks  A LOT like Missy’s mom). 

And Tegan Summers (also pictured above) does a cameo scene as Missy’s sister getting spanked.  They look a lot like sisters, too.  Pretty cool family, huh?

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